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327th Glidermen prior to Market-Garden

The 101st Timeline Living History Society (or 101st TLHS) is set up a little differently than the typical reenactment group. Our mission isnt to honor any one particular unit or time period, but to honor the proud tradition of the 101st Airborne from its inception in World War Two right up to today. We hope that, as we grow and more members join, to be able to display our own time-line at an event, showcasing different units from different time periods all in one display.

Our organization wont be attending tacticals or battle demonstrations as a unit. Our primary interest lies in living history demonstrations, camp scenarios, or attending events that honor our veterans. We wont have any rank structure to our unit either; members are free to choose, within reason, any impression they so desire as long as its a unit that served with the 101st Airborne. All we ask from our members is this whatever impression you choose, do the research and know your stuff.

Ike talks to 101st paratroopers before D-Day

Multiple impressions are encouraged. Right now, the founding members of the 101st TLHS do impressions as World War Two Glidermen, and 101st units in Vietnam. We would eventually like to expand that to include the 101st during Desert Storm. We also belong to other reenacting groups with which we attend tacticals, and we encourage all our members to do likewise.

Members are welcome from any part of the United States, and we extend a welcome to the fine reenactors in Europe and other parts of the world. We wont set a schedule of events that our members will be required to attend. There will be a list of events on this web page, sent in by our members, at which there will be a 101st TLHS presence. However, for certain special events, like the Week of Eagles at Ft. Campbell, or similar high-profile events, we will encourage as many members as possible to attend.

101st soldiers in Desert Storm

So what is the point of belonging to a group that sets no schedule, has no rank structure, and doesnt require members to attend the events dictated to them? The 101st TLHS is a gathering place for serious history-minded reenactors, who enjoy knowing the history behind the units they have chosen to represent. People who want to share their interest in the 101st Airborne with like-minded individuals are encouraged to join, "egomanders" and "John Wayne" types can look elsewhere for your fun. In many ways, the 101st TLHS is more like a club, where thoughts, ideas and research can be shared, not only with the members, but with the public at the events we attend as representatives of the 101st TLHS.

One of the major functions of the 101st TLHS will be collecting, and publishing on the web site, the personal accounts of actual 101st Airborne veterans. We will be conducting written and oral interviews with veterans of World War Two, Vietnam, and Desert Storm. This is where having members from other parts of the country will be beneficial, well have access to more veterans that way. We will also encourage, but not require, our members to become associate, of if you have served in the 101st, full-fledged members of the 101st Airborne Association. They publish a bi-monthly newsletter that is well worth the cost of joining.

So, if any of this sounds interesting to you, or you would like to learn more about the 101st TLHS, please contact Dave at dave101tlhs@yahoo.com or Gary at glidertrooper@grics.net. We look forward to hearing from you!


2003 Schedule of Events
June 14-15
Muster on the Maumee Timeline Event
Ft. Meigs, Perrysburg, OH
July 4-5
AAHF Skysoldier Demonstration at Freedom Festival Airshow
Mansfield, OH
August 22-23
Airshow and Living History Display
Indiana Aviation Museum
Valparaiso, IN
September 13-14
Grand Rogue Living History Encampment
Grand Rapids, MI
September 26-28
September Fest Timeline Event
Ortonville, MI

Page updated: 7 June 2003