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Hawkwind's Planescape Fiends Page.
(Babau and Cambion Pics Copyright 1997 Jennifer Paxton,
Courtesy of the Artist)
(Image Copyright 1997 Ken Johnson\ 
, Courtesy of the Artist)

Matters Most Fiendish

So you want to know the dark of the fiends, eh? Well step this way. Your good friend, the Tiefling sage Hal-ratham can help you: 

The Abyssal Brady Bunch - On the newsgroup, Steven Taylor posted a humorous spoof song concerning the Planescape setting. He didn't entitle it, but I call it "The Abyssal Brady Bunch". 
The Origins of Fiends - So you thought the Yugoloths let ya' in on the dark of the Fiends? Well guess again! It's all just more 'loth lies. By the way, Darwin didn't have it right, either... 
Fiendish Lords - Ever wonder why all Ultroloths have the same stats, from the newest reborn Arcanaloth right up to the General of Gehanna? Well they don't! Fiends are people, too! 
Nocticula - at last, the dark of the lady of the Sucubbi! 

Planescape aficionados may find my tesseract article off of my strange worlds page interesting as well. 

Other Planescape Musings 

As much as I love fiends, there are some other less fiendish articles that I have written up that are of general interest to planescape fans.

(The "unnoficial" Planescape  logo above  by David Swire, 
used by permission of the artist) 

Hot Links for Planescape

"I am the Mimir" Essays and discussion on places and personalities in the planescape setting. Easily the most compreshensive planescape page on the net.. The characters described here are especially colorful, but one can't help but wonder if the author of a page with this title is a bit barmy...
The Planescape Index Several lists for the Planescape setting - rumors, portals, prime worlds, PC ideas, and planescape links galore!
Scripta Planorium - The so-called "Planescape Encyclopedia." Neatly organized one-stop shopping for scads of planescape ideas and information.
The Yugoloth's Realm - Another Planscape page whose focus is fiends--specifically, those most despicable of fiends, the 'loths.
Eric Noah's Campaign Page - An interesting acount of a planescape campaign, and my inspiration for the idea of inner-planar elves.
Raven's Homepage - Jennifer Paxton's homepage, with lots of nice art, Planescape related and otherwise. If you like the babau and cambion pics above, definitely check it out!

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