Bromides of Lunar
Bromide Locations

Bromides....definition: a picture of scantily clad woman. Hmm, not much intrest to me, but for you guys out there who need some visual pleasers, you can find bromides throughout the game of Lunar. You just have to look reall well! Watch out! What I say may give out the story so read with your own risk!!


Jessica's Bromide 1: Go to Althena's Shrine, and talk to the girl who thinks Jessica is her sister twice. On the second time, the girl will hand you Jess's Bromide. You can only get this Bromide AFTER Kyle joins your party, but BEFORE you head for the frontier.

Jessica's Bromide 2: This is the toughest bromide to get in the game. You ust go to Lann Island in the boat. But, before you fight Dragonmaster Zoc, go back to Lann village and talk to the guy who you took the boat from. He'll say "If ya still want to use my boat, its ready and waitin'!" That triggered the path to get the bromide! Leave, and after Alex becomes Dragonmaster, but before you go to the Frontier, go to Lann again and talk to the boat dude. He'll give you the bromide after that. =)

Jessica's Bromide 4: After Kyle fights off the demons in Nanza Barrier, go to Kyle's bed, but BEFORE he joins the party. You can easily miss this one so watch out! Search his bed and voila! Jess's bromide 4!
Luna's Bromide 1: At the end of the game (in the ending) you can go to Ramus's shop and talk to him a few times. He'll give you Luna's bromide at no cost. =)

Luna's Bromide 2: Go to Alex's house, in the basement, in the same area you got several chests in the beginning of th game. Search the shelves and once you find the right one, Nall will make a comment on a picture and Alex will tell him to hush. =) You're then on the right track. Later in the game, you can pick up the bromide. But you can only get this bromide AFTER Luna has been taken from the party, BUT BEFORE you use the dragon wings to head to Meribia.
Mia's Bromide 1: Nash has already had this one equipped when you meet him

Mia's Bromide 2: In the Guide Mansion in Vane, go to the eastern classroom on the first floor. Then talk to the student in thback of the left desk. If you talk to him twice, he'll give you the bromide. You can only get this bromide once you return to Vane from the Frontier, but before you get Nash from the Transmission Springs.

Mia's Bromide 4: After Nash destroys the airship engine, but before you head back to talk to Myght, go to Illuk and talk to the guy that wanted to photograph Mia. Jess and Mia then force the guy to give the bromide up. You must get this after Nash destroys the engine, but before you head to the Frontier.
Phacia's Bromide: After the events with Xenobia, Phacia, and Royce in the Crystal Tower, go to Althena's Shrine and talk to the girl in the back end of the shrine. This girl will say that she found an strange item, but doesn't have any use for it, so she will give you the item, Phacia's Bromide. You can only get Phacia's Bromide after the three memberof the Vile Tribe reveal, themselves, but you must get it before you return to Meribia.
Royce's Bromide: Royce's Bromide is found only after Master Mel is turned to stone. After Mel is turned into stone, go back to Black Rose Street, and talk to someone there. A person will give you the Bromide. You must get Royce's Bromide after Mel is turned to stone, but before you travel to Vane.
Xenobia's Bromide: After you see Taben's Grindery moving away for the first time, and given you've saved the Vile Tribe miner in the cave, you can go back to talk to the miner on the southwest side of the screen, and he will give you Xenobia's Bromide. You just get Xenobia's Bromide after the Grindery has rolled away, but it must be received before you leave the Frontier.

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