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The facts and stats of the Digimon team, are all here. Whether you want to know their personalities, powers, attacks, attributes or appearances; it's all here. Just click on a name, to go read up on them.

Tai & Agumon

Sora & Biyomon

Matt & Gabumon

Joe & Gomamon

Izzy & Tentomon

T.K. & Patamon

Mimi & Palmon

Kari & Gatomon

More Pictures of Your Digi-Champions!

Taichi Kamiya

Taichi or Tai, as he prefers to be called; is the leader of the group. Though he is young, he takes on the task of leading the group into one adventure after the next. He thought it would be an easy task. He soon realizes empathy and compassion are important in leading a team and taking care of a Digimon. Tai is a smart athletic kid. The day that he came into the DiGimon World, he befriends the cute Koromon. From then on, the two become inseperable great friends.

***Digimon partner: Botamon, Koromon, Agumon, Greymon, METAL GREYMON!
Soon after befriending Tai, Koromon digi-volves into Agumon. Agumon follows Tai and learns with him the lessons of leadership. Agumon's appearance is an orange T-Rex dinosaur. Agumon's power is fire, which blasts from his powerful jaws.

Crest symbol: A Sun
Crest Meaning:Courage

Sora Takenouchi

Sora is the older sister for the group. She is responsible and brave and keeps an eye out for everyone. Sora is very protective and compassionate. When she entered the Digimon world, she befriended Yokomon.

***Digimon partner: Nyokimon, Yokomon, Piyomon (Biyomon), Birdraman, Garudamon

Yokomon digi-volves into Biyomon, to help save Sora and the others. Biyomon and the other Digimon use their new powers to scare off the big beetle-like Digimon. Biyomon tries to calm Sora and tries to get her to lighten up. Biyomon helps Sora to not take everything so seriously. Biyomon's appearance is like a pink parrot-like bird, with the power of wind. She has a close resemblance to Squaresoft's Chocobo.

Crest Symbol: A heart with a circle and a dot inside it on the right side.
Crest Meaning:Love

Yamato Ishida

He prefers to be called Matt. He seems cool at times, but he really does care about his little brother TK. In reality, Matt is very introspective and sensitive. He tries to hide it, hoping nobody notices. Being the rebel, Matt doesn't follow Tai's leadership. Being on his own for so long, makes him reject all guidance. Surprisingly, Matt finds a good friend in Tsunomon; his Digimon partner. Matt also has a younger brother in the team, his name is Takeru or T.K. They are half brothers.

***Digimon partner: Punimon, Tsunomon, Gabumon, Garurumon, WEREGARURUMON!
Matt's Digimon is Tsunomon, when Matt first comes to the Digimon World. Tsunomon digi-volves into Gabumon, and use his attack "Blue Wave" to fend off enemies. Gabumon is somewhat like Matt, quiet and introspective. Gabumon is there as a friend, protector and as a mentor for Matt.

Crest Symbol: Two sections and a circle around them with points with curvy edges.
Crest Meaning:Friendship

Joe Kido

Joe can be found constantly whining and reasoning with the group. He worries over EVERYTHING! Joe is always nervous and easily frightened. He has difficulty making decisions, because he analyzes things too much. He over-exaggerates and asks a lot of questions. Surprisingly, he 'befriends' a Digimon that's outgoing and nothing like him.

***Digimon partner: Pitchmon, Bukamon, Gomamon , Ikkakumon, ZUDOMON!

Bukamon is Joe's Digimon. Bukamon digi-volves into Gomamon. Gomamon likes to hang around in water and has the power of talking to fishes. Gomamon tries to help Joe loosen up, and not worry so much. He tells Joe to make the best of all situations. Gomamon believes that the value of life is in friendship. Gomamon's appearance is a white Digimon with purple stripes all over his body. He has red hair, going along his back.

Crest Symbol: A cross with slants in the crevices
Crest Meaning:Reliability

Koushiro Izumi

Koushiro or Izzy, is the brains of the group. He brought to camp his laptop computer, cellular phone, pager and lots of high tech gear. Ironically, all of them don't work. Izzy, spends a lot of time figuring things out (like why they are there? What are those miniture contraptions they received? etc.); that he sometimes misses out on a lot. Izzy befriends a Motimon, a Digimon.

***Digimon partner: Pabumon, Motimon, Tentomon, Kabuterimon, MEGAKABUTERIMON!
Motimon befriends Izzy, when Izzy first stumbles into the Digimon World. To save the group Motimon digi-volves, with the other Digimons; into Tentomon. He is there to help Izzy stay focused. Tentomon is there to put everything into perspective. Tentomon is a lot like Izzy, he is an intelligent Digimon; full of information. Tentomon's appearance is like a beetle, with the colors of a lady bug, red and white. Tentomon can fly with his propellor like wings. Tentomon's attack is Super Shocker, which shoots sparks of electricity out of it's body.

Crest Symbol: A circle with two other circles inside it connecting to a circle with a circle inside it
Element: Electricity
Crest Meaning: Knowledge

Takeru Takaishi

Takeru or T.K. as he likes; is Matt's younger brother. He has a gentle and sweet nature. Definitely the opposite of his brother, who has a cold attitude. TK is the innocent young boy in the team. TK, usually gets into a lot of trouble, trying to impress his brother. TK must be brave in the Digimon World and face life-threatening events, the whole team must. TK befriends Tokomon, when he arrives in the Digimon World.

***Digimon partner: Poyomon, Tokomon, Patamon , ANGEMON

Tokomon digi-volves into Patamon, a cute little Digimon. Patamon is TK's Digimon and playmate. Patamon, gives TK encouragement and nurtures him as a parent. Patamon's appearance is very cute. He is a small pillow-like Digimon with big shiny green eyes; Patamon can also fly (just a few centimetres though...) with his orange bat-like wings where his ears should be.

Holy Angemon
Crest Symbol: A minature sun with a cape covering the bottom
Crest Meaning:Hope

Mimi Tachikawa

Mimi is the overlooking and forgetful girl in the group. She is always absorbed in fashion and her personal look and health. In other words, she is self-centered. When she isn't talking about herself, she is actually a nice girl. Mimi surprises everyone, when asked what was in her bags she carried. She answered, "hmmm, let's see....couple of matches, a flashlight, a compass...." Tai humorously says "wow, you brought all that? I thought it would be make-up and clothes...." Mimi befriends, Tanemon when she enters the Digimon World.

***Digimon partner: Yuramon, Tanemon, Palmon, Togemon, LILYMON

Tanemon digi-volves into the plant-like Palmon. Palmon shows and teaches Mimi the importance of caring for others. Palmon draws Mimi out of her self- centeredness. Palmon is a green, plant-like Digimon with a flower on top of her head. Palmon can extend her arms and hands to grab hold of things. Palmon's attack is 'Poisin Ivy', which makes her arms extend into vine-like whips to restrain the enemy.

Crest Symbol: A teardrop with a two circles inside
Crest Meaning: Sincerity

Kari & Gatomon

Kari is Tai's younger sister. Sweet and innocent, she helps Tai hide Agumon from their parents, when Tai and the rest of the Digi-destined come back home. Kari is the Eighth Child. Her DigiVice was accidently lost by Meeko, Kari's cat. Kari's crest is the Crest of Light, in Japanese her full name is Hikari which means Light. Kari hates to see others suffer and once volunteered to be captured so her friends won't be hurt.

***Digimon partner: Protomon, Nyaromon, Salamon, Gatomon, ANGEWOMON

Gatomon is Kari's digimon. Her sharp claw 'glove-like' paws come in useful. Cunning and vengeful, Gatomon was an evil digimon, one of Myotismon's hench'digimon'. Gatomon is at her Champion stage already and her Ultimate stage is Angewomon. Gatomon's attack is Lightning claw, where she lunges at her enemies and scratch at them.

Angewomon is Gatomon's Ultimate digivolution. Angewomon's attack is Celestrial Arrow, where she lowers her left arm. The wings in her glove extends to form a bow and she brings an arrow down and shoots at her enemy. She can also charge her arrow with the energies of other. She raises both her arms high up and call out..."Heaven's Charge!" Where a ring of light forms, the other Digimon aim their attacks there and charge the ring up which eventually becomes Angewomon's arrow.

Crest Symbol: A circle with 8 spikes around it
Crest Meaning: Light

Thank You Izzy, for submitting this brief but detailed information of all the characters!

Hope you liked it. It was fun writing about the characters of Digimon. As you can see, these seven kids befriended seven different Digimon that reflects them and can also help them. All the Digimon can talk, so they can communicate to everyone. Can the fourteen friends help each other out and find a way to get home and also learn something out of their adventure??? You can see them in the television series on FOXKIDS Mondays to Fridays at 4:30pm and Saturdays at 8:00 & 10:00am, in British Columbia, Canada. YTV at 4:30 in BC, Canada.

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