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Backstreet Videos!!!

Take a look and see what the Backstreet Boys can do. Also see some interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff. You have to have Quicktime plugin or Real Player G2 to view these.

Various Clips and Appearances

Part I, Part II
Here's the Nick interview from CBS in Tampa Bay, Florida.
CBS Morning Show
Here's a video of the Kevin, Howie, and Nick in the recording studio (Real Player or Windows Media Player).
Part I, Part II
Here's AJ and Howie's appearance on a show based in Germany called "VIVA Interaktiv" (Real Video).
Kevin and the Piano
Kevin talks about his dad discovering his piano playing (Real Video).
His Cousin
Brian talks about Kevin's reaction after Brian's heart surgery (Real Video).
AJ Explains
AJ talks about his mom and dad (Real Video).
Howie Remembers
Howie remembers the last concert he shared with his sister, Caroline before she passed away in 1998 (Real Video).
Business vs. Personal
John Norris asks Nick if it's hard to keep his personal life separate from the business (Real Video).
The One
Here's a sneak preview of "The One" video (Real Video).
Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3
Here are some clips of "The Bucs vs. The Boys" charity b-ball game (Real Video).
The One
This the Backstreet Boys performance of "The One" on Men Strike Back (Real Video).
Millennium TV #15
AJ talks about his passions and influences. You'd be surprised at who he says influenced him musically (Real Video).
Millennium TV #14
Check out Howie as he talks about life on tour (Real Video).
Solo Project
AJ talks about his solo project (Real Video).
Millennium TV #13
Brian takes over the Millennium TV camera (Real Video).
Millennium TV #12
Watch as the Boys rehearse for the Grammys with Elton John (Real Video).
Got Milk?
Here's the Boys talking about why milk is good for you (Quicktime).
They Got It That Way
Here's an interview E! did with the Boys at the Grammys (Real Video).
Millennium TV #11
Take a look at the Boys' rehearsal for the Penn State concert (Real Video).
MTV Interview: Part II
Here's part 2 of the interview with John Norris (Real Video).
MTV Interview: Part I
In case you missed the MTV Grammy pre-show, here's the interview they showed with the Boys (Real Video).
The *N Sync Overshadow
The Boys finally spill their real feelings about their "competition" (Real Video).
Kevin Talks About Past Troubles
Here is Kevin talking about last year's contract problems (Real Video).
The Grammys
The Boys talk discuss the Grammys point-of-view on pop music this year (Real Video).
What's going to change?
The guys talk about the changes as they move on (Real Video).
Are You Curious?
Here's what the Boys said about *N Sync's new album coming out on the Jive Records label (Real Video).
Millennium TV #10
Here's an up-close look at Brian (Real Video).
Brian Confirms Engagement
Here's Brian talking about his engagment to Leighanne (Real Video).
Kevin Speaks Out
Didn't catch it on TRL. Here's your chance to hear Kevin himself say he's engaged (Real Video).
Millennium TV #9
Take an up-close look at that crazy AJ (Real Video).
Millennium TV #8
Here's an up-close look at Nick (Real Video).
Millennium TV #7
Here's an up-close look at Howie (Real Video).
Teen Sensations From Orlando (CNN)
This has video footage of the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, Amanda Latona's old group, Innosense, and many others (Real Video).
Millennium TV #6
Here's a up-close look at Kevin (Real Video).
Millennium TV #5
See if the Boys can play golf as well as they sing (Real Video).
The "Thank You" Song
This is the Boys singing the "Thank You" song at the 1999 Kids' Choice Awards (Real Video).
Brian in "Grease"
This is when Brian was in the musical, "Grease" (Real Video).
Another "Grease" Clip
This is Brian's 2nd duet in "Grease" (Real Video).
Brian In His Boxers
Here's an unforgettable scene with Brian (Real Video).
BSB Performance in 1993
Here are the Boy's performing at Brian's high school in 1993 (Real Video).
Young Nicky Cops An Attitude
This is the "nose picking" incident from Backstreet Stories (Real Video).
The Fleamarket Boys
Here are the Boys telling how they got their name (Real Video).
The Boys Get Crazy
This is the real Backstreet Boys (Real Video).
The "Hushpuppies" Song
Here's AJ and Howie singing the "Hushpuppies" song (Real Video).
"Kevin Knows His MTV"
Here's a spontaneous song by the Boys (Real Video).
Who is this?!
This is 'N Sync (yes, 'N SYNC) performing "Quit Playin' Games" (Real Video).
Millennium TV #4
This is some footage of a concert from the Into The Millennium Tour (Real Video).
Rolling Stone
Take another behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot for Rolling Stone (Real Video).
Millennium TV #3
A behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot for Rolling Stone (Real Video).
Millennium TV #2
This is of the Boys getting ready for a concert in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Real Video).
Christmas Wishes
Howie wishes all the fans a Merry Christmas (Real Video).
Orlando Crowd
This video is of the Backstreet Fans before the concert in Orlando (Real Video).
Vegas Fan Conference
This is the Las Vegas fan conference in October '99 (Real Video).
Fan Conference
This is the New York fan conference in May '99 (Real Video).
This is an interview with Kevin, Howie, and Nick while making the "Larger Than Life" video (Real Video).
Tour of Fan Club Headquarters
Denise McLean takes you on a tour of the fan club (Real Video).
Tour Report
Take a look at the kick-off concert of the USA Millennium Tour (Real Video).
TRL: 1999 MTV Video Music Awards
This is of Dave Holmes talking to AJ backstage at the VMAs (Real Video).
1999 VMA Performance
This is the Backstreet Boys performance at the 1999 VMAs (Real Video).
Nick and Aaron
This is a short clip of Nick and Aaron's reunion in Ottawa, Canada (Real Video)
Backstreet Boys Send Video from Europe
This is of the Backstreet Boys on the Millennium Tour in Europe (Real Video).
Backstreet Boys on ET
This is the Boys on Entertainment Tonight, May 26, 1999 (Real Video).
Going Solo??
This is of AJ talking about BSB eventually going solo (far, far into the future) (Real Video).
Backstreet Boys Do Some Soul Searching
Howie talks about how the Boys did some soul searching for the "Millennium" album (Real Video).
Nick's Millennium Commercial
Here's Nick swinging on a vine (Real Video).
Kevin's Millennium commercial
Here's Kevin driving a jeep through Eygpt (Real Video).
Brian's Millennium Commercial
Here's Brian covered in mud (Real Video).
Howie's Millennium Commercial
Here's Howie running with the bulls (Real Video).
AJ's Millennium Commercial
Here's AJ at Buckingham Palace (Real Video).
Kevin Talks About "Millennium"
This is Kevin at the "Never Been Kissed" premiere in Los Angeles (Real Video).
Howie and Foxy Brown
Here's Howie talks about recording with Foxy Brown (Real Video).
Milk Ad
Backstreet Boys sport the milk mustache (Real Video).
Writing Songs for "Millennium"
Backstreet Boys talk about writing songs for new album, "Millennium" (Real Video).
Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
A clip of the Boys performing "Everybody" at the New Year's Eve concert (Real Video).
All I Have To Give
Here's the Boys performing "All I Have To Give" at the New Year's Eve concert (Real Video).
As Long As You Love Me
A clip of the Boys performing "As Long As You Love Me" at New Year's Eve concert (Real Video).
I'll Never Break Your Heart
A clip of the Boys performing "I'll Never Break Your Heart" at the New Year's Eve concert (Real Video).
1998 VMA Performance
Here's the Boys performing "Everybody" (Real Video).
Backstreet a capella
Backstreet Boys sing a capella (Quicktime).
Brian's Health
Brian talks about staying healthy for 1998 Summer Tour (Quicktime).
Backstreet Boys On Tour & New Single
Backstreet Boys talk about 1998 Summer Tour and new single (Quicktime).
Backstreet Boys On Inspiration for "Everybody" clip
Backstreet Boys tell what inspired them (Quicktime).
Backstreet Boys Rehearse
Backstreet Boys rehearse for 1998 Summer Tour (Quicktime).
1998 Tour Talk
AJ and Howie talk about the upcoming summer tour (Quicktime).
MTV Live Performance
Backstreet Boys perform a capella version of "I'll Never Break Your Heart" on 1/28/98 (Real Video).
MTV Live Interview
MTV Live on January 28, 1998 (Real Video).
Fan Frenzy
Backstreet Boys talk about Backstreet Mania in the USA (Quicktime).
Backstreet Boys Ready To Come Home
Backstreet Boys talk about coming back to the States (Quicktime).
Backstreet Boys Come To The USA
Backstreet Boys in Manhattan (Quicktime).
Meet The Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys are introduced to America (Real Video).

Music Videos

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely: (Real Video)
Larger Than Life: (Real Video)
I Want It That Way: (Real Video)
All I Have To Give: (Real Video)
I'll Never Break Your Heart: The 1998 Version (Quicktime)
I'll Never Break Your Heart: The 1998 Spanish Version (Quicktime)
Everybody (Backstreet's Back): (Quicktime)
As Long As You Love Me: Not Available. Hopefully, we'll have it soon.
Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart): (Quicktime)
Anywhere For You: (Quicktime)
I'll Never Break Your Heart: The 1996 Version; you can see Kevin's gf, Kristin in this video (Quicktime).
Get Down (You're The One For Me): (Quicktime)
We've Got It Goin' On: The very first video; you can see Brian's ex-gf, Samantha Stonebraker in this one. Oh yeah, and that's her jeep she's washing (Quicktime).

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