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The Harmonica Exchange

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Here is a list of web sites containing information about all aspects of the harmonica: technical facts, history, players, instruction, musical styles, recordings, gigs, commerce.

It is by no means complete. If you find a site that you think should be included , let me know.


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Harmonica Beginner's \To Do\ List & Coast to Coast Music

                                       A great site for beginners looking for clues on how to get started!

Harmonica - MHN Instrument Encyclopedia

General information about the instrument. Selected harmonica bibliography.

Harmonica Discography

A list of currently available harmonica recordings by artists' names.Chromonica 280 C


SPAH, The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica

If you really care about the future of the harmonica, this is the club to join! Find where you fit in at the International List of Harmonica Clubs and Societies.


The site of the National Harmonica League (NHL) in the UK.Check out  the Kazoo Directory of Harmonica Internet Resources at http://harmonica.co.uk/links, then go to the

Harmonica Teachers Accreditation Board

The HTAB, a subsidiary of the NHL, makes sures that the quality of harmonica instruction around the world improves continually. If you are looking for an accredited teacher or want to be one, contact them

Visit the Page Title of Richard Martin's "The Harmonica Educator", a publication devoted to the advancement of harmonica education worldwide, available by subscription.


" A forum for harmonica players the world over to discuss, argue and wax lyrical about the world's most portable and fun instrument..." for the hardcore harmonica aficionado!

Dannys Gig List

A frequently updated list of harmonica concerts and   workshops from all over the world.

BassHarp's International Gig List

is even more comprehensive.

The Diatonic Harmonica Reference

Probably the most complete diatonic harmonica web site currently available on the net. Facts, history, instructional material, and sound clips make this a very rewarding experience esp. for beginners.

HARMONICA MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP - Workshops, Performances, & Quality Harmonica Products

Harmonica player/teacher David Barrett offers a wealth of instructional material on his site including transcriptions of popular blues songs for harmonica

Harmonicas Direct

An online retail harmonica store carrying all the available types and brands.

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Harpin' On - Adam Pritchard's Blues Harmonica Home Page

Adam put together an excellent introduction to the blues harp, containing instruction, players' bios, and sound  files, as well as important harmonica links.

Also, visit harp teacher Glenn Weiser's Harmonica Pages: http://www.celticguitarmusic.com/harppage.htm

The Bluesharp Page - The History and Lore of Blues Harmonica]

Almost everything you want to know about the blues harmonica. Excellent links!

Harmonica - Artistes FR

Short bios and pictures of today's leading French and international harmonica artists. Plus more useful music links.

Blues Harmonica 

A new site "dedicated to the passion of harmonica", and you can feel it, too.

Mark's Harmonica Haven

Mark Valderaz' diatonic harmonica  page. Here you'll find beginners' instruction and recommendations, samples of mark's playing, and a tribute to the masters of the blues harmonica.

Jan - Blues harmonica

Jan van Gastel's home page. One of the most useful harmonica sites on the web, with lots of practical information on amps, mics, techniques, and reviews of course materials.

Planet Harmonica

is an online magazine dealing with all things harmonica, in French and English. Check it out!

BluesHarp.org --The Harmonica Portal featuring the freshest links, bands, and blues harmonica news. Your gateway to the blues harmonica universe.

Visit Doug Lyons'Blue Tongue Harmonica School down under for tuition, sales and all things harmonic. Doug r uns the school as well as the Sydney Harmonica Festival. Check his Web site for festival dates and times.

Paul Massey's web site is a great source of information about all things harmonica in France, including info on how to locate and contact harp players in that country.

Check out the pages of harmonica virtuoso Richard Hunter, one of the avantgarde players who keep pushing the envelope.

Visit the pages of Mr. Anthony Lau, the "man with the silver harmonica", who devoted his life to promote classical chromatic harmonica playing.

Pat Missin's pages include information on how to tune your harmonica in many different ways, as well as various interesting harmonica links.


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Visit the web pages of world-class harmonica players here

The  Home Page of the great Charlie Musselwhite

Carlos del Junco

The Home Page of Julian Jackson

Steve Baker's Website

Jens Bunge - Bands

Phoenix, Arizona, blues veteran Hans Olson

Check out Barry Watson's web site and his debut CD "Building Dreams", featuring jazz bandleader Humphrey Lyttrelton as special guest.


Here are the sites of the main manufacturers and dealers:

Hard BopperWelcome to Hohner, Inc!

Lee Oskar: Home

Hering Harp

Huang Welcome Page


...and, finally, since this is a teacher site, let's have a test:

Can you identify all of the 18 contemporary harmonica players shown in the pictures above?




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