Chakras and Yoga Postures

The Second Chakra or energy center is called Svadhisthana which means sweetness.

What a watery chakra! It's element is water. The inner state is tears. Some of the malfunctions include bladder or kidney trouble. The food associated with this is liquids. The gemstone is coral. The animals are fish and sea creatures. And the location of this chakra is in the area of the genitals and womb.

Some of the functions and qualities associated with the second chakra are emotions, sexuality, desire, pleasure, creation and procreation. Socialization is also a function of the 2nd chakra. The verb that best fits this chakra is "I feel". This energy is both emotional and sensual.

The color of this chakra is generally orange. For chanting, the syllable is "vam". In Tarot, this chakra corresponds to the suit of cups and the cards with the number 2....High Priestess

A yoga posture that helps to open the second Chakra is


The second chakra is the area of the lower abdomen and womb area. The yoga posture of the Cobra will focus on that region.

Lie down on your belly. Stretch your legs out with your toes pointed. Bring your hands, palms down, under your shoulders on the floor. Keep your elbows close to your sides.

Bring up the squeeze in your buttocks and press the pelvic bone down on the floor. Place your forehead on the floor.

Begin to lift up. First, lift the head as if you are watching an ant crawl up the wall in front of you. You are raising your forehead, eyes, nose, chin and throat from the floor. Then, very gently, allow your upper body to lift up. Don't put any pressure on your hands. They are just resting lightly. You are only lifting the a slight lift at first. Press the crown of your head away fron your shoulders. Imagine that you are being lifted up from your chest.

Now, we will use some hand and arm strength. Press your palms down and lift your chest up a little higher. You may have your navel off the floor, but your pelvis remains in contact with the floor.

Your elbows are still close in towards your body. Your shoulders are relaxed downward. Don't scrunch them up to your ears. The crown of your head is still stretching upward.

Expand your chest and breathe into your chest. Take a few breaths.

When you feel complete, release the press of your palms and the squeeze of the buttocks and allow yourself to come back to a relaxing posture. Make a pillow with your hands and rest your head to one side on the pillow of your hands.

Breathe. There are benefits in the letting go of the posture just as there are benefits of holding the posture. We need to take the time to receive the benefits of the letting go.

Other yoga postures or exercises that may be helpful are hip circles and pelvic rocking.

The second chakra is one of feminine energies. Not only is sexuality and pleasure associated with this chakra, but also nurturing. Here is our desire for nurturing, nourishment, warmth and touch. Denying these desires causes serious imbalances in life. Overindulgences also will cause imbalances.

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