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> I love you pooh bear

Animated bear holding heart

Heart w/wings on white square

Animated heart w/kisss

Open heart box of candy

Betty Boop w/dog & hearts

Heart shaped box w/rose

Cupid w/hearts and bow

Pink cupid w/red hearts & bow

Embossed white cupid background

Red heart w/cupid background

Pink background w/white cupid

Betty Boop w/skirt blowing

Pink roses w/white doves background

Animated fairy w/hearts

vase of spring flowers

Orange & yellow flowers

Red,pink & brown flowers

Pink background w/embossed hearts

Pink heart

Rotating heart

Pink bubblle heart background

Cupid with bow

Dove with heart

(ani) valentine heart

Hand and gold heart

Red cupid in red heart

Pink heart candy box

Gopher cupid & heart

(ani) love bracelet

I love you heart

Box of candy hearts

Pepe la-pue

Pierced heart

Pooh & piglet w/hearts

Piglet & pooh in heart

Cupid and rose bkg

Floral heart

Red lace heart

2 pink hearts w/green ribbon

pink heart w/colored flowers

3 hershey kisses

Red heart w/blue flowers

Victorian couple kissing background

Animated lips blowing kisses

Pink heart w/lovers (left)

pink heart w/lovers (right)

Piglet w/hearts

Pink bow

Long stem red rose

Long stem red rose (right)

long stem red rose

animated heart w/arrow

Gold key-red heart

pink bkg w/pinkheart and flowers

Red hearts and flowers-banner

Bear on pink heart

Bluebirds w/heart wreath

Betty Boop in bed of roses

Large & small heart

Teddy w/pink heart

Heart w/lightning

(ani) bear hugging heart

Lace heart w/rose bkg

Heart w/yellow rose

2 hearts together line

Fairy blowing kiss

Taz w/flowers

Teddy w/red heart

Fuzzy teddy

Fuzzy teddy w/heart

Cherub w/heart(left)

Cherub w/heart(right)

(ani)Mailbox w/hearts

Small heart w arrow

Lacy trimmed heart

Heart w/flowers bkg

(ani) 2 hearts w/ring

Squirrels w/heart

Gold "Happy Valentine"

Valentine broch

Snoopy & heart bkg

Pink heart w/lace

Cupid w/large heart

Pink heart w/ lace edge

Cherubs w/red heart

2 cupids w/floral heart

Pink envelopes w/pink hearts line

Lace heart w/rose in center

Pink heart w/white lace & rose

Red and pink heart

Flowers-heart w/arrow

Stooping cupid (left)

Stooping cupid (right)

Heart-cupcake line

Back button

Email button

Bear hugging heart

Bear in overalls

Bear in dress

cherubs w/heart

Couple in orange heart

Cupid in red heart

Baby cupid

Cupid w/bow

Kneeling cupid

Baby cupid w/heart

Blonde cupid

Blue & red cupid

2 hearts w/arrow

Line of hearts

Small red heart

(ani)flashing hearts

Embossed background

Hearts w/banner

(ani)heart w/wings

(ani)Flying heart w/horns

Couple on bench

Couple in red

(ani)Stars heart

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