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Highlands Ranch High School
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Mr. Sedivy needs student volunteers to maintain and update this new page. If you are computer savvy and have an interest in learning some HTML using the Mac version of Dreamweaver, you can be the webmaster or webmistress for this page.

If you would rather simply be the writer and editor of this page, that would be great, too. Mr. Sedivy wants your Philosophy Club news, insights, links, photos, images, and other appropriate info for this page.

Other students around the world and at Highlands Ranch High School are very interested in the activities of the HRHS Philosophy Club.

Show your school spirit and your pride in the Highlands Ranch community by being a volunteer. Thanks in advance.

Happy Trails,
Mr. Sedivy

Student volunteers are needed to maintain and update this page.
Please see Mr. Sedivy to sign up.

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