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The Max Fenig Shrine And Museum

Welcome to a special page paying tribute to the uniquely inspired Max Fenig. We were first introduced to Max in the X-Files episode " Fallen Angel ". I was immediately fascinated with the character, whom Scully later described as " simple in his creature comforts and willing to allow for the complexity of his passions. " I imagine Max as a very educated person, though his intelligence was frequently overlooked by the general public. Those who didn't know him well saw him as an outcast - a schizophrenic living in a trailer full of God-knows-what; occasionally disappearing and returning with unbelievable stories of EBE's and alien technology. However, Max was so enthusiastic and driven that his ostracism hardly seemed to bother him. Max returned to the X-Files in " Tempus Fugit " and " Max " ; though sadly, he was a fatality of Flight 549's crash. He was willing to take great risk to expose the information he had learned; and ultimately he died for it.

During the weeks that followed these episodes; because of my frequent eulogizing of Max, my fellow FMU Consortium members appointed me Curator of the Max Fenig Shrine And Museum. At last it finally exists, here on the web! So what if it's kind of small and simple...Max would have wanted it that way. ufo

Visit The Museum!

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