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Use these Peace Points to guide your church, school, youth groups or organization in an exploration of issues of justice and peace.

Peace Points Starters - Ideas for creating or strengthening a peace-focused session for youth, including music, film, art, community activities.

What is Christian Peacemaking? – Explore the breadth and depth of the biblical vision of Shalom, peace, justice, community, wholeness.
version en español español ¿Qué significa pacificación cristiana? - el papel de pacificador esta enraizado en nuestra experiencia de un Dios quien es paz, quien nos da paz, y quien nos llama a ser parte de la paz y la justicia.

Hunger Awareness Meal - An experiential meal that helps teach participants about the realities of hunger and poverty in the world.
version en español español Organizando una Comida para concienciar del Hambre - una impresionante experiencia de una ‘comida’ que ayuda a enseñar acerca de las realidades del hambre en el mundo.

Conflict Education - Examine conflicts between individuals, communities, and nations, and strengthen your skills to address conflict in any area of your life.
version en español español Educación de Conflicto - Perspicacias, actividades y recursos para examinar los conflictos entre los individuos y en niveles más grandes, y para fortalecer habilidades para abordar conflicto en cualquier área de la vida.

Wall of Hope - Make use of this exhibit to learn about nonviolent peace and justice movements and heroes throughout history; the full ‘how to kit’ includes an annotated selection of events from the Wall of Hope.
version en español español El Muro de la Esperanza - Eventos y movimientos a favor de la justicia y la paz a través de la historia.

Peace Worship - Provides a variety of resources including prayers, litanies, songs, and a complete 20 minute worship session.

ONE by ONE toward justice for all - Millennium Development Goals and the ONE Campaign
version en español español Uno a Uno hacia la justicia para todos - para apoyar la causa de poner fin a la pobreza en nuestro mundo.

It's Time to Talk... - Explore the concerns about the Iraq War. *for additional materials see: Iraq Resources

Just War – Study the classic just war principles, and look at the dynamic insights of the ‘just peace’ perspective.

Reclaim the Season! - Peace & justice living and giving, especially appropriate at Christmas; useful throughout the year.
version en español español ¡Recobra la Epoca! Maneras Creativas de Celebrar la Navidad y Florecer en Fidelidad.

Designing Educational Activities - Tips on every aspect of planning a successful workshop, with a page of sample forum and workshop descriptions.

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