Chakras and Yoga Postures

Ajna , the sanskrit word for the 6th chakra, means to know, to percieve, to command. It is located in the head at or just above the 3rd eye level. The element associated with ajna is light. It's function is seeing and "intuiting". The verb that corresponds with this chakra is "I see".

The body parts affected by the 6th chakra are the pineal glad and the eyes. Malfunction of the 6th chakra can manifest in blindness, headaches, nightmares, eyestrain, and blurred vision.

The colors associated with the 6th chakra are indigo or royal purple (different sources say different things). Gemstones are lapis lazuli, quartz, florite, and amethyst. A metal for the 6th chakra is Silver.

For chanting, the seed sound is Om.

Herbs for incense are mugwort, star anise, acacia, and saffron. Food for ajna are "mind-altering substances". Jupiter is it's planet. The animal is the Owl.

This posture is one for both the 6th and 7th chakra.


The 6th chakra is the 3rd eye center at your forehead between your eyebrows. The 7th chakra is the crown of your head (or just above it). This posture draws attention to both chakra centers.

Begin by sitting on your heels. Bring your hands behind you to your sacrum. Interlace your hands and stretch your arms down. Stretch upward with your chest. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and open your chest.

Now, bend from your hips forward until you can go no farther before your back starts to round. Allow your back to round and bring your forehead down to the floor. Your forehead, the area of the third eye, is resting on the floor.

Raise your arms up behind you. Relax into this posture and breathe.

Now lift your buttocks off your heels and find yourself on your knees. Roll your head forward from the focus point being at the forehead to the crown of your head. This is the 7th chakra portion of the posture.

Continue to keep your arms engaged overhead and continue to breathe. Focus on the crown point.

To release from the posture, roll back to the forehead and come back to sitting on your heels. Let your arms come down and rest. Slowly, raise yourself up, with your head coming up slowly. It has been down for a while and you don't want to bring it up too quickly. Allow yourself to come back to balance.

Sit comfortably. Breathe effortlessly. Close your eyes. Allow your hands to rest on your knees or in your lap. Let the tension leave your body. Feel the peacefulness. In time, you will want to get up and go back to your daily activities.

Another yoga posture for the 6th chakra is palming your eyes, when you warm the palms of your hands by rubbing them together and then letting the hands rests on your eyes.

Color is very much associated with this chakra and you might try a color meditation to enhance the 6th chakra abilities. Visualization would also be good 6th chakra work.

This chakra is actually in the brain so it's nature is very mental. One finds inner vision as part of this chakra as well as actual seeing and outer vision. That is why the mystic and clairvoyant abilities are also associated with the 6th chakra.

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