You may be wondering, "why would anybody create a site like this?"  Well, recently in the newsgroup, there have been a slew of posts from newbies and experienced users (oldbies?  -_^) alike stating that two characters from Sailor Moon are not lovers.  This offended me to the point that I had to create a page proclaiming their love for each other.  Typical messages are as follows.

Subject:  The Story behind Uranus and Neptune's Love Affair ^_^
Date:  1998/07/22

okay, my friend said he was reading an interview with Nako and he said she explained why there was such a cover up with Uranus and Neptune and why no one ever said they were in love, okay, back in the Silver Milleunium, there were all the senshi princesses, and Uranus had a brother, Princess Neptune fell in love with him and when Princess Uranus was fighting she was badly injured and was about to die, she gave her powers to her brother so the Senshi Uranus would still live, because without her the zodiac wasn't complete. so When Queen Serenity sent all the senshi to earth Uranus's brother had to be trasformed into a girl because all the senshi are girls. so that's why Uranus and Neptune are in love. It really explains why Uranus is a tom boy, I am guessing Sailor Uranus has the brother's looks because she looks like a boy. I am so glad i finally figured that out, cause it was driving me crazy not knowing if they were really in love.

This silly story is an example of the sort of rumors that start on usenet, (claiming to be the truth!  The nerve!) which many have taken upon themselves to stomp out, with varying degrees of success.  It certainly doesn't help that the larger more homophobic Sailor Moon sites on the net propagate such rumours, either.

In any event, if you want to continue, it would be our pleasure to guide you.  -_^  Jump to our proof.

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