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Searching the web for images that can be used by

webtv users, I have selected the best of what I have

found, and tried to compile them into this list for your

use and enjoyment. Most of the images here are

either clip art or animated. All the images here are

listed for your use in your e-mail or homepages. It is

suggested that for you to enjoy continued use of an image,

that you transload the image to your site. As far as I know,

all of the images are in public domain.

Blue easter bunny w/basket

Easter bunny coloring easter eggs

Brightly colored easter egg

Baby lamb

Small easter lily

Three yellow tulips (left)

Three yellow tulips (right)

Pink easter fairy

Two bunnies w/chicks

Easter heading

Two bunnies w/tulips

Easter basket

Easter basket

Easter egg button

Cross w/lilies

Pink bgk w/white cross

animated egg to chick

White bunny w/flowers

Pink tulips

White cross w/lilies

Mother bunny w/baby bunny

bunny in basket

Easter egg line

Chick cracking egg (animated)

Easter liles (animated)

Bunny w/egg (animated)

2 bunnies facing each other

BACKGROUND-bunnies on white

Holy bible

White bunny w/flowers

White bunny w/carrot

Black & white bunny

Two colored eggs

Easter bunny w/hands on chin

Colored egg line

Bunny w/wheelbarrow of eggs

Easter egg

E-mail button

BACKGROUND-faded bunny

Group of rabbits

Pot of tulips

2 bunnies w/balloon

Girl bunny w/flowers

2 pink bunnies W/egg

(ani)Easter basket

Easter bunny w/"HAPPY EASTER" (animated)

BACKGROUND-two bunnies in wagon on white

Easter basket w/animated bunny and chick

BACKGROUND-easter bunny w/basket of flowers

Chocolate bunny w/basket of flowers

Bunnies painting eggs

Easter back button

Baby bunny w/baby bottle

2 chicks w/large egg

(ani)Hopping bunny

Easter bunny in overalls w/basket of eggs

BACKGROUND-brown easter bunny w/flowers

Brown bunny with white egg

Chick with hat and overalls

BACKGROUND-faded bunny background

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