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M a n o f L a M a n c h a

lamancha.jpg (29282 bytes)FEBRUARY 17, 1996
Star Complex, Shangri-La Plaza EDSA

"To dream, the impossible dream... to reach the unreachable star... to march into hell for a heavenly cause..."

Man of La Mancha is a play within a play. It revolves around Miguel de Cervantes, the poet, actor, playwright and his chronic failure at all his professions and his plain transformation from plain Alfonso Quijano to Don Quixote de La Mancha, a knight errant, who rallies forth into the world of make-believe to "right the wrong" in his path.

The play shifts from the real world of Cervantes, who is thrown in the company of criminal elements of a subterrenean dungeon in the city of Seville in 1597 for an offense against the church. While waiting for the outcome of his predicament, he creates situations transforming the prisoners to "characters" in the ideal world of Don Quixote of "windmills, knights, ladies". of chivalry, honor, love and true happiness.

The Quixotic idealism prevails on the "characters" created by Cervantes as they go through their "roles" in the play. The play blends well the comic and tragic flavor where the plot is spiced with underlying messages by way of unforgettable songs as the "Impossible Dream".

The Cast:

Oliver Natividad & Andre Medina

J.C. Noriega and Robert Umandap as Sancho Panza * Marinell Manudo and Rossalyn Raymundo as Aldonza/Dulcinea * Jordana Queddeng and Audrey Codera as Maria * Lourdes Tatom and Lizbeth Santiago as Antonia * Maricar Paulino and Ivy Herbolario as The Housekeeper * Ryan Manalastas as The Governor/Inkeeper * Benjur Busa and Niņo Puyat as The Duke/Dr. Carrasco * Jose Manikan and Jerome Santos as Padre Perez * Mark Buhain as Pedro/Head Muleteer * Sonny Briola as the Barber/Muleteer * Rene Lichauco and Frederick Cruz as Captain/Muleteer * Carlo Evaristo and Michael Limaco as Muleteer *

The Production Staff:

Production Head: RJ Geotina | Stage Manager: Miggy Alviar

Stage Crew:
Ian Chua | Iano Ramos | Freddie Cruz | Ian Arevalo | Kathy Mandap | Chino Porcincula | TJ Libunao | JP Lopez | Mikee del Rosario | Erika Santos | PJ Tugade | John Valle | Powie de la Fuente | Krissy Rustia | Rica Buenaflor |

Light Crew: RJ Geotina & Bobby de Ocampo

Sound Crew: Francis Zabala & JP Alandy

Set Design:
Alex Icasiano | Carlo Arteficio | Marciano Puache | Von Cariņo | Nigel Salmingo

Lyle Pasco | Joey Herrera | Bernard Tacuban | Warren Dimen

Make-Up: Raffy Rodriguez

Over-all Concept and Design: Ginny Rollins Natividad

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