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This is my personal credit and emotions about the show.Remember! I share the feelings with my son and husband and all the other people in the Globe. We all love Bruce and the E-street Band and we are looking forward to his performance in Sweden next year. It will be in June 28 2003, on Ullevi Gothenburg.
(A second date may be added in Gothenberg, with a newspaper reporting a June 22 show as well.)
Yehaa!! I am back home after last night's performance. Oh!! It was great! It was fun! We were happy and we rocked the walls off from the Stockholm Globe Arena!!
The last word he sayed before he left was, "See ya in the spring!" Guess who is trying to get tickets then?

If I had the possibility to interview the 'Boss' I should ask him questions that no journalists have asked him before. I am thinking of creating a form that he could fill in and answer my pre filled questions. If he ever shuold visit this web site... Guess he has no time and interest in surfing and fill in forms at people's home pages. What do you think? But one never know. Hi Bruce! If you see this please send me an e-mail and tell me you were here..

Greta Andersson

Here is the list of the songs in Stockholm Globe Arena 24/10-2002.

The Rising/
Lonesome day/
No surrender/
Jackson Cage/
The Fuse/
Candy’s room/
Empty sky/
You’re missing/
Waitin’ on a sunny day/
The Promised Land
/Worlds apart/

She’s the one/
Mary’s place/
Countin’ on a miracle/
Incident on 57th street/
For You/
Into the Fire.
Extranummer: Dancing in the dark/
Born to run/
My city of ruins/
Born in the USA./
Land of hope and dreams/
Thunder road.

Bruce Springsteen song book. I bought it on the Globe and it includes a cd with tree songs.
It's a limited edition.All songs taken from Tracks,
featuring over 60 digitally remastered songs in over four hours of primarily unreleased material
spanning Bruce Springsteen,s
twenty-five as a recording artist.
Available in stores November 17, 1998.
The songs are:
1. I wanna be with you
2. Lion's Den
3. Part man, part monkey

view from the Globe Arena