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This site has recently been updated, there are many new01.gif (1433 bytes)facts available.


new01.gif (1433 bytes) IMPORTANT UPDATE --The date for the Assembly Consumer Protection Committee Hearing has been changed from Tuesday June 16th to Tuesday June 23rd!!

To verify date & time of hearing please contact Kyla at Senator Haynes office (916) 445-9781.

SB-288, legislation which will eliminate the oral exam and prohibit the BBS from substituting a "California" written
exam for the current, nationally-recognized AASSWB written exam, will be heard in the Assembly Consumer
Protection Committee on Tuesday, June 23rd at 9:00 a.m.

SB-288 has been held hostage in this committee by its chair, Susan Davis, since July 8, 1997. Therefore, it is
CRITICAL that SB-288 be passed out of this committee on June 23rd! If SB-288 is not passed, it WILL be dead
and we will be unable to initiate new legislation until next year.

If passed through the Assembly Consumer Protection Committee, SB-288 will then go on to the Assembly Health
Committee, Assembly Appropriations Committee, and a vote of the full Assembly no later than August 30th. It will
then go to Governor Wilson for signature no later than September 30th and will take effect January 1, 1999.

NASW-CA  and the CA Society for Clinical Social Work (CSCSW) have launched a massive mobilization effort to defeat SB-288. As has been the case since the introduction of SB-288, because NASW CA hass been unable to justify its opposition to SB-288 with facts and logic, NASW-CA has resorted to a divisive campaign of fear and misinformation pitting LCSWs against MSWs and MSWs against MFCCs. NASW-CA has been appealing to the fears of LCSWs by telling them they will lose their jobs and experience a decrease in income should SB-288 pass. NASW-CA has been appealing to the fears of MSWs by telling them LCSWs will not be "as good" as MFCCs if the oral exam is eliminated. There is absolutely NO evidence to support these claims and nothing of this sort has occurred in the other 49 states which do not require an oral examination for social workers. NASW-CA's "unholy alliance" with the BBS is disheartening for California social workers who expect our professional organization to represent ALL social workers -- not just those who are licensed or have a vested interest in maintaining the oral exam.

Therefore, we must do all we can to counteract NASW-CA's efforts and get SB-288 passed! If YOU do nothing, you can rest assured that NASW-CA and CSCSW will do all that they can to defeat SB-288. Network members must make their voices heard. WE HAVE ALL WORKED TOO HARD TO LOSE THE BATTLE NOW!

This is what YOU need to do NO LATER THAN JUNE 16TH:

1. Write/fax/E-Mail/phone the members of the Assembly Consumer Protection Committee and the Assembly
Health Committee.

Tell them you support SB-288 and ask them to vote likewise when it is heard in their respective committees.
A listing of the Committee members is attached as well as a sample letter.

2. It is critical that you make a PERSONAL VISIT to the committee members if you are a constituent and
provide them with information on SB-288.  Please review Talking Points with Legislators.   Feel free to refer legislators to The Network for informational materials.

3. If you are a member of NASW or CSCSW , be sure to mention this in your interactions with legislators. Let them know that NASW-CA and CSCSW do NOT represent or speak for you on SB-288.

4. Plan to ATTEND the Assembly Consumer Protection Committee hearing on Tuesday, June 23rd at 9:00
a.m. in Room 447 at the State Capitol. Network members will meet in Senator Haynes' office (Room
4082) at 8:30 a.m. and proceed to the hearing room as a group. If you plan to attend, contact The Network
or Senator Haynes' office (916) 445-9781 one week prior to the hearing to confirm that the hearing date/time
has not been changed.

5. Please make a FINANCIAL DONATION to The Network. We are a grassroots organization and depend
on your financial support to be able to continue our efforts on your behalf. (Heartfelt thanks to those of you
who have already contributed.)

6. Join The Network and spread the word to others! Look for our 1/4-page ad in the June issue of the



For the most accurate, up-to-date information on SB-288,
contact The Network at:

The Network
Camille DiRienzo-Callahan, LCSW
42300 Acacia Ave., Hemet, CA, 92544-5082
Phone: (909) 927-2871/FAX: (909) 927-8644/E-Mail:
Any contacts you have with The Network -- phone calls, letters, donations, etc. -- are strictly CONFIDENTIAL.




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