Arizona Man Searches for Bigfoot

By Andy McGinnis
Prescott [AZ] Daily Courier
July 27, 1998

Somewhere in the shadows lurks a beast.

To a man who can see the creature, the existence of Bigfoot is no joke and you can laugh if you want.

Lyle Vann sees him--or them--everywhere. And they're watching, working, involved in an existence out of some science fiction novel.

Director of the Arizona Bigfoot Center in Paulden, Arizona

Vann's home on the outskirts of Paulden, Arizona is kept and colorful; a peacock lives on the roof, while others live in cages in the back. Vann enjoys looking at them.

He lives on the ranch with his wife, Jacquelen, and his Rottweilers. They hope to add a llama someday.

Bigfoot visited the ranch recently, and Vann took a picture. Vann has hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures of Bigfoot on the wall of his basement and in all his albums.

He points them out excitedly, describing in detail the appearance of each one and the circumstances of the taking of the photograph.

"See his face!" Vann says. "Here's an eye. Here's an ear."

The photograph is decidedly soft focus, and the areas which look like shadows, rocks and tree limbs, are in fact, Bigfoot creatures, or perhaps the aliens who control the them, Vann says.

"I look at myself as the Jane Goodall of Bigfoot," Van says. He explains their habits, their interaction with the aliens, even down to the manipulation of the Bigfoots mating.

In the fever of Vann's explanation of Bigfoot and his holding up each and every photograph for description and location of Bigfoots and aliens, one cannot help but notice other photographs. There's pictures of Vann with actor and friend Dennis Weaver; Vann's friend, Lee Marvin; Vann's friend, John Wayne; and Lyle Vann, a former Marlboro man and actor himself, a Hollywood bit player in old Westerns.

The tall, red-haired man of 60 has found his niche in life--Bigfoot expert, known by all who believe in such things.

Vann is a retired Army man and he's been around the world six times.

But it wasn't until an outing in northern California more than 25 years ago that he discovered his passion.

"I was on a hunting trip when I saw my first Bigfoot," Vann says. "The strangest thing is, I thought it was a bear. It had a fish in its mouth and it just turned around and looked at me. I said to myself, 'SASQUATCH!'"

Since then, Vann has pursued a life of not only seeking and watching Bigfoots, but also trying to understand them and why they're here. His explanation goes back to the beginning of recorded history.

"It's in the Bible," Vann says. "In the Book of Genesis, God said there were giants in the earth. And there still are.

"God wanted to get rid of them, but they hid beneath the surface and became subterranean creatures and survived when they weren't supposed to."

Now, the aliens use the Bigfoots to mine gold, particularly in Arizona, a land of mineral wealth. Gold, Vann says, is the best conductor of electricity, and of great importance and necessity to the alien spacecraft.

So why can't the rest of us see the Bigfoots and the aliens?

Vann says he has received a "gift."

While he has never actually spoken to a Bigfoot, Vann says he communicates with them through the mind, and an alien even told him once that he is a good person, a most important attribute of a human being. Lyle Vann doesn't care what you might think of him, and neither do the Bigfoots.

"Some things are better left alone in this world," he says. "The Bigfoots just want to live and let live."

As for himself, he says, "I know (people) are going to call me a liar. But so be it. I believe."

For more information about Bigfoot in Arizona, contact the Arizona Bigfoot Center, P.O. Box 412, Paulden, AZ 86334.

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