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Since October 26, 1997.

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News: 2002-10-27
Bruce Springsteen is coming back to Sweden next year. Date for the performances and place will be shown next week.He said that he will play in a big Arena next time.

News: 2002-10-29
Bruce Springsteen is coming to:
Sweden,Ullevi Arena Gothenburg June 21-2003. Tickets for the performances in Gothenburg are going to be released on november 5-2002.
(A second date may be added in Gothenberg, with a newspaper reporting a June 22 show as well.)
Denmark,Copenhagen, Parken June 14, 2003.
Tickets realeases november 11 2002.
Finland,Olympiastadion in Helsinki June 17-2003.
I don't know when or where the tickets for Helsinki will be released.
Norway,Valle Hovin in Oslo. June 19-2003.
Tickets releases on November 5, 2002
Rotterdam:Concert announced for May 6, 2003, at Feyenoord Stadium "De Kuip." Tickets go on sale this Saturday, November 2.
More dates for European Tour 2003 will be added as soon as I know more datails.
The Rising tour would be continuing into 2003 (with an Australian leg in the works).

Coming soon. I am one of the happy people who got tickets to Bruce's consert in Sweden. 24/10-2002 19:30. I will tell you about it and list the songs from there. Pictures are also to be viewed. I had a dream last night...Bruce and the E-street Band came to my place and lived here during the visit in Sweden.
I spoke english with Bruce but he didn't understand a word of what I were saying.. (I am no good in english.I know that...but not T-H-A-T bad)
I had nothing but small pieces of chezee on a plate to give them to eat.
Sorry Guys!! I couldn't feed you. :-)

My favorite songs from the album 'Rising' are:
Empty sky
My city of ruins
Waitin' for a sunny day
Mary's place.
Into the Fire.
The Rising
But I love all the songs from this album.

Hey Bruce! Sing your songs for us and let's rock'n roll! We had a long trip to get here and now we want to sing and dance whole night long! You are our sunshine and ideal!

These sites will be a tribute to Bruce Springsteen who is, as I think the best rock music artist and rock music creator in the world. I have had the pleasure to be present at his performances here in Sweden and I had a really great time then.Of course my sites will be very personal made and other people who have sites about him may think my sites are very unprofessional but I don't care about that.You will not find any lyrics here, cause so many other homepages about him do give you that service.

Have an extra peak on this background! It's a helicopter view from Ullevi 1985.

My tribute to Bruce Springsteen continues here.Paste a click here.(Please..)

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