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Meet Announcement

1999 Virginia State AAA High School
Swim and Dive Championships
February 19 and 20, 1999
Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center, Woodbridge, Virginia

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  Meet Schedule
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Proof of Times  
Official Times  

Facility Rules    
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Application to Officiate

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  Publicity and Media Coverage


     Held in accordance with 1998-1999 Virginia High School rules and regulations governing High School Swimming competition and championships.

Location:   Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center
                   13025 Chinn Park Drive
                    Prince William, VA  22192-5073.
                    Telephone:  (703) 791-2338.
                    Web site:


     25 yard, 8 lane pool with bulkhead, pool depth is 14 ft. at start end to 7.5 ft. at bulkhead, non-turbulent lane lines, Colorado Time System with scoreboard, gymnasium for swimmers, separate warm up/down pool.
     Pool has 2 one-meter duraflex competition boards with full stand in a 14 ft. deep diving well.


     Parking will be available at the Cannons Stadium for all buses and school vans.  A shuttle service back to Chinn Center will be provided for the drivers. The directions to the stadium will be available when athletes are dropped off at Chinn.


     Open to Virginia AAA Public High School swimmers who meet all Virginia High School eligibility criteria for participating in sports, and the following competition standards.

  1. Swimming:
    1. Achieve a Virginia State Qualifying time in one or more individual events.  A qualifying time may be obtained during any 1998-99 regular season High School meet, a VHSL sanctioned invitational, or in the school's District or Regional Championship meet.  A qualifying time must be achieved in High School Competition.  USA Swimming and YMCA times are not allowed.  (See attached State Qualifying Time standards),  OR
    2. Place in one of the top 8 places in an individual event in his/her respective Regional Championship,  OR
    3. Relay teams must finish in the top 8 at their respective Regional Championship meet.
  2. Diving:
    1. Obtain a State Qualifying diving score of 351.60 for men or 370.55 for women during a VHSL sanctioned dual meet, a VHSL sanctioned invitational, or during a 1999 Regional Championships. 
    2. Score must have been obtained during this current sports season (winter, 1998-1999).
    3. Qualifying divers must also meet requirements for championship meets as specified in the 1998-1999 National Federation of State High School Association Rulebook.

Meet Format:

  1. Swimming: 
    1. Trials (Prelims) and Finals will be held for all events. 
    2. All Trials will be held on Friday with the top 16 finishers advancing to Finals Competition on Saturday.
    3. The prescribed National Federation warm-up procedures and safety policies will be followed. 
    4. The Meet Director has the right to assign warm-up periods and lanes to ensure a safe environment. 
    5. Coaches will be notified if such a situation occurs and signs will be posted showing assigned lanes and warm-up times.
  2. Diving:
    1. Thursday evening warm ups beginning at 7:00 PM.
    2. A diving coaches meeting will follow Thursday's warm ups at 9:00 PM. 
    3. Diving warm-ups for both Friday and Saturday begin at 8:00 AM.

          NOTE: See Schedule for additional details.

Observed Swims (OVC)

     This meet will be an observed meet in accordance with USA Swimming rules and sanctioned by the Local Swimming Committee (LSC), Virginia Swimming, Inc., for the purpose of receiving a reportable USA Swimming time or record.

  1. Observed swims will be judged in accordance with 1999 USA Swimming Rules. 
  2. Coaches may request a swimmer be observed for a specific event by notifying the Meet Referee in writing not later than 12:00 Noon, Wednesday, 17 February 1999.
  3. Notification must include the:
    1. swimmers name;
    2. event to be observed; and,
    3. meet entry time for the observed event.
  4. Criteria for Observed Events:
    1. Prior to submitting the request for an observed swim, the coach must determine that the swimmer has a reasonable expectation of achieving a national level time.  National times include: Junior, Senior, Y-National, Top 16, and HS All American. 
    2. Observed swims are intended for the swimmer trying for a national level time, not for the swimmer just wanting the time to count as an official USA Swimming time.  Qualifying for an LSC championship meet, (JO's, Senior Champs, etc) is not sufficient to merit an observed time. 
    3. If a national level time is achieved, coaches are responsible for completing OVC documents available at the officials' table.
    4. The swimmer must be registered with USA Swimming.


  1. Individual: 
       A competitor may enter a maximum of 4 events, no more than 2 of which may be individual events.
  2. Team: 
       Each team may enter a maximum of four entries in an individual event and one team in a relay event.
  3. All entries must meet eligibility criteria stated above.
  4. Entry submission instructions
    1. Each school is solely responsible for entering their swimmers in this meet. 
    2. Individual schools may elect to have their Regional Meet Director enter their swimmers if they wish, but that is their choice. 
    3. Deadline for receipt of entries is 2:00 PM, Monday, 15 February 1999.
    4. Late entries will not be accepted.
    5. All swimmers who plan to swim in this meet must be listed on their team's master entry sheet regardless of the qualification standard used to satisfy eligibility.
    6. Athletes names must be spelled correctly and legible.
    7. The standard is either a qualifying time as listed in this announcement or a Top-8 placement from the Regional meet.
    8. The name and phone number of a person to contact for questions must accompany the entries.
    9. All Entries must be submitted in short course yards using VHSL entry forms. 
    10. Entries may  be sent on 3.5" computer disks using Commlink II HY-TEK computer software. 
    11. Entries submitted on disk, must include a Team Manager printout of entries (meet  entry report  #1) and a CommLink printout listing swimmers entered. 
    12. If submitted by Hy-Tek diskette, the Team Manager and Commlink printouts must be FAXED to arrive by the entry deadline stated above (2:00 PM, 15 Feb '99).
    13. The Disk must be express mailed to arrive NLT 2:00 PM on Tuesday, 16 February. 
    14. Forward Entries to:
      Chuck Swanson
           3859 Appaloosa Dr
           Lake Ridge, VA  22192
           (703) 583-0424   fax:  (703) 490-3616

Proof of Times:

    1. Coaches
          For all swimmers
      , indicate how the swimmer qualified for the meet, (top 8 Regional placement or by time standard), on the attached "1998-1999 Swimming/Diving Entry Form". 
    2. Deadline for receipt of entries is 2:00 PM, Monday, 15 February 1999.
    3. The meet director must receive the qualification form and proof of time documents by 12:00 noon, Wednesday, 17 February
    4. Attach a duplicate entry form with these documents.
    5. Forms may be FAXed.
    6. A proof of time is a copy of a meet score sheet or lane timer card from a 1998-99 regular season dual meet signed by each coach and the referee, or the printed results from a VSHL sanctioned meet.  Any of these items will be sufficient.
    7. Coaches do not have to supply proof of times on swimmers who qualified by top 8 placement at regional championships provided the swimmer enters and swims that top 8 placed event. 
    8. Proof of time must be included if a top 8 swimmer enters an event using a qualifying time received at another meet and not their top 8 placement time, or if a top 8 swimmer chooses to enter a different event with a qualifying time.
    9. Swimmers whose times can't be verified will be scratched from the meet and will not be allowed to swim.

Regional Meet Directors:

    1. Provide to the State Meet Director a copy of the official results from your Regional Championship. 
    2. Copy must be received by 12:00 noon, Wednesday, 17 February, 1999
    3. A Hy-Tek diskette is requested to accompany the printed results, but is not required.

Meet Director

Official Times:

An official time, recorded to the hundredth of a second, is given to a swimmer in an event he/she successfully completes (is not DQ'd) and is obtained in any of the following ways:

  1. Manual Timing:  (3 watches per lane) 
    1. When the 3 watches record different times, the middle time taken from the 3 recorded times is the official time,  or
    2. If 2 of the 3 watches record the same time, that time is official, or
    3. If only 2 of the 3 watches operate (one malfunctions for some reason, etc.), and no alternate timer is assigned, the official time for that race is the average of the two times rounded to the next slower hundredth.
  2. Automatic Computation: 
    1. The time from a completely automatic timing system taken to the hundredth of a second. 
    2. A backup system will be operational for all races but shall be used only for lanes in which the automatic equipment malfunctions. 
    3. The relative order of finish shall not be changed by the use of backup times. 
    4. Backup time procedures will include adjudication of times using manual lane timer buttons and stop watches.
  3. Use of Split Times:
    1. Use of Event Splits and Relay Lead off Split (LOS). 
    2. An individual event split is an official time taken from a specific leg of a longer event.  (Example, during a 200 free event, a swimmer may obtain an official time for a 50 free or a 100 free, in addition to the time for the 200 free, provided he/she completes the 200 free event without disqualification). 
    3. A relay LOS is an official time taken for the lead swimmer of a relay, and counts as an official individual event time (e.g. a 50 free time in the 200 free relay).
    4. An event split or relay LOS may be used to qualify for this meet if 3 stop watches per lane or electronic timing is used as described above AND all of the following criteria are met:
      1. Taking of the split time is coordinated with the referee prior to the start of the race, AND
      2. Three (3) separate watches, other than those used to take the event time, are used to record the swimmer's split time OR electronic split times are obtained from an electronic timing system, AND
      3. The referee verifies the swimmer's name, split time and distance (event split) or the lead off swimmers name and LOS time (relay) by signing the event or relay entry card.  On the event entry card, the split distance followed by the word "Split" and the time will be clearly depicted.  Likewise, the relay event card will clearly depict the lead swimmer's name, the initials "LOS", and the time.
    5. Relay split times are only valid for the lead off swimmer.  Split times are never valid for the 2nd. 3rd, or 4th swimmer.


     1998-99 High School Swimming Rules published by the National Federation of State High School Associations applies. 
      Virginia High School Safety and Warm-up procedures will be in effect.


    The top 16 finishers (swimming and diving ) will score points in each event.  Points will be awarded starting with 1st place receiving 20 points as follows:

      Individual events:  20-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

      Relay events:  Double individual points.


    Individual events.
       Medals will be awarded to the top 8 finishers in each event. 

    Relay events.
       Medals will be awarded to the top 8 relay teams in each relay event. 

    State Team Champions. 
    Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 Men's and Women's teams.


    All events will be pre-seeded.


    Meet Officials:

    1. Referees, starters, chief judges, diving judges, stroke inspectors, and turn judges will be assigned by the host team no later than two weeks prior to the meet. 
    2. Walk-on officials the days of the meet will not be used. 
    3. Volunteers from all schools are encouraged to forward their names and credentials to the Meet Referee.
    4. The uniform for officials working finals will be white shirt with collar and blue full-length slacks or skirt.  Officials working prelims may substitute shorts or knee-length skirts.

    USA Swimming Observing Officials:

    1. This meet will be an observed in accordance with USA Swimming rules and sanctioned by Virginia Swimming, Inc. 
    2. Current USA Swimming officials from either Virginia Swimming Inc. or Potomac Valley Swimming wishing to act as observers are requested to notify the Meet Referee.

    Officials Credentials:

    1. VHSL Officials wishing to work this meet should provide their name, phone number, e-mail address, position requested (starter, stroke, referee, etc), and a brief description of high school and USA Swimming experience to the Meet Referee.
    2. Likewise, those wishing to act as USA Swimming observers should provide their name, phone number, e-mail address, current level of certification, and LSC affiliation (VSI or PVS).
    3. Requests to Officiate should be to the meet referee by 19 January 1999.  Aa Application to Officiate form follows this Meet Announcement.

    Meet Referee:

      Wayne R. Williams
      3482 Lyon Park Court
      Lake Ridge, VA  22192-1022
      (703) 491-4216


  1. A $5.00 admission fee per session will be charged to all spectators attending the meet. 
  2. Children six years and under will not be charged admission. 
  3. VHSL passes will be honored. 
  4. Coaches, participating athletes, and officials will be provided Deck Passes that will allow them to visit the viewing area and the pool deck. 
  5. Programs (heat sheets) will be sold at the meet.
    Additional copies of the meet results will be available for $5.00.  The person requesting this service must provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
  6. Concessions will be available and Championship T-shirts will be for sale.

General Facility Rules

    The Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center  will be open to the general public at times  during the course of the swim meet. 

    As a courtesy to the patrons of the fitness center, athletes are  required to wear, at a minimum, a swimsuit, T-shirt and shoes when they are not on the pool deck, in the locker room, or in the gym.  This clothing rule applies to all meet participants and specifically includes upstairs and the pool observation gallery where parents and visitors will be viewing the meet.

    The Chinn Center also forbids the use of red drinks or gum in the facility.

    Athletes and coaches are reminded of the new NFHS rule this year forbidding shaving on-site.  Meet officials must remove from all further participation, any coach, athlete, or other working personnel who are found shaving on-site.  Please refer to the NFHS 1998-99 swimming and Diving Rule Book; rule 3, section 5, article 7 and rule 3, section 5, penalty 10.

    The meet referee shall interpret this rule to apply continuously from one hour prior to the commencement of diving warm-ups on Thursday, February 18, 1999, until the end of the awards ceremony on Saturday, February 20, 1999.

    Swimmers are expected to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen.

    A gymnasium adjacent to the pool deck will be available for swimmers, coaches, and parents.  Coaches and swimmers are responsible for cleaning up their team areas, both during and after the meet.  Athletes not swimming are required to remain in the gym area in order to keep the pool deck clear.

    Those people not directly participating in the meet or working in an official capacity will not be allowed on the pool deck. 

    Parents and spectators are to view the meet from the observation gallery or deck bleachers.  Please pick up and clean your area upon departure.

Inclement Weather:

     In case of inclement weather on Friday, 19 February, the meet will be held on Saturday and Sunday, 20-21 February 1999. 

     Inclement weather on Saturday 20 February, 1999 will require all events to be timed finals on Sunday 21 February, 1999.


Sequence Of Events

Virginia State AAA High School
Swimming And Diving Championships

Thursday, February 18

    7:00 PM  - 9:00 PM      Diving Warm-up
    9:00 PM                        Diving Coaches Meeting
                                         (Dive/score sheets may be turned in)

Friday, February 19

      8:00 AM-9:30 AM     Diving Warm-Up
      9:00 AM       Diving Score Sheet Deadline
      9:30 AM-9:50 AM    Diving Officials Meeting on Deck
      9:55 AM     National Anthem
    10:00 AM     Diving Preliminaries and Semifinals Begin
    *Meetings and briefings will take place upstairs in the aerobics room.*
    12:00 Noon  Swimming Coaches Meeting *
      1:00 PM      Swimming Warm-up
      1:00 PM      Officials Briefing *
      2:00 PM-2:30 PM   Starts/Sprints Warm-Up
      2:45 PM      First Event Called
      2:55 PM     National Anthem
      3:00 PM     Swimming Preliminaries Begin
      9:00 PM     Chinn Closes For Evening

Saturday, February 20

      8:00 AM-9:30 AM    Diving Warm-Up
      9:55 AM    National Anthem
    10:00 AM    Diving Finals (Followed by Awards)
    *Meetings and briefings will take place upstairs in the aerobics room.*
    11:30 AM    Swimming Coaches Meeting *
      1:00 PM     Officials Briefing *
      1:00 PM     Swimming Warm-Up
      2:00 PM-2:30 PM     Starts/Sprints Warm-Up
      2:45 PM     First Event Called
      2:55 PM     National Anthem
      3:00 PM     Swimming Finals Begin
                        Award Presentation after completion of final event

        Men                                         Women
           1        200 Medley Relay          2
           3        200 Freestyle                 4
           5        200 Individual Medley   6
           7          50 Freestyle                 8

        Presentation of awards for top 8 places from events 1-6.
        After the presentations there will be a break of 15 minutes
        with at least 10 minutes warm-up.

        Men                                         Women
         11      100 Butterfly                 12
         13      100 Freestyle                14
         15      500 Freestyle                16
                   10 minute Warm-Up
         17      200 Freestyle Relay       18

        Presentation of awards for top 8 places from events 7-16

        Men                                         Women
         19    100 Backstroke              20
         21    100 Breaststroke           22
                 10 minute Warm-Up
         23    400 Freestyle Relay       24

        Presentations of awards for top 8 olaces from events 17-24

        Presentation of Team Championship Trophies


1999 Virginia State AAA High School
High School Swimming Qualification Times

Short Course Yards Qualifying Times





200 yd Medley Relay



200 yd Freestyle



200 yd Individual Medley



50 yd Freestyle



100 yd Butterfly



100 yd Freestyle



500 yd Freestyle



200 yd Freestyle Relay



100 yd Backstroke



100 yd Breaststroke



400 yd Freestyle Relay










Short Course Meters Qualifying Times





200 yd Medley Relay



200 yd Freestyle



200 yd Individual Medley



50 yd Freestyle



100 yd Butterfly



100 yd Freestyle



500 yd Freestyle



200 yd Freestyle Relay



100 yd Backstroke



100 yd Breaststroke



400 yd Freestyle Relay





Directions to Chinn Center

The Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center is located at the Southeast corner
 of the intersection of Prince William Parkway and Old Bridge Road.  It is
accessible from either the Parkway or Old Bridge Rd.

  1. Coming on I-95 from either the North or South:
        Take exit 158 (to Manassas) onto Prince William Parkway.  Going west
    you will pass through the following intersections, Telegraph Rd, Smoketown Rd,
    and Minniville Rd.  After going past Minniville Rd,   go through one light
    (Hillandale Rd), then make your first available right.  You are now looking
    at the Chinn Library and the Chinn Aquatics Center.  If you get to the 2nd light,
    you went 100 yards to far.  Just turn right and in another 100 yards, make
    an immediate right.
  2. From the Northwest on I-66: 
    Take I-66 to Manassas and exit onto Hwy 234 South (driving away from I-66),
    a few miles up the road Hwy 234 will pass Hwy 28 and shortly thereafter it will
    make a HARD RIGHT TURN, watch for this and STAY on 234 making this right
    turn.  This section of Hwy 234 will take you through town, you will pass under
    railroad tracks as you begin to leave old town Manassas.  Approx one mile or
    so later, you will come to a stoplight.  At the light there is an Exxon gas station
    on your left, and a childcare center on the right.  Also, the cross streets at this
    intersection will be Wellington Rd going right, and Fairview road going left. 
       Turn left at this light onto Fairview and continue.  Within a mile you will pass
    Metz School on the right, continue.  The next landmark will be a shopping center
    on your left at a stoplight (North-South street at this intersection is Liberia). 
    Continue through stoplight crossing Liberia,  you are now on Prince William Parkway. 
    Continue on down the road going East about 10 miles.  Once you get on the parkway
    out of Manassas, you will pass 2 stoplights.  The third light will be Hoadley Rd, then
    a light at the entrance to the Prince William County Stadium on your left, then the
    next light is the corner where Chinn is.  There will be an Exxon station on the left,
    as well as a small strip mall.  Go through this light and make an immediate right
    about 100 yards past the intersection.  You are now looking at the Chinn Center.
  3. From the West or Southwest, coming through Charlottesville,
    take VA 29 North, then turn right and take VA 28 to Manassas.
       Take Hwy 28 into Manassas and turn right onto Wellington Road.  Continue
    on this road without turning off it.  The 5th stoplight will be the intersection of Liberia. 
    This is the beginning of the Prince William Parkway.  Continue on down the road
    going East about 10 miles, you will pass 2 stop lights and the third light will be
    Hoadley Rd, then a light at the entrance to the Prince William County Stadium
    on your left, then the next light is the corner where Chinn is.  There will be an
    Exxon station on the left, as well as a small strip mall.  Go through this light
    and make an immediate right about 100 yards past the intersection.  You are
    now looking at the Chinn Center.
  4. Phone for Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center:  703-791-2338.


Application to Officiate
1999 Virginia State AAA High School
Swimming and Diving Championships

     Please check the sessions you would like to work.  Officials offering to work prelims and finals will be given preference over those offering to work only one session.




USA Observer



Friday -- Diving




Saturday -- Diving




Friday -- Swimming Prelims




Saturday -- Swimming Finals






      Full Name      _______________________________
      Address         _______________________________
      Home Phone _______________________________
      Office Phone _______________________________
      E-mail            ______________________________________

     List all CURRENT swimming and/or diving certifications and the sanctioning body  (VHSL, USA Swimming, USA Diving, YMCA, etc).  Include the number of years certified at each level.

    Sanctioned By          Position(s)                                                  Year(s)

    Requests to Officiate should be to the meet referee by 19 January 1999.

    Publicity and Media Coverage
         In an effort to maximize coverage of this meet all media should be strongly encouraged to attend.  Coordination with regional and national media outlets will be arranged through the meet publicity director. 
         For the Washington Metropolitan area this will include the Washington Post newspaper, the major national wire services and the local television network affiliates. 
         For local and regional publicity efforts, it is recommended that each school identify a publicity coordinator to facilitate coverage by the media in their community. 
         This will significantly enhance the publicity of the meet by building interest with your local media about your hometown swimmers. 
         The meet director will credential all media for access to the meet. 
         Questions concerning media coverage and local publicity efforts should be directed to the meet manager.

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