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Links to suppliers, reenacting units, and further historical information on the 101st


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101st Airborne History Sites
327th Infantry Regiment Vietnam Veterans - Stories of the men who served with the 327th in Vietnam.
Trigger Time - Author and historian extraordinaire Mark Bando's 101st Airborne site.
101st Airborne Division Association - Screaming Eagles Veteran website.
They Called Us Currahees - 3rd Battalion, 506th Infantry Vietnam.
Fort Campbell, Kentucky - Home of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
101st Glider Riders Home Page - Stories from the 101st W.W.II Glidermen.
Wild Bill - Official site for Wild Bill, E Co. 506th in W.W.II. As seen in Band of Brothers.
Alpha Troop 2/17th Cavalry - 101st Airborne (Airmobile) Alumni Association
Tiger Force - Honoring the members of Tiger Force Recon 1/101st Airborne.
CURRAHEE! - Homepage for veterans of the 506th Infantry Regiment.
First Strike! - Mike Kelley's unit history, 502nd Infantry Regiment.
North to the Euphrates - The 101st in Desert Shield / Desert Storm.
The First Screaming Eagles in Vietnam - 1st Brigade (Seperate) 101st.
101st Airborne Division Vietnam Veterans - Dedicated to the brotherhood of 101st Vietnam veterans.
C Troop 2nd Squadron 17th Cavalry - Alumni association.
101st Airborne Mad Minute - MSN Group dedicated to the 101st and support groups A Shau 1968-1971. NEW LINK
C/1/506th NEW LINK
Recon-LRRP 3/506th - E/3/506th 1967-1971. NEW LINK
Rakkasan Yearbook 1970 - Scanned yearbook for the 187th Infantry 1970. NEW LINK
An Eagle's Eye View. - Terry Willman's personal account as a crew chief of a 101st Abn Huey in 'Nam. NEW LINK
Screaming Eagle Vietnam Vets - Yahoo message forum for 101st Vietnam vets. NEW LINK
D/1/502nd Infantry - 101st Infantry Division (Airmobile) Vietnam NEW LINK

Vietnam Vet Web Sites
Screaming Eagle - Web site dedicated to honoring Vietnam veterans, created by a veteran of the 326th Combat Engineer Battalion.
Griffin's Lair - Peter Griffin, A/2/502nd 1964-66, C/2/505th 1966-67.
Vietnam 1968 - Tim Lickness, C/2/327th
Smokey Mike - 101st MI Co., 101st Abn.
Tom's True Tales of Vietnam - Ranger LT Tom Carpenter - D/2/327th.
They Called Us Currahees - 3rd Battalion, 506th Infantry.

Gulf War Vets Web Sites
Infantry Leads The Way - Sgt. Roger Ordish, D/2/187th Inf. during Desert Storm, currently A/2/327th.

Suppliers of Original and Reproduction Vietnam Gear 
Corbin's Ordnance Replica's - High quality resin replicas of frag, smoke and Willie Pete grenades!
Moore Militaria - Everything for the Vietnam reenactor.
Mobile-Launch-Site.Com - Original and reproduction gear for the Vietnam reenactor.
PX+ Dog Tags - Excellent quality and service, WWII and later styles available. Tell him Dave from Kalamazoo sent you!
Kabar44 Enterprises - Original WWII and Vietnam gear.
At The Front - Original and reproduction uniforms and equipment for W.W.II.
W.W.II Impressions - High quality supplier of reproduction W.W.II gear.
What Price Glory - Another outstanding supplier of US W.W.II reenacting gear.
Tony Tay - Email link to maker of the finest reproduction WWII 101st Eagle patches on the market today.

Other Links of Interest
The Virtual Wall - An on-line rememberance of the men and women who died in Vietnam.
Army Aviation Heritage Foundation - Flying demonstrations in historic Army aircraft and helicopters.
The Legacy of Valor - Vietnam helicopter images and artifacts. NEW LINK - Home of the United States military history. Source of all the info on our WWII, Vietnam and Desert Storm history pages.
National War Dog Memorial - Help support their cause for dedicating a memorial to these courageous four-legged soldiers.
The WWII Combat Medic - Outstanding site, dedicated to the WWII Army combat medic and Navy Corpsmen.
C-Rations - See what the "grunts" ate during Vietnam.
Military.Com - Connecting you to the benefits of service.
Vietnam Donut Dollies - Red Cross workers during the Vietnam War. - Hundreds of links for all branches, all periods, plus extensive info on all types of patches.
LZ Sally - I Corps Vietnam Vet web site. NEW LINK