Rufusized (1974)

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Track Listing:

Side One Once You Get Started [T.Maiden/G.Christopher] 4:29 Somebody's Watching You [T.Maiden/C.Khan/B.Watson] 3:14 Pack'd My Bags [T.Maiden/C.Khan] 5:05 Your Smile [Lomi Washburn] 3:23 Rufusized [C.Khan/T.Maiden/B.Watson/K.Murphy/A.Fischer] 3:16 Side Two I'm A Woman (I'm A Backbone) [Lomi Washburn] 3:18 Right Is Right [T.Maiden/K.Murphy/C.Khan] 3:16 Half Moon [Jay Hall] 3:14 Please Pardon Me (You Remind Me Of A Friend) [Brenda Gordon/Brian Russell] 3:02 Stop On by [Bobby Womack/Pete Thomas] 4:52


Rufus: Chaka Khan: Lead vocals, Background vocals Tony Maiden: Lead guitar, Background vocals Kevin Murphy: Organ, Clavinette, Background vocals, Acostic piano, Arp Synthesizer Bobby Watson: Bass, Background vocals André Fischer: drums, percussion Produced by Bob Monaco Arrangements by Rufus Strings and horns arranged by Clare Fisher, Kevin Murphy Concertmaster: Gerald Vinci Recorded and Remixed at The Record Plant, Los Angeles, Calif. Engineers: Gery Olazabal, Austin Godsey, Mike Braunstein Mastered at ABC Recording Studios, Los Angeles, Calif. Design: Earl Klasky Photography: Norman Seeff Management and Direction: Robert Ellis & Associates, Hollywood, Calif.


CD: MCAD 10236 (MCAD 10236 2D 1L MFD BY JVC) ©1974 MCA Records, Inc., Universal City, CA 91608 Manufactured in U.S.A. Vinyl: ABCD-837 Side 1 (T ABCD-837-A 4 >) Side 2 (TI ABCD-837-B 4) ©1974, ABC Records, Inc., Los Angeles, California 90048 New York, New York 10019 Printed in U.S.A All song published by American Broadcasting Music, Inc. (ASCAP) except: (side one; song one) American Broadcasting Music, Inc./Sufur Music (ASCAP) (side one; song four & side two; song one) Sufur Music (ASCAP) (side two; song three) Open End Pupblishing (BMI) (side two; song four) Kengorus/Palladium Music (ASCAP) (side two; song five) Unart Music/B.Womack Publishing (BMI) Type: CD & Vinyl/LP

Liner Notes:

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Editorial Notes:

A really great album. It has the same sound as the "
Rags To Rufus"-album, and at least as good. Althoght both albums was released the same year, there's only three members (including Chaka Khan) from the "Rags To..."-album on this one. Three left and two new came. "Please Pardon Me..." really shows that they're able to make masterpieces. "Stop On by" was a singel. Other Rufus albums: Rufus '73 Rags To Rufus '74 Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan '75 Ask Rufus '77 Street Player '78 Numbers '79 Masterjam '79 Party 'Til You're Broke '81 Camouflage '81
I am a species born to die Understanding this I hardly cry Going up and out I marry you I be your kids and be your mama too Cause I'm a woman and I'm a backbone - Rufus, "I'm A Woman (I'm A Backbone)" Go to the Funky Discography or to the Main Page.

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