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Hi...I'm Kira. Welcome to my home on the 'net. I thought I'd begin by sharing with you something that I wrote...

***My Path***

It was windy and a storm was on the horizon. And I was doing a walking meditation in bare feet on the grass in a yoga class.

When I began the walking meditation, I focused on the walk. Lift one leg, swing it forward, put the foot down, shift the weight, and start again.

Soon I noticed that the grass beneath my feet felt soft and nice and comfortable and easy to walk on. There were places where the balance was a little shaky, but still, I could stay balanced and on my path. Then, for some reason, I turned slightly and changed my path. The grass felt less comfortable. It was even hard to walk on. Some of it hurt. It was that this new part of my path was more challenging...

But, I kept on...realizing that I turned in this direction for a reason, for an experience, for a learning. And sometimes the comfortable path is not the way we keep traveling. Sometimes, we get to a place that is uncomfortable. And I was longing for the comfort that I had when I first began. It didn't come back to me. I moved forward, stopped, experienced, and went on. And I miss what once was.

I kept noticing the parallels in this simple walk and my life. And one part of my mind was shouting at another part. I was telling myself to stop analyzing; walk on the path and just experience it. But I kept analyzing and noticing it. I couldn't quiet my mind. I guess I had to see that sometimes the path is comfortable and sometimes challenging. And in the uncomfortable places, I yearn for the comfort. I remember what I had that is just a memory. I want that memory to return. But, I am still on my path. And there is something out there, ahead, for me.

Yes, it is mirroring my life right now. I am on a part of my path that is less than comfortable for me and I am longing for the time when it was comfortable. Still, this IS my path. My way of discovering. My way to grow. And maybe there will be another comfortable respite along the way.

The walk ended and I heard the chant...

"Truth is one; Paths are many...

Let us live in love and light....."


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