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What is a cell church?
Why make cells the focus of your church?
What do you do with the children?

What is a cell church?

A cell church is a church where the main focus of ministry happens in small groups called cells. Unchurched friends are invited to the cell. Most of the teaching happens in cell. Relationships are built in the cell which allow people to hold each other accountable and encourage spiritual growth.

Each cell in a cell church is a church all its own. On Sundays the cells gather for large group worship, but the worship time is just a time of collective worship, not the main focus of the church.

Why make cells the main focus of the church?

The generations coming up have known more broken relationships than any other generations in the history of the world. They need the solid relationships that cells offer before they will trust us enough to listen to what we have to say about God.

In addition, the current young adult generation has lost faith in institutions of any kind. They don't believe the public school system is working, they don't trust our government, and they don't believe the institutional church is relevant to their lives. They will, however, respond to a non-traditional model of church that focuses on relationships.

Also, if you read the book of Acts you will find that this is the way the early church built the church. Acts 2.46-47 says that the early church met in homes and large gatherings. Philemon 1.2 clearly states that a group that met in a home was considered a church.

What do you do with the children while the cell meeting is going on?

We have them join in the group. The children will of course play and talk together, but we also have them take part in the discussion. The scripture is read and the children are asked the first discussion questions.

This does several things. First, we teach our children. Teaching our children about God is not the responsibility of the Sunday School teacher, it is our responsibility.

A great bonus is that parents who don't normally teach their children about biblical things see other Christian parents modeling the Christian training of their children. These are often good Christians who know they need to be teaching their kids about God, but feel weird about how to start.

Another thing this does is gives guests a non-threatening arena in which they can have basic questions about Christianity answered without feeling ignorant. We live in a society where many people know absolutely nothing about Christianity. In the past even unchurched people knew that Jesus died on a cross to pay for the sins of the world. Now we can't assume that people know anything about God.

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