4th Infantry Division


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Equipment Suppliers

At The Front

One of the best all around places to obtain gear.  Good quality at good prices.

Bayonet Inc

A good place to get specialist gear.

World War II impressions

Another good all around vendor

The Duffle Bag

Need leggings in a size bigger than 3? The Duffle bag makes them to fit just about anyone.

4th Infantry Division Sites

4th Infantry Division Homepage

Homepage for the 4th ID association.  A good source for info on the Ivy division.  It also has a listing od all 4th ID MOH winners from WWI to present.

4th Infantry War Service

A complete record on the 4th ID service in WWII.  If you want to know anything about the history of the unit, go here.

Divisional Information

Divisional information on the 4th ID in WWII.  More stats than the common person knows what to do with.  If youre looking for technical info on the 4th ID, look here.

Other Reenacting and Research Links

World War II Combat Medic

An outstanding site on the Combat Medic in WWII.  If youve ever been interested in medics in WWII, this is the place to go.

World War II research and Reenacting

 A good all around research site, both for history and reenacting.  Articles are some of the best out there.

World War II Paperwork

Looking to make your own C-rations, K-rations, or any other sort of WWII paper items?  Check here, they probably have a pattern for what youre looking for.