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A John 5 article/interview from a 1999 issue of Guitar World

Marilyn on the Clinton scandal from the November 12, 1998 issue of Rolling Stone

A Zim Zum article/interview from late 1998

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The 2nd Coming, by Michele Manelis

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An article from the Washington Post about a concert gone wrong in Iowa just after the Columbine shootings

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Columbine: Whose Fault Is It?, by Marilyn Manson

Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher transcript from Marilyn's October 2, 1998, appearance

Marilyn Manson - Spooky Pop Star, by Paul Elliot

Zim Zum: Spreading The Virus, by Randee Dawn (from November 1998)

"High Priest Of Evil" Calls Off Show, from the Sunday Times on April 25, 1999 (very amusing little article)

A SPINonline AOL chat Marilyn did in late '95

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Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher transcript from Marilyn's August 13, 1997, appearance

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Article about Gary Numan's show at the Palace in Hollywood on May 19, 1998, with Marilyn; they performed Down In The Park together (picture included)

Our Little Satan, by Jeffrey Rotter

A transcript of Marilyn's Q&A session at the 1997 CMJ Music Marathon, MusicFest and FilmFest in New York City

Backstage interview with Marilyn at the '94 Salt Lake City "Delta Center" show that they were banned from performing at; by Jeff Jolley

A transcript of Marilyn's CNN interview on November 1, 1996

An interview with Twiggy from Kerrang! magazine