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Bigfoot Exists!

The legendary Bigfoot or Sasquatch roams the backcountry of Arizona, according to Lyle Vann, director of the Arizona Bigfoot Center in Paulden, Arizona.

He often sees the creature when he goes hiking the rugged desert country of central and northern Arizona. He says the animals are reclusive and shy creatures--nocturnal for the most part--and expert at camouflaging themselves.

"Bigfoot is humanlike," Vann explained. "Each one is a unique individual. Some of them have brown hair, some have black hair, some have white hair, and some have no hair. Some of the big bulls (males) are very identifiable individuals. I once saw one wearing a silver collar, which I believe is used to control and track these beings."

"I looked up from the pump and there stood a tall alien. It was the strangest thing I ever saw. It had the head of an eagle and large, shiny red eyes. It had a light tan jumpsuit on. I was about six years old when this happened. It was summer, 1944, on the outskirts of Geneseo, Ill."

--Lyle Vann

How to contact the Arizona Bigfoot Center.....

Anyone interested in Bigfoot or who has information about the creature is invited to contact the Arizona Bigfoot Center at P.O. Box 412, Paulden, Arizona 86334 or e-mail.