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I kissed his neck,
Slowly running my tongue along,
Then sinking my teeth in.
The blood comes,
It flows evenly,
Tantalizing my senses.
My intention is to kill.
To suck out all his life,
For purely my own
Arousel and gratification.
But as I saw the
Horror mixed with
Pleasure in his eyes,
I knew that he was
Forever to be my Dark Knight.
I was quite scared,
Never had I turned a man
Into one of my own kind,
For my own pleasure,
And ultimate lust.
Thinking fast,
Before draining him completely,
I decided he must be mine.
I took my teeth away,
Deeply looking into his eyes,
Passionately kissing him,
Letting him know,
That he wasn't going to die.
I kissed his neck once more,
Cleaning away the blood
With my tongue.
I knew that if he wasn't made into a vampyre soon,
That surely he would die.
I quickly slashed my wrist,
Telling him to drink of me quickly,
Yet only for a moment.
He looked at me in amazement,
"Am I going to be like you?" he asked.
"Yes, my love, drink quickly now,
Or surely you will die." I replied gently.
He drank of me then.
All too hungrily,
And all but too long.
I stopped him after a moment.
"You have had enough,
My love, you and I shall be one" I said.
"To be with you,
T'would be great bliss." He answered.
And I knew then that he was mine.
I kissed him again.
Wrapping my tongue around him.
Then I held him in my embrace.
There he fell asleep.
And for the first time in centuries,
I was happy once more.


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1991 plus lost souls have wandered through this gateway since October 29, 1997.

September 4, 1999: The last time I worked my magic on this lair . . .

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