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This page is a collection of "works in progress" - odd bits of buildings, pcx images that I am working from or on, finished buildings waiting for me to make a nice base (I hate drawing base tiles!) or for some other buildings to join them on a tile. For the future maybe I'll organize these bits and pieces, or maybe not.

New Bitz:

These are more bits and pieces for Sampa, I SCURKed them over the summer:

If you'd like to download these buildings as one big pcx file, ->DOWNLOAD HERE<-

OK, I'm probably crazy, but in addition to everything else that I'm starting and not finishing SCURKwise (imagine what the rest of my life is like...), I've started SCURKing some German/Northern European buildings. Here's the begining of a 4x4 tile of the Frankfurt Fair (Messe), which is made up of the MesseTurm (Europe's highest office building) and several Exhibit halls, of which I've modeled the MesseHalle:
I started with these bits and pieces...the tower itself was "stolen" from another tile, kudos to the original artist.  The roof of the Halle was also "stolen" then stretched, re-colored, re-shaded, etc.. Here's what I wound up with, notice I stretched the tower and modified it's windows extensively. I'm still working on the roof of the Halle... Check out the finished tile in my new Wurstburg tileset.

These were new in August sometime...
If you'd like to download these buildings as one big pcx file, ->DOWNLOAD HERE<-

I've taken all the bit's and pieces that are spread all over this page (and some new ones) and put them together on one .pcx image that you can import into SCURK for DOS.   ->DOWNLOAD HERE<-  I use DOS SCURK to do my pixel-pushing (along with some PSP), so you'll have to translate the .pcx to .gif or .bmp or whatever if you are using a different SCURK. Also, the .pcx image was originally too large to fit in SCURK's import function (import would only see half the image or so on the import screen)...I forget if I fixed the problem, I think so, but if not, give me a yell.  Enjoy!

Drew some more apartment buildings over the weekend, they're down in my bit's o' about three tiles "in the works," but NO TIME®. In case your wondering, my building fragments take me about 1/2 hour to 1 hour to do, complete tiles are much harder because I have to squeeze buldings onto a tile-base, fix up the shadowing, and draw the base landscaping (argh!).

NO TIME is a registered trademark of Excuses "R" Us, Inc. (hereafter ERU). This flimsy excuse maybe used for a trial period of 30 days, after which the pathetic user (hereafter luser) must either a) pay ERU any and all applicable license fees or b) get off his/her lazy butt.  

Another fragment of a jpg....     ....and another fragment of a tile...     ....I drew this one because I liked the colors and I need some more big, slab-like buildings. I actually drew this building from a post-card, which showed the neat yellow floors pretty well, put I don't have it scanned - only this washed-out jpg.  

Here I go again - this is a block of low-rise, low-rent, commercial-type buildings on the outskirts of Sampa's downtown.... far, I have this...     ....this small stuff is tough to draw! The perspective on the back of the roofs is pretty bad, but hopefully it'll look better once I draw some more buildings onto the tile..... we go, I added some trees, but basically it's the same buildings as the image up above. And here's the other end of the block....    These two tiles were made using a lot of photo touch-up techniques, might be good material for a "how-to" page one day... 

I'm working on making some small-sized lower-class apartment buildings - here's the image that I started with.....     ...and here's the two buildings that I wound up with....      
After cleaning things up, detailing, and somehow jamming the two buildings on a 2x2 base, here's what I got:     I kept (most) of my intermediate steps on disk (somewhere), if there's any intereest in (yet another) SCURK graphics tips page, I'll post the steps - e-mail me if you're interested.  

  This is just an architectural "toy" - a building growing bigger and bigger - I just wanted to see if I could draw it 

These are all the bit's o' buildings I've got...

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