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    The '70s...

The 1970s was a particular fruitful and exciting time for student radio at RMIT. Stereo FM broadcasting was in its infancy, and by the mid 1970s new licences were being granted to 'community stations'. Campus broadcasting at RMIT continued, with the studios being located in either building 18 or 20. There is some confusion as to where they were located, and it is possible this may have changed buildings during the 1970s. Neither of these buildings exist now. They have been replaced by 'Building 16' which is the Storey Hall function rooms.

In the early 1970s 3ST forged a stronger relationship with other campus stations in Melbourne. It also continued the tradition of providing campus radio, broadcasting mainly to the cafe.

In 1975 3ST participated in an ACRN (Austrlian Campus Radio Network) conference which took place at the National University in Canberra in May 1975. During this same year the station also applied to the Broadcasting Control Board for a restricted Commercial AM licence. This application was done under the name of the SRNA, with 3ST, 3CT, 3Mu and newly formed 3SW (Swinburne Uni). The application was unsuccessful (the licence went to 3CR), but their efforts helped in future hearings, particularly when RMIT applied and recieved an experimental educational FM licence later that year.

3RMT (now known as Triple R) was born from the licence obtained by RMIT,  which was initially only granted for a 12 month period. This  licence was one of twelve handed out to tertiary institutions around Australia by the Federal Government.  The licence was not given to 3ST (which is strange considering the work done by the station) or the STudent Union, but rather to the administration. Control of 3RMT came under the University Council, and it eventually used one of 3ST's studios until it left campus sometime in  1979. 

By this time a rift had formed between 3ST and 3RMT. Disagreements over programming and use of facilities forced 3RMT to make a move to Cardigan Street in Carlton. During its time on camous the stations had been running in tandem. 3ST would campus broadcast, while 3RMT would do Melbourne wide FM transmitting. Students at RMIT became involved in both stations and continued to do so even when 3RMT moved off campus.  3ST may have also done test broadcasts in the very late 1970s while Steve Aujard was Station Manager, but details are sketchy. 

John Maizels was the technical manager of 3ST from 1973 and was involved in 3CT (Caulfield Tech) and 3MU (Monash University). He has supplied me with articles from the Herald Sun and The Age from 1975 which talk about 3ST's actions and broadcasts.  Of particular interest is a picture of John doing a broadcast in a lift of Building 12, taken from The Austrlian POST, September 1973.

Much of the information for this section has come courtesy of John Maizel, Steve Aujard and Geoff King. Phoebe Thornley also sent me a copy of the 'Radio Newsletter', Number 1, June 1976. The newsletter was circulated by the Australian Union of Students and the Australian Campus Radio Association.  I have used some of the information contained in the "3ST: 1975 Report" article written (i think) by Danny Masel on page 13.. 

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