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Now that you have stopped by my page, why don't you get to know me a bit!
So let me see what I can tell you about myself.

bullet First there is my husband, Kannan.
bullet Then, there is a Personal Page with all you need to know about me.
bullet There is Our Families, who live in India.
bullet Then there is my Wedding Album to peek into.
bullet Next there is My Recipe Collection.
bullet Our life would be dull without friends. This page has been specially put up for all of Our Wonderful Friends.
bullet There are a few Web-rings that we are assosciated with & there is an award or two that I have won, and you can check them out too on our Web-Rings and Awards pages.
bullet There were a few guests to my homepage and they had left their mark in my guestbook. But since it was taking too long a time to load, I have moved the entries here.
bullet Finally, tell me what you think about these pages! Do sign my Guest Book or send me an Email.

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