OK, so you can talk the talk and you can walk the walk..but can you SCURK the SCURK?

Every once in a while, I'm going to post an image here and invite you to try and SCURK it - just for fun. Please mail your drawing to me and I'll post all entries here at my geocities site (with proper credit to you, of course, and you retain full rights, etc. etc. if you have any copyright-type questions). I'll give it a try also and let's see what we come up with.... If there's enough interest/participation we can vote for the best version and cover the winner with SCURK glory, laurel-wreathes, and a trip to DisneyWorld.

If you want to submit a building of your own to "SCURK this!," go ahead. :) Tell me what you find interesting about the building and I'll post it with your name and comments.

Well, response to this page has been underwhelming, to put it mildly, but I'm proud to see that it has spawned a number of imitators (plaigerism is the sincerest form of flattery). Lee Sojot and Chris DeWolf both have thriving SCURK'em pages, if you e-mail me I'll dig up the URLs.

For April '97, I posted a picture of a housing project (council house) in Singapore, what with the pagoda-like top and tribal-longhouse stilts on the bottom, it kind of reminds me of a Far-Eastern version of Post-Modernism - wouldn't Robert Venturi be proud! or sick to his stomach.... ;-) So far no-one has SCURKed it, not even me, but I still have hopes.

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