The nature of Haruka and Michiru's relationship has been questioned for many years now, despite the overwhelming evidence.  We'll start by addressing questions asked both in, the WWW, and on IRC.  We will then present our collected evidence with the most subtle evidence and build up to the most overwhelming proof you could find.

Q:  SOS told me that there was someone named Prince Uranus.  Is this true?
A:  No, there is no Prince Uranus.  Allow us to quickly explain.  SOS (Save Our Sailors) printed up a story about how Prince Uranus, who was in love with Sailor Neptune, transferred his soul into his sister. Their claim was extremely wishy-washy, relying both on only one person who thought that they had read an interview somewhere on this subject, and had no source.  SOS has removed that piece of bull from their website, showing to us how little they trusted that little story.

Q:  Aren't they just good friends?
A:  No, they are lovers.  Check out our proof below.

Q:  How do you know?  Did one ever tell the other that they loved the other?
A:  Not directly.  In Japanese culture, love is shown through action, and not through words.  It would have been improper for either of them to have acted otherwise.  Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailormoon, has said herself on numerous occasions that Haruka and Michiru are in fact lovers.   The most recent confirmation by Takeuchi-san was at the San Diego Comic-Con this year.  Paraphrased, she stated that 'Haruka is masculine while Michiru is feminine, so it's only natural that they would fall in love.' An article was also printed in the Italian magazine called Kappa confirming this.

Evidence 1 - Duo
Haruka and Michiru are always hanging around together.  They keep to themselves and interact with each other a lot more than with outsiders.  Quite clearly, they're good friends.

Evidence 2 - Pose
When Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appear, they generally stand back to back.  What does this mean?  They could be close friends.

 Evidence 3 - Adults
Here's a famous quote from the Sailor Moon SuperS movie.
Sailor Uranus and Neptune have just defeated an enemy who planned to never allow children to grow up.
Uranus:  A world where children can stay as children...
Neptune:  Becoming an adult makes it more fun.  They shouldn't interfere, should they.
*Neptune looks at Uranus*
*Uranus raises her eyebrow and coughs, embarrassed*
Hmm, becoming an adult makes what more fun?
Evidence 4 - Dance
Take a look at this picture.  It certainly looks like they enjoy dancing together.  Most of us have seen two girls dance together though who weren't necessarily lovers or even dating.  (Source:  Sailor Moon S ep. 108)
Evidence 5 - Handhold 
Here they are holding hands.  Look at both the hands (do best friends hold hands like that?), Michiru's eyes (she is looking rather lovesick), and Haruka's eyes (she looks confused about what's going on).  Are you starting to get convinced?  (Source:  Sailor Moon S trading card)
Evidence 6 - Kawaii
What a cute picture!  It was a bit small and blurry at first, so I had to sharpen it and increase the size.  As you can see, Sailor Uranus is running along with Neptune, who is going gaga over her.  Notice the little heart over Neptune's head.
Evidence 7 - Caress
In this image we see Sailor Uranus and Neptune holding each other.  Notice how they're both looking into each other's eyes and how Uranus' body is pressed against Neptune's.  Uranus also has her hands around Neptune's chest, an area that women do not allow to be touched by anyone other than the people they care about the most. (Source:  Sailor Moon S laserdisc cover)
Evidence 8 - Naked 
One of the sweetest images in Sailor Moon, this was featured in the manga.  Among the senshi, Michiru is laying on Haruka's naked breast, touching her chest.  Haruka has her arm wrapped around Michiru. Please realize that no matter how close, friends do not touch each other when nude.  (Source:  Sailor Moon Artbook #3)

 And there you have it.  Despite this overwhelming evidence, there will always be some who will try to deny that Haruka and Michiru are lovers.  Those who do so are blinded by their homophobia and naiveté.

Images are courtesy of Jeff Bailey (check out his webpage!), Laurel Crown (check out her webpage!), and NitsujO.
Thanks to Michiru Kaioh, Jennifer/V-Chan,, and the two thousand people who pointed out the fan art error. ^_^;;

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