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SPINmc: Trent Reznor protege, sensitive death metal rocker, morbid, scarified crown prince of glam, publicity hog, and dedicated family man. Aside from "dedicated family man," all of these things describe Marilyn Manson.

SPINmc: Marilyn's been on a real tear lately. He set fire to the stage of the Jon Stewart show the day before its cancellation, and was banned in Salt Lake City for ripping up a Mormon bible on- stage. A recent sold out gig in Dallas was dropped after the venue received bomb threats from animal rights activists! So, there's been some negative publicity. Marilyn Manson seems to be OK with that. "People may disregard Marilyn Manson as not being sincere because our imagery is so strong and the things I say are controversial," Manson said. "But the other bands who are playing it safe, that's their gimmick. It's just a less creative one."

SPINmc: In his home state of Florida, Marilyn was arrested for pulling down his pants and exposing a simulated phallus. Did you know that "violation of adult entertainment" is a crime in some states? (If it wasn't for Marilyn, you might not EVER know that! You OWE him, pal.)

SPINmc: Marilyn Manson is referred to as "Mr. Manson," to avoid confusion with the band.

SPINaps: OK... We're here in NYC with Marilyn Manson in the offices of SPIN Magazine. Marilyn, what's up?

Man666son: Just smashed myself in the nose in Boston...

SPINaps: Care to elaborate?

Man666son: During the first song of our show last night, I cracked my nose open with the microphone--trying to recover. Narcotics?

LSDNA: When is Antichrist coming out?

Man666son: 1996

SPINmc: SPINonline's trusty shutterbug Nick is taking REAL LIVE PICTURES of Mr. Manson RIGHT NOW! We're uploadin' them to a folder that you can find in the scrollbox on the frontscreen of the SPIN area. (Keyword: SPIN) Oh, by the way, Mr. Manson broke his nose last night on a mic stand -- which is what happens if you rock hard and bitch at the Devil -- and wants you to know why you aren't seeing the whole Him. You can't see a God's injured nose, can you? No you can't.

SonicFoo2: I want to fuck up the world. have any suggestions?

Man666son: Start by shaving off your eyebrows.

LSDNA: What did you think about the Salt Lake show with NIN?

SPINmc: DELTA CENTER ORDERS BAWDY BAND TO BEAT IT (a headline from the Salt Lake Tribune, October 18, 1994: Front Page.)

Man666son: As everyone knows, I wasn't allowed on stage. They even offered me $10,000 to not show up. But I thought it was important to say what I had to say. And I didn't get the money, but I don't care.

BECK TACO: What's up with all the children stuff, that's kinda sick?

Man666son: I like to talk about the experiences I had with child abuse growing up. I tend to deal with it in a different way that confuses some people.

DSiegel97: Will you ever go back to Santa Barbara?

Man666son: I remember Santa Barbara; some asshole sprained my wrist trying to take my microphone from me, and he got smashed in the face. But we'll go back.

SPINmc: From Marilyn Manson's tour shirt: "Warning: The music of Marilyn Manson contains messages that will KILL GOD in your teenage minds. As a result you could be convinced to KILL YOUR MOM AND DAD and eventually in an act of hopeless "rock and roll" behavior you will KILL YOURSELF..."

SPINmc: Boy, there's a lot of good stuff from MM's print interviews that we'd LOVE to have scroll down this screen, but they would definitely get us TOS'd by AOL.

CristLaVe: I heard that there will be two shows in New Orleans, one public and one private. Is this true?

Man666son: If you're talking about the one with the chicken...Yes.

SinDdahme: Hi, I'm Cindy Dahmer, and I want to join the band. I can play the saxophone = )

Man666son: Can you stick it up your ass?

SPINmc: Police Report: "During the concert...[MM] pulled down his pants exposing a simulated black penis and began to rubb [sic] it. He squeezed it several times and squirted an unknown liquid on the crowd."


Man666son: I got 'em from you, everlasting cocksucker.

LthrNun: Any chance of "Choklit Factory" or "Negative3" making it onto the "AntiChrist" disc?

Man666son: No...but look for "White Knuckles" & "Suicide Snowman".

SPINmc: "Somebody get the dancers. The Oompa-loompas are getting restless!" "The girls are ready." "They know that the Oompa-loompas are gonna eat whipped cream off their bodies, right?" "Well, if they don't they'll soon find out." "Has anybody seen the chickens?" ... A random sample of the casual conversation taking place on the set of Marilyn Manson's latest video, 'Dope Hat.'" (Del James in RIP: Oct. 1995, p51.)

Tnsprt586: So, what about this Time/Warner bullshit?

Man666son: Unfortunately, Time/Warner has been the force that has constantly stifled my creativity, but fortunately, when they're gone maybe things will be better.

SPINmc: From Family Circle Magazine, Marilyn's advice to parents of concert-attending teens: "Talk with your kids: There needs to be a clear line of communication between parents, who may be informed about these things, and their kids, who may not. If parents trust their kids, and kids trust their parents, there won't be any confusion." (Mr. Manson quoted by Dan Hurley in Family Circle, August 8, 1995: p122.)

Slaw09: Where you over at Trent Reznor's house last night? Someone said they saw you there.

Man666son: No...I was in Boston smashing my face in.

SPINmc: Jim Rose: "What's your relationship with Trent?" Mr. Manson: "Trent and I are almost like brothers, I think. We're very good friends. I met him shortly after the band had started and when he got his own label [Nothing on Interscope], he asked us to be on it. What he was offering us was the ability to present Marilyn Manson unexpurgated to America without censoring anything or holding anything back. And he's been behind us all the way." (RIP, February 1995, p10, 93.)

PHAT ALBR: I'm what you'd call a straight edge kid, how do you feel about the movement and poison free youth crews?

Man666son: I respect whatever works for people. I myself enjoy balancing between total chaos and self-control

Scrizzel: What is man's greatest flaw?

Man666son: His inability to control and acknowledge his animal instincts.

SPINmc: "I don't really have a place in my heart for stupid or weak people. There are too many people in the world, and they need to make way for the people who can actually contribute something to society." (RIP, February 1995, p9.)

Sunbean8: Is it your goal to make people feel innocent again or to rob them of it?

Man666son: Both at the same time. I like to remain innocent in some ways and also desensitize myself. That paradox works for me.

SPINmc: "Fisher's 13-year-old son, Jeremy, calls Marilyn Manson disgusting. "People who like that music are just a bunch of sickos. It's a bad impression for young people and for the school," says Jeremy, who prefers Hootie & the Blowfish, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots." (Kevin C Johnson in the Beacon Journal, Saturday, April 19, 1995.)


Man666son: No.

RACHELG49: Why did you choose to tear up the Mormon Bible in particular?

Man666son: It was the Mormons who had protested our appearance.


Man666son: It's part of expressing individuality, and as you become more and more desensitized to the way you look, things tend to get more and more extreme. Sometimes we don't realize that.

SPINmc: "NUDITY! SELF-MUTILATION! CHICKENS! ARRESTS! SPITTING!" (from the Marilyn Manson publicity page)

DopeHat6i: How do you feel about girls (and some guys) spreading their legs for you without even knowing you???

Man666son: No comment.

SPINmc: Jim Rose: "Are you gay or straight?" Mr. Manson: "I don't try to limit it in any way. I guess that would be the way I would answer that question." (RIP, February 1995, p10.)

Paroxysma: Would you raise your children as Satanists?

Man666son: Satanism is the philosophy that I relate to most, but I don't limit it to that. Marilyn Manson and my children. If I had any, would be exposed to many different options that they would be able to choose from. But I'm sure they would choose Satanism. Most children would.

SPINmc: "While I was in San Francisco, I did meet with Dr. [Anton] LaVey [founder of the Church of Satanism] and he respects the things we're doing. He gave me a special position in his organization." (RIP, October 1995, p93.)

SPINaps: Here's a question from Sleizoid: Marilyn, what was your mind going through when you made f**k frankie?

Man666son: Am I going to get caught? And how will I explain to the police all the blood and chicken feathers?

SPINmc: "[British Member of Parliament] Blackburn, who is also a member of the Church of England Synod, thinks "It's appalling. I would ban this sort of thing tomorrow," he says. "It's breaking up society." (Daily Insider, Monday, September 24, 1994.)

Skarekroe: What about Alice Cooper?

Man666son: I love the first three records. But I've heard that after leaving a life of drugs and rock n roll he has picked a different crutch--Christianity. That's unfortunate.

ILuvMyGui: Are you really the antichrist superstar?

Man666son: You have made me that and the embodiment of people who agree with me are also Antichrist superstar.

SPINmc: Hey kids! For ten points and a simulated phallus, see if you can figure out the formula that some Marilyn Manson band members used to generate their unique names! Their names are Twiggy Ramirez (bass), Daisy Berkowitz (guitars), Madonna Wayne Gacy (organ, samples, loops), Ginger Fish (new drummer), and (of course) Marilyn Manson (vocals).

DJ Apathy: Will Kippy be in any future MM videos?

Man666son: Just the one for "Fuck Frankie".

SPINmc: FROM THE SPINonline MESSAGE BOARDS: Subj: Re: am i a bad fan? Date: 95-10- 26 16:42:34 EST From: MadonnaWG Posted on: America Online Maybe people will tell you that you are "bad" for not being a satanist, but if you truly like them..i think its okay. Some people may relate more to what they say..but you are still you, a fan.

Slavemnky: These questions about, are you gonna perform any new songs at Irving Plaza tomorrow nite?

Man666son: Yes. Maybe "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" or "Smells Like Children".

SPINmc: SPINonline's trusty shutterbug Nick is taking REAL LIVE PICTURES of Mr. Manson RIGHT NOW! We're uploadin' them to a folder that you can find in the scrollbox on the frontscreen of the SPIN area. (Keyword: SPIN) Oh, by the way, Mr. Manson broke his nose last night on a mic stand -- which is what happens if you rock hard and bitch at the Devil -- and wants you to know why you aren't seeing the whole Him. You can't see a God's injured nose, can you? No you can't.

MONTANA16: When's the release date of the new album? I can't find it in W. Mass. and nobody knows anything.

Man666son: Smells Like Children is out.

Hemptimes: Why do you always jerk off on-stage of the Ohio shows. How do I get your shirts????????????????????-666

Man666son: They work good for absorbing cum.

Shleestac: Is Dope Hat about drug abuse/addiction?

Man666son: Yes. It's about how people are entertained by my ability to balance between addiction and control.

Burnflesh: Are you against religions that use white magic such as wicca??

Man666son: I'm not against any religions, I just like to point out their weaknesses to open minds.

SPINmc: Mr. Manson has a thing about lunchboxes. Ask him about it. Are you chicken? Oh yeah, he has a thing about chickens too....

Slaw09: Is it true you tried to posses Danny Lohner of NIN's baby (Chances Lohner says you tried to.)

Man666son: I heard he was impotent.

SPINmc: Hey, everybody! Don't forget to check out our WORLD-FREAKIN'-FAMOUS Message Boards. Where else can you find topics like "If you were a PORN STAR...," "Your BEST/WORST Body Part," "ONLINE SATANISM???" and "Would you ABORT?" Go read them right after this conference or Marilyn Manson will come to your house and do your homework, ya suckerz!

JakOffJil: Why did you almost punch Twiggy out on Halloween in Boston?

Man666son: That's not true. I was aiming for someone else.

Austonian: At any point in your relationship with Trent Reznor, were you and he ever lovers?

Man666son: We've been naked in the same room together, but I'll leave it at that.

SPINmc: "We have to realize that there were 14- to 18-year-olds at that concert and they were all worked into a frenzy by a band preaching hate and preaching killing." [Duval County Christian Coalition coordinator Max] Karrer said. "...You shouldn't be able to entice people to hate and kill." (Dan Macdonald in the Florida Times-Union, Friday, Dec. 2, 1994: pA-1.)

Question: What do you represent?

Man666son: The part of man that he's ashamed to be.

SPINmc: Conflict, after all, is what the band is about. "What good would Marilyn Manson be if no one hated Marilyn Manson?" Mr. Manson asks rhetorically. (Ted B Kissel in XS, June 29, 1994, p16)

SPINaps: Why all the monkey references?

Man666son: On "Portrait", there are three references to the monkey if you piece them together you will understand.

Ivampire: Do you really believe in what you say? - because I believe in you.

Man666son: What I say is what I am.

SPINmc: Do you LOVE the thought of reading some ANONYMOUS FREAK's idea of what constitutes literature and/or journalism? Are you an ANONYMOUS FREAK who has feels he/she knows all about journalism and/or literature and is just looking for a submissive audience? If the answer is yes, then you need to be using the DIGI-ZINE library. Right after this conference, drag your sorry mouse down to the MULTI-MEDIA LABORATORY and click, baby, click! Find the DIGI-ZINE LIBRARY and prepare to download something salty.

Ferajie: What do you think about the writing of Clive Barker?

Man666son : I like his writing but his movies let me down.

JNIN13: Is Twiggy there with you?

Man666son: He's back at the hotel shaving his legs.

GloriaGug: Did you ever think of touring with Charles Manson? That would be cool.

Man666son: I think he's a great dancer.

CR7243890: How does it feel to be HATED?

Man666son: It feels good.


Man666son: Become your idol.

SPINmc: Seconds: "Do you have a traditional relationship? Or are you, "Hey, whatever comes my way"? Mr. Manson: "I have a traditional relationship, but then, I don't know what a traditional relationship is anymore." (Seconds, Issue 30, p43.)

EvilZombi: What are your views on drugs and drug users?

Man666son: I respect strong people. Some people can handle drugs and some people can't. I don't respect drug addicts.

DW NIN666: Hi, my name is Doug Wright...Sweet Dreams is an Eurythmics song, why'd you choose to do it?

Man666son: Well, Doug...I thought the lyrics were very powerful, and I wanted to share them in the way I saw them.

DopeHat6i: I swear your band must be THEE trendiest band and "koolest" one to like in my school... at least 10 MM shirts a day... Are you pleased?

Man666son: The more people that experience Marilyn Manson, the better. The integrity of what I stand for won't change. And these people are better off wearing MM shirts than Hootie & the Blowfish.

DeborahNI: What exactly happened to Sara Lee Lucas? Is he in another band now? Rumor says you did not get along and did not like his drumming and ended up firing him...

Man666son: We actually lit him on fire.

GetYrGunn: I think your next video should star Rockitbabe. Don't you?

Man666son: If it's a porno.

Sunbean8: How can I keep my childhood going forever?

Man666son: Kill yourself while you're young.

SPINmc: "I eat innocent meat/ the housewife I beat./ The pro-life I will kill/ what you won't do I will/ I bash myself to sleep/ what you sow I will reap./ I scar myself you see/ I wish I wasn't me." (from "Gett Your Gunn")

Siva Siam: I saw you with the Genitorturers (wonderful band if you like pain) are you going to tour with them ever?!

Man666son: Possibility. We tend to be on the same team, so to speak.

HAPPY TAL: If your penis were to be cut off, what would you do?

Man666son: I'd get tits and become a stripper.

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Slaw09: If you could kill one person who would it be?

Man666son: Trent Reznor. He put me in this position.

XzFLaRE1z: How come you are making the Reverend answer all these stupid questions?

Man666son: I don't mind. I get lonely sometimes.

SPINmc: "Several eyewitnesses claim to have attended a [Dallas] rock concert featuring the band Marilyn Manson on January 13... during which time a band member kicked a live chicken as part of the performance and then threw the bird out to the audience. Reportedly, members of the audience dismembered the live chicken in a bacchanalian orgy of violence. "Karen Davis, President, United Poultry Concerns, Inc. Potomac, Maryland." (from Letters to the Met, Dallas TX.)

TheLimite: Would you rather be burned in effigy or immortalized in bronze?

Man666son: I would rather be eaten alive.

SPINmc: SPINonline's trusty shutterbug Nick is taking REAL LIVE PICTURES of Mr. Manson RIGHT NOW! We're uploadin' them to a folder that you can find in the scrollbox on the frontscreen of the SPIN area. (Keyword: SPIN) Oh, by the way, Mr. Manson broke his nose last night on a mic stand -- which is what happens if you rock hard and bitch at the Devil -- and wants you to know why you aren't seeing the whole Him. You can't see a God's injured nose, can you? No you can't.

JCrawf418: What do you think of MTV's refusal to play your videos more than a couple of times?

Man666son: It's predictable. MTV's too safe.

Burnflesh: Are you the third?? (trust me this is important)

Man666son: Elaborate, Burnflesh. There have been many before me...

SPINaps: We've invited Burnflesh onstage to talk to MM. Burn, your question was interesting. What did you mean by "the third?"

Burnflesh: Hello Mr. Manson! See I have a theory about the third thing.

SPINaps: Go on....

Burnflesh: Well basically it is a long story...

SPINaps: Type faster Burnflesh or we're gonna kick your butt off-stage.

Burnflesh: My friend and I created all that existed and we need a third person so that we would not create a paradox. It is a long story. umm,....we created you we are from an alien world!

SPINaps: What's your question right NOW?

Burnflesh: This is all my dream.

Man666son: I am the alpha and the omega.


Man666son: Yes.

Wattie699: Mr. Manson my Name is Brad and I went to your show in Cleveland on the 21st of October, and I was just wondering why you did not allow mushroom head to Play?

Man666son: I don't deal with those type of things. However, that band came in with an attitude that we didn't agree with, and they left with it.

SPINmc: "I don't advocate killing, but killing is killing. Except I don't believe that what Charles Manson did is any worse than what my Dad did in Vietnam... At least, Manson had a reason." (Mr. Manson quoted by Dominic Kern in Film Threat Video Guide, p53.)

Scrizzel: Is Get Your Gunn a reference to Dr. David Gunn, the abortion-doctor killed by activists?

Man666son: Obviously.

SPINmc: Unemployed and nearly homeless, SPINonline's new columnist, Jeff "the Ripper" Johnson has agreed to go to shows for us here in New York until a real paying job comes along. A hearty Midwestern fellow, Jeff may be taking his licks in the big city, but by God, he's dishing them out as well. The Ripper's not afraid to call up a publicist, demand free CD's, weasel his way onto the guest list, and then tear the band and their rotten flack to shreds. The Ripper sees all, knows all, eats all. And remember--Jeff's doing this whole thing for you, the SPINonline consumer. It certainly isn't helping his career one bit.

GODofFREE: What do you think of posers?

Man666son: I don't mind them if they're in women's lingerie.

JakOffJil: Why do you like Traci Lords? Because she's a porno queen?

Man666son: She understands me.

RTWFLY: What about yourself would you change if you could?

Man666son: I'd be young again.

SPINaps: OK, we can just take a couple more questions....

Ursinius: What was high school like for you? .......mine sucks

Man666son: I had to wear a uniform, have my hair cut short, and I wasn't allowed to listen to rock music. Besides that, the kids at public school loved to kick my ass. So it wasn't that great for me either.

SPINmc: Hey, everybody! Don't forget to check out our WORLD-FREAKIN'-FAMOUS Message Boards. Where else can you find topics like "If you were a PORN STAR...," "Your BEST/WORST Body Part," "ONLINE SATANISM???" and "Would you ABORT?" Go read them right after this conference... or Marilyn Manson will come to your house and do your homework, ya suckerz!

SPINaps: OK, ask your question right now and it's guaranteed to go in....

DRose9021: Why the fascination with Willy Wonka?

Man666son: He was someone that I idolized as a kid. Now I see him as the archetypal devil character. And I relate to the way he deals with his admirers.

SPINaps: OK, time for one last question. Here it is. It's kind of profound.

Jezabael: Why?

Man666son: Because it's the only way I can deal with life.

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SPINmc: Marilyn Manson is currently haunting the Northeast and will soon be doing damage to the following venues near YOU: * New York City -- November 3 & 4 - - Irving Plaza (SPINonline's favorite stage) * Philadelphia, PA -- November 5 -- Electric Factory * Asbury Park, NJ -- November 6 -- Stone Pony * Washington, DC -- November 9 -- Capitol Ballroom.

SPINmc: SPINonline would like to thank Mr. Manson and the whole Manson Family and Friends for their presence here with us tonight. DO WHAT THOU WILT :) We know that you have given up watching Friends or the Shaq-Fu-Licious conference to be here with us tonight... and don't think that we aren't grateful!

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