Previously known as "OsmondWatching Central" over on Angelfire!

This particular site has been online since March 18, 1999!


This site is a dedication to the Osmond Family, a group of people I admire very much. It contains all the information I have on them, some pictures (see below for how you can help me add to my photogallery!) and a messageboard, along with some non-Osmond things that I felt like including. All the latest news will be listed on this page and then moved to the page about the corresponding Osmond at a later date.

MARCH 3, 2000: I just learned on the official Osmond News Page that Douglas Osmond is engaged to be married! His intended is Tiffany Moore. They have known each other for seven years, as their families are friends. They will be married this May. More details to come when I get the information! CONGRATULATIONS DOUG AND TIFF!

FEBRUARY 18, 2000: I just found out that on February 16, 2000, at shortly after 9:00 a.m., Jimmy and Michelle Osmond became parents for the third time! Their second son, named Arthur Wyatt, weighed in at 8 lbs. 1 oz, and was 19 inches long! Both Michelle and Arthur are doing fine, and Jimmy and big siblings Sophia and Zachary are thrilled! CONGRATULATIONS!

*****Much thanks to Chris Hill and everyone at the Osmond.com homepage for letting me use some of the pictures that are on this site...I really appreciate it a lot!*****

PICTURES NEEDED: If you've got some spare Osmond pictures lying around and don't mind me borrowing them (and like the ones I was allowed to borrow from Osmond.com, I will give you total credit for any pics you give me), please email me. I have started a photogallery of pics that other fans have taken, but I need your help to finish it! Thanks!

Comments can be emailed HERE. I look forward to hearing from you! Please note that if you write to that address, you are writing to me, not to someone in contact with the Osmonds. Unfortunately, I am unable to forward any letters to them, so it would be better if you sent your letters to the official site, or left messages for them on their guestbooks.

Below I've got all my Osmond pages linked, as well as a couple other non-Osmond pages, and the messageboard. Any updates I make will be posted right here so you'll know what I'm doing with the site!



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