April 26, 7pm-9 pm

Show and Tell

Bring in your favorite finds and stones from 2022

We are now meeting at 6032 Highview Drive, Fort Wayne.







 (Jan 28) Postponed to FEB. 25

 Langsdon Mineral Museum, Celina OH

 Mineral ID workshop, fluorescent minerals

 March 5

 Richmond, IN roadcut

 Fossils and show

 April 3-4

 Falls of the Ohio,  KY road cuts


 April 29

 Medora IN

 Geodes, fossils







 February 12

 South Whitley library

 See Ted Schultz Gem collection

 March 5

 Richmond roadcut & show

 Fossils, enjoy Richmond show

 April 30

 Medora, IN


 May 21

 Van trip to GeoFair

 Cincinnati show

 June 25

 Flint Ridge area

 Flint, quartz

 July 16

 Sylvania Quarry, South Rockwood, MI

 Celestite, calcite

 July 24-30

 NC Rockhound Round Up

 Emerald, sapphire, ruby, and more

 August 27

 Salt Creek, IN

 Gold Panning

 Sept. 23-25

 Beacon Mine, Champion MI

 Specular Hematite

 Nov. 12

 South Whitley County Library

 See Schultz Gem Collection




 February 27

 Eichhorn Jewelry Tour

 Behind the scene look at working with gems

 March 6

 Richmond IN


 March 27

 LaFarge Fossil Garden & Sickmiller farm

 Fossils and Indian artifacts

 April 9-11

 Fairy Stone State Park


 May 22

 Medora, IN


 June 6-June 10


 Quartz , diamonds

 June 19

 Sylvania Quarry, South Rockwood MI


 July 24

 Flintridge Area

 Flint, quartz

 August 27-29

 Beacon Mine, Champion MI

 Specular Hematite

 September 18

 Sylvania Fossil Park


 November 6

 Indiana Caverns








 January 25

 Langsdon Mineral collection

 Minerals at night under UV

 February 29

 Lizzadro Museum bus Trip

 See rocks, gems, fossils

 March 7

 Richmond roadcut & show



 Arkansas Trip

 Quartz, wavellite, variscite

 June 13

 Falls of the Ohio State Park

 Walk on fossils, collect minerals and fossils from piles

 July 11

 Strawtown Koteewi Park

 Archeological trip

 July 25

 Sylvania Quarry, South Rockwood, MI

 Celestite, Calcite, Fluorite

 August 26

 Petoskey State Park

 Petoskey & Charlesvoix stones

 September 26

 Flintridge  Ohio

 Flint and quartz

 November 14

 Fox Island County Park

 Geology tour


 JUNIOR PROGRAM     (We meet during the adult business meeting)

 Jan/Feb 2023

History of Gold / gold mining

 Learn about gold thru history


 Uses of Gold

 Junior reports


 Try to pan for gold

 Gold panning




 January 2022

 Mineral special effects

 Double refraction, adularescense, shiller


 More Mineral special effects

Magnetism, opalescence, rainbows in minerals


 More Mineral special effects

 Cat's eye, enhydros, asterism


 More Mineral special effects

 Floating rocks, TV stone


 More Mineral special effects

 Fluorescence, Phosphorence


 More Mineral special effects

 Triboluminescence, flint sparking



 No meeting


 Special effects review and Awards

 Choose next topic to study


 Show displays, gold / goldpanning

 Learn how to make a show display, learn about gold


 Go to Mastodon talk



 Gold and gold panning

 Learn how Fool's Gold compares with real gold




 January 2021

 What is a mineral?

 Virtual lesson


 Crystal systems and ID

  Make isometric xl,, learn clues to mineral ID


 Tetragonal xls, luster

 Make tetragonal model, kinds of luster, growing xls (if time)


 Orthorhombic xls, streak

 Make orthorhomic model, learn about mineral streaking


 Hexagonal xls, hardness

 Make hexagonal model, check hardness of minerals


 Rock tumbling

 Nick Smith teaches how to tumble rocks


 No meeting



 Monoclinic xls & cleavage

 Make monocinic model and break minerals to see cleavage


 Triclinic xls & heft test

 Make triclinic model and do heft test


 Finish Rocks & Mineral patch

 Learn about color in minerals


 Mineral Identification final

 Identify minerals in game format


 Christmas party






Our 62nd Rock, Mineral, Fossil, Jewelry & Lapidary show and sale will be Oct. 20, 21, and 22, 2023  at the Allen County Indiana Fairgrounds.  It will be just east of the Home & Family Arts Building.   Click SHOW to see our show website, which gives more detail.   Friday, Oct. 20,will be School Day (by invitation only), running concurrently with the public show.

For information on any of the above, phone Michele Yamanaka (260) 424-5070 or email her at YamanakaM@cs.com.