Yeah, I'll admit it. Just like everybody else and their SCURKin' grandmother, I dream of simming Manhattan. And to sim Manhattan, you've got to have a Manhattan tileset. And if you're a SCURK fanatic like me, drawing the beautiful skyscrapers of that fabled isle is more fun than the actual city building (although I'm working on that too...). A few of the buildings on this tileset are completely made up, although in the style of Manhattan, and one is even from Brooklyn (sacrilege!), but for the most part, every building you see here really exists in Manhattan! Nevertheless, since it's impossible to model NYC exactly in SimCity, I'm calling this my "Gotham Set."

By now, I dont' have to tell you how much I rely on my fellow SCURK artists when I'm making a tileset... This one is almost complete (all tiles orignal, including power, construction, etc.), but I couldn't have done it without using other folk's tiles. This set is mostly images that I "borrowed"  and then touched up, re-scaled, and/or modified. With very few exceptions, every tile has a little "touch" of my own, but I still think of them as other people's creations. Kudos to Steve McGlenn, Justin Smith, Charles Warren and everybody else I stole from!

Soon, I plan to put all the tiles on this page, with a brief explanation of each and who/were I stole it from if I can remember. If I say it's Steve's, then it's Steve McGlenns tile. If I am wrong and you feel offended, please e-mail me! I placed tiles in the finished tileset mostly by size, not function, so there are plenty of commercial buildings in the residential tiiles, etc. Also I used all the tiles, including construction, military, rubble, etc. If you are creating a city with the Place/Print function of SCURK, then it works out fine, Otherwise, you may want to edit the tileset.

For now I have two screenshots of my (almost complete) Gotham City, made with my (almost complete) Gotham tileset. The city includes all the neccesities like the the entrances to the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels (although the tunnels do not actually go under the Hudson!), Central and Prospect Parks, Greenwich and Times Squares, Columbus Circle, and the Brooklyn Bridge. I tried to place all the "famous" buildings as close to where they belong (at least in relationship to one another) as possible. I left a big empty park space in place of the Musuem of natural History, Lincoln Center and a good part of the WorldWide Plaza development, all of which I plan to model further. As for the outlying boroughs and New Jersey cities, I just tried to fill in the space with a good-looking urban fabric, has nothing to do with reality (so please don't get insulted if you are a Brooklinite).

Downloads are at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


DOWNLOAD GOTHAM TILESET (zipped): For Windoze: DOS: coming soon!
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