SCURK is fun, that's what it is! Here is Maxis' definition, seems to cover all the bases:

The SimCity 2000 Urban Renewal Kit - a.k.a. SCURK- is the ultimate utility for the ultimate city simulator.  Building and editing cities and terrain for your Sims was only the beginning.  Now you can:

Build a SimCity 2000 city from scratch, or modify any pre-built city your way, without any money,  population time or developmental constraints.  Put buildings, roads, subways... you name it...anywhere, any time, for any reason.

Enhance, modify, and otherwise embellish the original SimCity 2000 artwork, and even design your own.

Mix and match the original SimCity 2000 buildings with your own art to create custom object sets that you can load into SimCity 2000.

Print out your city in any of three sizes, above or below grown, and showing (or not) any layers you choose.

SCURK is an add-on to SimCity 2000.  It wont install or work if you don't have SimCity 2000.  You'll have a lot more fun with SCURK if you are already familiar with SimCity, so if your not familiar, get off-line and go play!  Once you have a feel for the game, you'll have a better feel for designing buildings and cities for SCURK.

Page 1 of the SCURK User's Manual
Manual copyright 1994, Maxis, Inc.
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 P.S. I do not - repeat NOT give SCURK out for free! Sorry about the ranting, but about 1/2 of my e-mail is mis-guided requests for pirated SCURK. Go out and buy it, JEEZ!