Ruroni Kenshin
Ruroni Kenshin. God...=) hmm...okee
Rurouni Kenshin

This series is about a samurai named Himura Kenshin (family name comes first don't you forget!!) who lives in a time when the Samurai has been outlawed and people are not allowed to carry metal swords. Well, Kenshin used to be a hitokiri (master assassin) for the government, and killed many people. Because of this, he has sworn never to kill again because he fears that he will return to being hitokiri. Since he is a master swordsman (the best!!) he has made a special sword: Sakaba Sword, which is blunt on the the side where the sharp side should be. The sword therefore canhit people, but not kill them. The other side of the sword is sharp, but rarely used, and when Kenshin does use it, its only against non-living things.

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