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October 27th: Hey, everyone. I (LeAndra) am really, really sorry I haven't updated in sooo long. I've been keeping up on the Boys, but lately I haven't been in one place long enough to update the site. I've been traveling for a good part of this month with some friends and we just got back yesterday only to be leaving in about a half hour, so I decided to post this little notice that I won't be back until November 1st. Maybe then, I'll be in one place for more than a day. I do have one thing to say. Las Vegas was a blast!! *LOL* Anyway, for now it to keep up on the Boys go to Backstreet.Net or Backstreet Millennium. They are both excellent sites with the absolute most recent news. Actually, I'm sure you all have been to either one of them repeatedly already since this site has sort of been put on hold for a while. I'll be back soon. Bye!!

October 6th: Boy, do I (LeAndra) have bunches to catch up on. I was gone for a couple days, but now I'm back. Unexpected business to take care of. Anyway, on Thursday the Backstreet Boys taped a special with MTV which involved 75 fans in New York City. The fans were picked based on letters they sent to MTV. The Boys have been nominated for "Best Pop" and "Best Group" at the MTV Europe Music Awards to held in Stockholm, Sweden on November 16th. They are also going to perform, so be sure to check it out. It's tentatively set to air in the U.S. on November 20th. Plans for a memorial in Washington D.C. for Howie's sister, Caroline Dorough-Cochran, who died from the disease Lupus, is to be presented to Hilary Rodham Clinton this month by Howie and Caroline's sister, Angie Herring, head of Howie's foundation. On Aaron Carter's new album, there are interludes between every song, three of which include Nick. Black & Blue is set to be out November 15th in Japan, November 20th in Europe, and Novemeber 21st in the U.S. The U.S. tour to support the album is supposed to begin on January 23rd and tickets are supposed to go on sale next month, but first the Boys are going to do a short promo-tour, taking themselves to 7 capital cities in the world, ending at JFK airport in New York City. The Backstreet Boys are on Access Hollywood tonight at 8:30pm on NBC, Total Request Live on Monday at 3pm on MTV, then Making The Video at 4:30pm. Nick says he and the Boys want every BSB fan in the New York City area (and beyond) to be in Times Square on Monday. So let's show them how much we love them by cramming as many people as we possibly can there. The Boys are going to be on Z100, New York City, with the morning zoo at 7:15am EST. I don't know what day, though. The Boys had to postpone an interview on CKOI, Montreal, until Friday at 7pm. As you all know, the Boys shot their newest video in L.A. While there, all the Boys took some time off for themselves. AJ went to Las Vegas and returned at the end of the week. Nick gathered up some fishing gear and went to San Diego to fish. Howie went to a movie premiere for Dancer In The Park. Kevin and Kristin had a nice, quiet dinner at "The Little Door" resturaunt, a celebrity-friendly place that only certain somebodies know the location. Brian and Leighanne stayed at their Beverly Hills hotel with 'Lil Tyk and Litty Leigh. I think I've covered everything. Remember to watch Access Hollywood tonight for a look behind the scenes of the new video for "Shape Of My Heart". Oh yeah, before I forget, "Shape Of My Heart" was this weeks "Hot Shot Debut" on Billboard's Hot 100, coming in at #39. Way to go, Boys!

October 1st: Just a little news to share. "Shape Of My Heart" was played 136 times within the first hour of release on Canadian radio. That's what I call excitment. Howie's sister, Pollyanna is going to be at Sea World, Orlando, on October 7th & 8th from 2pm to 4pm.

September 28th: It seems like the new single "Shape Of My Heart" is finding it's way into the hearts of fans all over the country and, no doubt, the world. It's been doing really well on radio countdowns, debuting/premiering at #1 on JoJo's Top 5 @ 9 on 102.7 KIIS FM, Los Angeles; Z100 on the interactive 9 @ 9, and WBLI in New York. It also debuted on a radio station's countdown at 9 in San Francisco at #2. The single's due to hit stores in October, with the video to preimere late October. The Boys did the video shoot at the Orpheus Theatre in downtown Los Angeles this past weekend. Howie talked to JoJo on KIIS FM about it a couple days ago. Also, a fan was lucky enough to meet this guys this weekend while they were filming the video. She took lots of pictures to remember her experience. On the 26th, Nick was seen in San Diego eating at a Planet Hollywood. The new album, Black & Blue is to be released on November 20th, and November 21st is the U.S. release date, just in case there was a little confusion on that. Also, go to and vote for Kevin in the "Sexiest Teen Idol" category for a new show that will air on VH1 on October 5th.

September 24th: Just a little bit of news. Kevin attended Madonna's album launch in Los Angeles on the 19th with wife, Kristin, at the Catch One disco club. Kevin also talked to MTV while there (you could see Kristin standing in the background), where he talked about the upcoming album and the video for the new single "Shape Of My Heart". Kevin was asked if he had any directing aspirations of his own and he said he does. In fact, he might directing a video for Krystal Harris, the first recording artist on the Boys record company, and she might be opening for the Boys during their tour starting early next year. The single "Shape Of My Heart" is supposed to be played on radio stations at 11:21pm local times on Tuesday, September 26th. If you're not sure your local station is doing this, give them a call and request they play "Shape Of My Heart" at 11:21pm. A little bit of bad news. The Backstreet Boys didn't win "People's Choice Award" at the Much Music Video Awards. I don't know who won, I just know they didn't. Let's follow that up with some good news. According to an article on the Boys in J-14, they are talking to MTV about doing a behind-the-scenes special, appearing on Total Request Live, and filming an episode of Making The Video. Also, they're planning to be on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, The Late Night Show with David Letterman, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. No confirmations or specific dates have been made. **SITE NEWS** I (LeAndra) have a little idea I've decided to put into action after much consideration. It may take a few days (or weeks), so until then my lips are sealed....

September 18th: Just a little update. According to Jive Australia, the new single to be released is called "Shape Of My Heart". It will be out on radio on the 28th, in stores on October 23rd (I don't know if this includes the U.S.), and the album titled, Black and Blue, will be released on November 21st. Meanwhile, Howie attended a football game, Miami vs. Ravens and he was shown eating chicken wings. Like we needed to see that....*Later on* MORE NEWS!! I(Dalila) also went to the O-town show at the Brea Mall, but I actually got to meet them...twice!!! I'll tell you all the stiry, I'll try to keep it as short as possible since it was a very long day. Ok, My three friends and I got to the mall late, well not really late, but considering that the doors to the mall opened at 6am, and Otown was schedueled to perform at 9am, and we got there at 8:35am, we were there a little late. We didn't really care because we knew we would be meeting them because we had wristbands for the meet and greet, but I'll get to that later. So we get there and it it CROWDED, but we moved our way up to the front, so it wasn't so bad. The guys' performance was great, except for the fact that I got water splashed on me, that wasn't too good, I didn't get that wet, so I still looked cute for the guys, so it was all good. Anyway, so the concert is over, and we get escorted to the room where the meet and greet it, we and the other people who go in for the meet n greet are wating, I think we were waiting for about ten minutes, then the guys came in. Jacob came in first, and he was just chillin like a villian, ditting there waiting for the other guys to come in, btw when the guys entered the girl screamed of course, anyway finally all the guys were in the room, everyone was calling all their names and telling them to pose for pics, Ashley and Erik threw their towels, I didn't get a towel, but I got something even better. Anyway, so I go through the autograph line, the order was Jacob, Erik, Ashley, Trevor, then Dan. I won't say everything that me and the guys talked about, but I didn't like Jacob, but he was so sool, he has along conversation with me about tongue rings, because I have one and he said he liked mine, that started the whole conversation, afterwards my friend was like "dang, you took up all the time with Jacob", but he was talking to me, he was really down to earth and cool, so I don't dislike him anymore, and he is TALL actaully! Anyway I'll make a long story short, all the guys were cool, Erik is still my fave, he gave me his water bottle, and signed it and everything, Ashley was really, really nice, so was Trevor, and Dan is really down to earth and cool. I felt like I could talk to them all like they were my friends. Oh, and we met Lou Pearlman and Mike Cronin and took pics with them too. If anyone wants to know more you can email me at, cause more happened that night, but that a whole other story! :) P.S. sorry about any typos. :)

September 16th: Wow, an eternity since I've updated, but I'm so happy today, nothing could ruin it. First the news, then I'll tell you all why I'm soooo happy. (If you've heard it already, sorry for the repeat.) Howie's sister, Pollyanna is due to have a free concert on September 17th (tomorrow!!) in Orlando/Kissimmee, don't know which. But then, if you live in the area, you know where. The Boys are thinking of getting into the hotel business. Kevin, along with reps for the other Boys, and some hotel people were discussing the possibility of Backstreet Boys investing in a hotel in Alabama. Cool, huh? Along with that, the money the Boys made doing the Burger King commercials was donated to the actor's guild, SAG, earning them the respect of many people in television. Nick and AJ both got new tatoos. AJ's is on the inside of this left wrist and Nick's is on his upper left arm. Backstreet Boys MIGHT be joining Elton John at his 50th and 51st performances being taped for TV network, a double CD, and DVD, in Madison Square Garden in October, for release in the Christmas season. Keeps your ears trained for info on that. Now, what's making me (LeAndra) so happy?? I got up at 4am this morning, got dressed to make myself look perfect (which is so hard to do that early in the morning) and was off to the Brea Mall (in Brea, duh!!) with four of my closest friends to watch Lou Pearlman's latest creation, O-TOWN!! I had become quite a fan while watching ABC's Making The Band, and nearly went crazy last month when I found out O-Town was going to perform at the Brea Mall. They were also giving out wristbands to meet the band three days before, but I didn't get one. Doesn't matter and I'll say why in a second. We got the the mall and staked a place on the second level so we could see without anybody's hands and arms blocking our view (what can I say, we're short). We were practically right above the stage. Anyway, O-Town came out, looking absolutely gorgeous, and performed a few songs, and an a capella piece at the end. They also performed two songs I hadn't heard before. At least I didn't recognize them. Afterwards, my friends and drove to the opposite side of the mall and saw a white limo and a small crowd. I parked, we got out and waited. One by one, Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, Ashley Angel, Dan Miller, and Erik-Michael Estrada came out of a Winebago parked by another vehicle. My friends and I threw peace signs instead of waving. Trevor, Jacob, and Erik threw them back!! I couldn't believe it. I waved at Dan and he copied me, greatly exaggerating by gesture. Ashley smiled and waved at us, copying my friend, Mary Jane's wave. They all came out eventually, but a lot of the time it was two or three of them at a time. Then they took some pictures by the Winnie. We stood out there about a half hour, maybe more, before they all jumped in a teal truck and took off, with a police car following. We tried to follow them, but lost them at a stop light. Hey, we even saw Lou Pearlman himself as he stood outside the white limo for a while, then got in and took off. The only thing that suck was I didn't have any film in my camera and realized it too late. DAMN IT!! SECOND TIME THAT'S HAPPENNED TO ME!! God, Ashley looked so good, so did Dan. And, man, Jacob is a shorty!! He looks barely taller than me (and that's pretty short). Erik looked like he'd been woken up from his sleep, his hair all tousled. Trevor was the nicest one. Every time my friends and I called his name, he'd look over at us and wave. I've been on Cloud 9 ever since. It was awesome!! I still can't believe they were just several feet away from me. Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you all.

September 6th: I'm sure a lot of you have the second CD from Burger King. In case you don't already know, the hidden track is sung by the first recording artist with the Boys un-named record company named Krystal Harras and I believe her song is called "My Religion". I liked it, sounds nice. So, if you were wondering if the girl singing was Nick's girlfriend, Mandy (aka Willa Ford), it's not. Anyway, after Howie hits Puerto Rico on the 13th, he flys over to Buenos Aires, Argentina to perform on the 15th to benefit his foundation. According to, Backstreet Boys are slated to appear on MTV's Making The Video this season, so look out for that. The Backstreet Boy's music is to be included to create a soundtrack during the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. Their music, as well as many others, will be played in the background during the televised events to help define an act of defeat, a win, or whatever the mood calls for. That's pretty cool. There is a small article on Brian and Leighanne's wedding in People Weekly's "Best, Worst (And Least Dressed) 2000" issue, with a picture of the newlyweds in the backseat of a 1929 Rolls Royce after the ceremony.

September 5th: A minor news update. There will be a piece about Brian and Leighanne's wedding preparations on Entertainment Tonight tomorrow night called "Diary of a Backstreet Bride". So catch it on CBS at 7pm EST/PST. And since I got this info from today's Eastern Time showing which is 4pm Pacific (thanks to satellite cable), they're showing pics from the wedding today. So watch tonight at 7pm. It starts in about 20 minutes. Howie has a new company called "HowieDoIt Productions" and his first client is none other than his sister, Pollyanna. The two will be in Puerto Rico on September 13th with the salsa show.

September 4th: I'm back!! And I'm sure you all have heard by now. Brian is now a married man and I've got loads of information. Brian and Leighanne were married Saturday, September 2nd, at 6pm in a candlelit ceremony which took place at Peachtree Christian Church in Midtown. The 300 invited guests arrived in black and white stretch limos. The ceremony was about 35 minutes and featured a fairy tale-themed poem written by Leighanne's sister, Tracy Hext. As previously reported in Leighanne's section in Backstreet Girlfriends, the bride wore a tight-bodiced dress with the skirt flowing from the waist designed by Vera Wang. The bridesmaids and flower girl wore champagne-colored dresses. The groom, the groomsmen and the ring bearer wore charcoal-gray tuxes with top hats. Brian took off his top hat when he said his vows. After the vows were exchanged, Brian and Leighanne hopped into a vintage black & white Rolls Royce with "Just Married" written on the back. The newlyweds and the guests were escorted by a police motorcade to the reception held at the Four Seasons Hotel on 14th Street. Upon arriving, guests wore Velcro wristbands and had to provide identification to gain entrance to the reception. After riding up the elevator to the 4th floor (which Brian and Leighanne rented entirely) the guests were greeted by a sign that read, "No photographs, No autographs". The wedding ceremony and reception went off without incident or overrun by fans, which was a complete shock to most. Kevin, new wife Kristin, Howie, AJ, and Nick were all in attendance, of course. Additional information, the rehearsal dinner on Friday was held at Brian and Leighanne's 46-acre spread in North Fulton, a suburb of Atlanta. I'm still waiting for pictures. Some have to come out sooner or later. In other news, a radio DJ said that the title of the new album is "Black and Blue" after playing "It's True" on the air. Don't know where he got his information, so we'll see about that. Recently, ex-manager to the Backstreet Boys, Johnny Wright celebrated his 40th birthday in 70's style, which Howie attended. AJ called Johnny to send his congrats. So some of the broken friendships have been mended, I guess. Also, Howie wrote a song for the fake boy band, 2gether's second album, 2gether Again, called "Every Minute, Every Hour". It's probably the only semi-serious song on the whole album. I like the song and the album. Very nice.

September 1st: Wow, September already. One more month 'til my birthday. Anyway, the Backstreet Boys have been in Los Angeles for the past few days and recently did a photo shoot to promote the new album, which is to be released in November. No fans found the location of the shoot, so it was done in complete peace. Brian's fiancee, Leighanne was there with 'Lil Tyk and Litty Leigh. After comparing tattoos, Nick and AJ visited a tattoo palor across the street from the photo shoot location, but not before AJ showed off the new piercing he got between his lower lip and his chin. Speaking of AJ, his "Johnny No-Name" tour has been postponed until December. It was originally supposed to start this month. Also, Howie's tour has been postponed. He is playing only two dates in Puerto Rico and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nick, AJ, and Howie were in attendance at the release party for Backstreet Project, as were the Backstreet Band. They were enlisted as the entertainment. AJ sang "Bad To The Bone", Howie sang "Smooth" and "Maria Maria" by Santana, and Nick said "Heaven" by Bryan Adams and "Interstate Love Song" by Stone Temple Pilots (one of my personal favorites). Then they all grouped together to perform "Brick House" with Nick on drums and Howie and AJ singing. Backstreet Band keyboardist, Tommy Smith, will soon be holding a contest at, the Backstreet Band's official website, also run by Tommy. The site also has a new layout and it's really cool. The details of the contest will be posted soon, but the prize has been revealed: a copy of Backstreet Boys: The Official Book, by Andre Csillag, signed by all the Boys. **SITE NEWS** As you can see, all news from May, June, July, and August has been removed, but you can still check it out by clicking on the link at the bottom of this section. Also, tomorrow (if I have enough time) I will update, but I might not because I'm off to Los Angeles tomorrow afternoon. Thanks!

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