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NAME:                        Ludo Beckers  

E-MAIL ADDRESS: lazylew@hotmail.com

PHONE NUMBER:    +32 (0)3 366 24 91

LOCATION:                 Antwerp

DETAILS:                    Diatonic blues (+ overblows), occasional teaching

RATES: EUR 13/hour

name : Stef Van Uytvanck


e-mail address : stephanvanuytvanck@compaqnet.be >

phone number : 0032 476 898756 >

geographical location : Belgium >

musical background and style(s) : Stef Van Uytvanck is one of the leading > chromatic harmonica players in Belgium. Appears on a lot of rock- and > pop-cd's > ( latest : Jacky Cane / Hooverphonic ). Believes that playing > the harmonica has no limitations in style or age. Stef is specialised > in the chromatic harmonica, but also teaches for 14 yours the diatonic > harmonica.


name .Lars Ringgård

e-mail :  ringo@get2net.dk

location :Copenhagen,Denmark phone 35262965

Diatonic harp and chromatic at beginning level

styless:rock,pop, blues



NAME:                        Pierre-Yves Guemy  

E-MAIL ADDRESS:   harpaca@yahoo.com

PHONE NUMBER:    (+33) (04)91 90 28 49

WEB SITE                    http://membres.tripod.fr/kaiharp/

LOCATION:                 Marseille , France

DETAILS:                    President of HARPACA

NAME:                        Paul Orta  

E-MAIL ADDRESS:   astratyner@iquest.net

PHONE NUMBER:    (+33) 14 50 59 643

LOCATION:                 3 Rue Mesnil, Paris 77116 (Metro : Victor Hugo)



NAME: Steve Baker

E-MAIL ADDRESS: harpbaker@aol.com

WEB SITE: www.stevebaker.de

PHONE NUMBER: +49 5198-1219

LOCATION: Elmhorner Heuweg 54, Wintermoor

DETAILS:  Steve took up the harp in 1969 and has been a full-time professional since 1975. He is now one of the leading exponents of the instrument in Europe. Steve   has developed his own unique blend of traditional blues and innovative melodic and dynamic ideas. On top of appearing at frequent performances with Hamburg blues legend Abi Wallenstein and singer/guitarist Chris Jones, he teaches regular harmonica workshops and is in high demand as a studio musician. He is the author of "The Harp Handbook", one of the most comprehensive works on the subject, and recently published his first harmonica tuition CD. Born in London, England, Steve now lives near Hamburg, Germany.

Ralf Fuckardt



0211 2202092 / 0179 5353329

Bluesharp alle Stilrichtungen privat und ab 07.01.03in der VHS Düsseldorf

Walter Schreiner

Salinenstr. 19

D-76689 karlsdorf

tel/fax 07251 42301

e-mail wa.schreiner@surfeu.de

Chromonica- u. Gitarrelehrer; sowohl classic wie volkstümlich

Reiner Schubert

Schönbachstr. 34

D-04299 Leipzig

Tel.: 0341/ 8773308

Bin Mundharmonika-und Gitarrelehrer an der Musikschule Leipzig "Johann > Sebastian Bach". > Ich unterrichte hauptsächlich die chromatische Mu-Ha sowie die Chordomonika > und spiele > auch die chromatische (Spezialanfertigung)MH in Kombination mit der Gitarre. > Auf der Bluesharp fühle ich mich noch nicht so kompetent, für den Anschub > reicht es aber.


name:Paolo Pacifico
e-mail address: trank@ntt.it
phone number: +39-0461-980483
geographical location: Trento, ITALY
snail mail address: c/o Tranquillini
                                via San Marco 22
                                I-38100 Trento, ITALY
web site address: http://www.music.center.it/dosequis/
musical background and style(s): blues, rock blues, acoustic music, country,
folk, pop

credentials: Teaches diatonic harmonica beginner's to
advanced level, chromatic  harmonica beginner's level.
                        20 ys. playing experience w/ blues and R&B bands in Italy.
Seven ys. playing and recording experience w/ acoustic duo Dos Equis.
Played in Italy, Austria, Greece, UK, USA. Demonstrator for Hohner Italy.

The Netherlands

NAME:                      Art M. Daane

E-MAIL ADDRESS: reldaart@chello.nl

PHONE NUMBER:   0031-492-542074

LOCATION:              51 Trambrugweg - 5707 XZ Helmond - Netherlands

WEB SITE: http://members.brabant.chello.nl/~a.daane/index1.htm

DETAILS:                 Any style, chord, bass, chromatic

RATES:                     EUR 15.00 per hour

NAME:                      Hermine Deurloo

E-MAIL ADDRESS: herminedeurloo@planet.nl

WEB SITE: http://www.herminedeurloo.com

PHONE NUMBER:   0031-20-4082273

LOCATION:              Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

DETAILS:                  Jazz player; two Cd's and one performance with "Toots".

RATES:                      NA

NAME:                     Hammie van Hall

PHONE NUMBER: 0031-24-3238895

LOCATION:            Nijmegen, The Netherlands
DETAILS:                Country, R+B

RATES:                   NA

NAME: Cees W. Nieuwenhusen

E-MAIL ADDRESS: cees.nieuwenhuizen@planet.nl

PHONE NUMBER: +31-(0)72-5613973

LOCATION: Jonkstaat 25 - 1826 DR Alkmaar

WEB SITE: www.chello.nl/~a.daane/seagull.htm

DETAILS: Classical pianist and bass harmonica player for "Seagull". Two LP's and three CD's to their credits. Classic and Popular music. Accredited Music Teacher. One of the finest Bass Harmonica Players in the world. Piano and Harmonica teacher.

RATES: EUR 25.00 per hour

NAME:                      Joop Winterberg

E-MAIL ADDRESS: winterberg@tref.nl

PHONE NUMBER:   0031-(0)10-4819009

LOCATION:               Rotterdam, The Netherlands

DETAILS:                 Any style, chord, bass, chromatic

RATES:                     NA


NAME:                       Dick Sjoberg

E-MAIL ADDRESS: dick.sjoberg@wawamusic.nu

WEB SITE:                  http://www.wawamusic.nu

LOCATION:               Malmoe, Sweden

DETAILS:                   HTAB accredited for diatonic and chromatic harmonica


United Kingdom


Gerry Ezard


phone 01656 784904

Small Acre Zig Zag Lane Porthcawl Wales UK CF36 5TA

I teach Chromatic, Chord (Akkorda) and Bass. Various styles, mainly classical, evergreen, pops and blues. I am a qualified harmonica teacher, and played professionally in the 60's. I charge £15 a lesson for students and children, £20 for adults.

NAME:                       Ben Hewlett

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  ben@HarmonicaCourse.com

PHONE NUMBER:    0117 908 3838 / 07050 108 993

WEB SITE:                  http://www.Harmonicacourse.com

LOCATION:                6 Moorlands Rd, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3LF             

DETAILS:                    I currently teach in 13 schools and have about 200 pupils. I also have adult students privately in Bristol, Bournemouth and London. I run evening
classes all school year and have 2 harmonica classes and 1 blues band
session per week.
From  September I also have booked 25 "play in a day" courses around the
I am the only full time pro harmonica teacher in the UK.

NAME:                       Adam Howard

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  ahoward@globalnet.co.uk

PHONE NUMBER:   +44 ( 0)1903 893703

LOCATION:               West Sussex, England

FEES:                          12 pounds sterling/hour

DETAILS:                   HTAB accredited for basic diatonic

NAME:                       Julian Jackson

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  jazzharp@iname.com   

PHONE NUMBER:    +44 0171 739 0195

WEB SITE:                  http://www.jazzharmonica.freeserve.co.uk

LOCATION:               London

FEES:                          Basic rate is £20.00 uk , for working folk and negotiable for students
etc. Lessons tend to go on more than an hour.

DETAILS:                   Chromatic Harmonica : Classical , Jazz , Blues, Reading and Theory.
credentials and accreditations:
Bmus : Royal Academy of Music.
G.G.S.M : Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
10 yrs experience as a freelance studio musican as well as live work ,
concerts adn workshops. Featured soloist of Oscar winning soundtrack :  "The Full Monty"

NAME:                       Steve Jennings

E-MAIL ADDRESS  steve@harpfixer.freeserve.co

PHONE NUMBER:   +44 (0)1604 832726

STREET ADDRESS: 19, Berry Close, Rothersthorpe,
                                    Northampton, NN7 3JQ, United Kingdom

DETAILS:                    Beginners to advanced, all
                                     single-reed instruments, some chord, bass etc
                                     -credentials: - Over a dozen tutorial books for various
publishers, sessions from blues to indie pop via "it's not jazz" - author of
the "Blues Harp Breakdown" series of tapes for Norman Ives. Taught by Johnny
Mars.  Editor of Harmonica World magazine for 7+ years.  IHO award for
dedication in promoting interest in the harmonica. 


NAME:                         Brendan Power   

E-MAIL ADDRESS:    harmonica@madasafish.com

PHONE NUMBER:      (+44)  0208  880 1084

WEB SITE:                   www.madasafish.com/~harmonica/

LOCATION:                 London, England

FEES:                              £25.00 per hour, includes a cassette of the lesson.

DETAILS:                       Pro session player, 12 CDs released (for biog, recordings etc                                           check website).  Teach Diatonic & Chromatic in different styles, beginner to advanced.  Also repair, modification, retuning.  


NAME:                        Adam Pritchard

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  Adam@harpinon.demon.co.uk

PHONE NUMBER:   +44 (0) 1242 237335

WEB SITE:                 http://www.harpinon.demon.co.uk

LOCATION:                Cheltenham, England

DETAILS:                    Diatonic harp at beginning level, mostly blues but also rock and                                       country.  CD-ROM based instructional course avilable from web                                       site.


NAME:                       Dave Toussaint

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  davetoussaint@hotmail.com

WEB SITE:                   http://www.harmonica.boom.ru.

PHONE NUMBER:    0-208-555-3785

LOCATION:                Stratford,East London

DETAILS:                    I play and teach chromatic and diatonic harmonicas in virtually all styles.I have taught some of the top names in the U.K.i run music workshops and teach one-to-one also.I am also a session player and depper andhave recently done demo and release sessions for RUSSIAN POP,COUNTRY,TRANCE,REGGAE,AFRICAN,PSYCHOGOTHABILLY AND OF COURSE CHICAGO BLUES! 

RATES: £18.00; lessons last as long as is relevant for the particular lesson and the student's ability.(i.e.anything from 30 mins to 2 hours+)

NAME:                       Richard "Wandering Wilf" Taylor

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  hovemate@msn.com

STREET ADDRESS: 18, Orchard Avenue, Hove, East Sussex BN3 7BL, UK

DETAILS:                   HTAB accredited instructor; current UK National Harmonica                                      Champion





NAME:                        Burton "Friday" Freitag

E-MAIL ADDRESS:   theburtman@hotmail.com>

PHONE NUMBER:    (306) 585-1274.

LOCATION:                Regina Saskatchewan Canada

DETAILS:                    I have been playing Diatonic Harmonica for 12 years, and Blues                                       harp on the local scene for 4 years with several bands. Just in the                                       process  of  putting together a number of songs that I have written..




NAME:                      Tommy "Toes" Bounds

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  guitarshoppe@aol.com

LOCATION:                Central Alabama

DETAILS:                    "I teach one-on-one as well as group lessons at my music
store, including various styles of harmonica playing as well as several other
instruments.  I have played harmonica professionally and semi-professionally
for 23 years, and have won 5 state championships."

RATES:                        $50.00/month for 1:30 min. lesson per week


NAME:                      Klaus Gehrmann

E-MAIL ADDRESS: kdgaz@msn.com

WEB SITE:                https://members.tripod.com/Bruno_1_8_6/

PHONE NUMBER:  +01-520-299-5290

LOCATION:             Tucson, Arizona

DETAILS:                 Diatonic blues, pop, and jazz; different positions.  HTAB accredited                                     for Basic Diatonic Harmonica.

RATES:                     $30/hour, less for groups


NAME:                       Lenny Henderson

E-MAIL ADDRESS: hlnancy@uswest.net

PHONE NUMBER: +01 480-964-4746

LOCATION:             Downtown Mesa close to Milanos Music.

DETAILS:                Diatonic harp. Folk, Country, Blues, Rock, Jazz.  Beginning to    Intermediate levels of instruction. Also singing, and simple instrument making [flute,

NAME:                       John Kally

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  jkally@uswest.net

PHONE NUMBER:    +01-602-257-4411

LOCATION:                Phoenix, Arizona

DETAILS:                    I take a student once in a while, but with my schedule it usually only
amounts to a couple of 45 minute lessons or so spread out over time. I'm
in central Phoenix, and have been playing blues and folk styles for 30
years  (I also play chromatic and can read although I'm not a great
reader) and have several years' teaching experience. I just can't commit
to a weekly session. 


NAME:                      John Thaden

E-MAIL ADDRESS: jjthaden@flash.net

PHONE NUMBER:  +01 (501) 224-7859

LOCATION:               Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A.

DETAILS:                  advanced and expert; diatonic, whole-tone chromatic; blues, pop,                                     rock, country; 30 year player, 20 years in local and regional bands


Eric Brown


Phone: (818) 222-6323

Geographical area: Los Angeles area, live in the San Fernando Valley ;p align="left">Background: Diatonic harmonica; specialize in blues, rock and folk. Currently playing as the harmonica player with The Hard Tymz Blues Band, The acoustic folk rock band The Mitch Marcoulier Project and the folk trio Torres, Bartels and Brown.

NAME:                        Jon Gindick

E-MAIL ADDRESS:   JfGindic@ix.netcom.com

WEB SITE:                 www.gindick.co

STREET ADDRESS:  21787 Ybarra Rd, Woodland Hills, CA 01346    

PHONE NUMBER:     +1-213-252-3476

DETAILS:                    Jon started playing harmonica in 1964, teaching harmonica in 1972, and published his first book on harmonica playing in 1977. Today, with over 1.5 million sold, he is the best selling musical instruction author in the world.

NAME:                       PeteGrissim

E-MAIL ADDRESS: pgrissim@aol.com

LOCATION:               Monterey, California

DETAILS:                    Pete has taught harmonica for 7 years; former teachers are Andy Santana and David Barrett, specialty is blues diatonic and some chromatic; teaches Thursdays' only.

NAME:                       Robert Holt

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  Brobobnmm@fishnet.net

WEB SITE:                 https://members.tripod.com/~brobob/bluesharp.html

STREET ADDRESS:  2897 W. Telegraph, Fillmore, CA 93015, U.S.A.

PHONE NUMBER:     +01  (805) 524-0991

DETAILS:                    Harmonica player and instructor for over 20 years. Teaches                                       beginning to intermediate. Online instruction available. Teaching                                       video coming  soon.

NAME:                       Dan Kuljian

E-MAIL ADDRESS: harpmandan@hotmail.com

PHONE NUMBER:   805- 968-8469

LOCATION:               Santa Barbara, California

DETAILS:                    I've been playing harmonica for 30 years in over a dozen different musical groups. I teach beginning, intermediate and some advanced.  I'm currently in
two night club bands and two church bands.  The Vic Grady Band is the current
house band for one of the consistently top and longest running clubs in the
area.  According to the owner, we are the best band he's seen in the club
since 1994.  I've also played on local televison and a few recording sessions.
As a teacher, I possess strong communication and motivational skills  My
primary strength as a teacher is the ability to identify what the student
needs to advance.  I provide specific exercises that address those specific
needs.  I've been able to consistently enable students to achieve
breakthroughs in their playing.
I play and teach blues, rock, pop, R&B and worship music.

RATES:                         Custom tailored to the individual's ability to pay and their
motivational needs.

NAME:                      Michael Peloquin

E-MAIL ADDRESS: peloquinharp@hotmail.com

PHONE NUMBER: (510) 839-3704

WEB SITE:                www.harpsax.com

LOCATION:               Oakland, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

DETAILS:                  Blues, R&B, Country, Jazz. 25 years playing diatonic and chromatic 23 years professional performance experience on harmonica, saxophone, vocals. I developed as feel player with a basic working knowledge of music theory. I have since developed my reading skills and have become a prolific and in demand horn arranger. These skills all transfer back to my harmonica playing and knowledge. See my website for my discography. I offer a relaxed teaching experience that hopes to infuse more music into our harmonica playing. I am a proficient chromatic 10 Holer(overbends) and hope my reputation speaks for itself. 1997 World Champion Diatonic Hohner Harmonica endorsee; Clinician for Harmonica Summit 2000; Dave Barrett Harmonica Masterclass 2001, SPAH and Buckeye.

NAME:                        Winslow Yerxa

E-MAIL ADDRESS: WinslowYerxa@compuserve.com

PHONE NUMBER:    415-751-0212

WEB SITE:                  www.geocities.com/winslowtully

LOCATION:                 203 14th Avenue, San Francisco, California 94118 USA

DETAILS:                     I play every kind of harmonica I can get my hands on, and am interested in all kinds of music. But I play mostly diatonic and chromatic. I can teach
blues, pop, jazz, country, R&B, and even some light classical.
As a teacher I concentrate on good technique. This starts with posture,
embouchure, breathing, tone, bending, articulation, vibrato, efficient air
use, and relaxation. Playing patterns to get acqainted by ear with where
the notes are on the instrument is a second important study. All the more
advanced stuff, including licks, flows from there. Even advanced players
(me included!) can benefit from refreshing the basics, and finding our
"blind" spots. It helps us get over the hidden and not-so-hiddent obstacles
that block our paths.
Getting fluent on the chromatic, and getting good at bending and
overblowing, are some of the things that students come for.
I'm a self taught harmonica player, but I'm trained in music theory and
arranging. I have a good ability to communicate concepts, and to detect
what a student needs. I also have a wide knowledge of harmonica techniques,
instruments, repair, major players and recordings, and lore.
I have  written instructional materials for Mel Bay and Music Sales, have
transcribed John Popper's harmonica solos for the Warner Bros. songbook to
the album Four, and I write and publish the respected harmonica magazine
HIP - the Harmonica Information Publication. I have given harmonica
seminars at the SPAH convention (1992-present), The Buckeye Harmonica
Festival (1996-1998), The California Harmonica Masterclass (1996) and the
Howard Levy Harmonica Summit (1998). I have also judged the diatonic and
chromatic jazz categories at the World Harmonica Championships (1997). As a
performer,I arrange for and lead Winslow Yerxa and Friends (aka the Bunch
O'Guys), with and ensemble of five harmonicas using blues-based techniques
on diatonics and chromatics to interpret the music of Duke Ellington and
other classic jazz composers.


NAME:                        Don DeStefano

E-MAIL ADDRESS:   mdestefano@snet.net

PHONE NUMBER:    203-272-9010

LOCATION:                Cheshire, CT

DETAILS:                    private lessons in my home or yours, played harmonica professionally for 20 years in a variety of settings and styles; blues, rock, R&B, soul,
funk, country, bluegrass, folk.  Has recorded with B.B. King and Johnny
Cash.  Teaches mostly diatonic (various styles) and blues chromatic.
Well versed in theory.  Can also teach harmonica technical subjects such
as tuning, basic repair, alternate tunings.  Also plays guitar to allow
student learn to "jam" with guitar player.

RATES:                      $15 for 1/2 hour, $25 for 1 hour, extra for travel time if  not at my                                      home   



NAME:                            David Browning    

E-MAIL ADDRESS:      d.a.browning@juno.com

PHONE  NUMBER:       863-853-8185

FAX  NUMBER:             863-853-9615

LOCATION:                   3221 Cherry Hill Circle South
                                        Lakeland , Florida 33810

DETAILS:                       I have been playing for 25 years , 5 years playing with a Bluegrass & Country style Gospel band, influences being  Charlie McCoy , Terry Mcmillan and
Buddy Greene. Country & Blues style taught on diatonic Harmonicas.

RATES:                           15.00      1/2 hr;  2 or more students , same family   20.00   1/2  hr   total. Harmonicas & accessories available for purchase on site

NAME:                       Larry "The Iceman" Eisenberg

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  Iceman6300@aol.com

PHONE  NUMBER:   +01(407)-682-1156

LOCATION:               near Orlando, Fl.

DETAILS:                  Award-winning diatonic harmonica world competitions ; clinician


NAME:                      Phil Davis

E-MAIL ADDRESS: pdavis@icnltd.com

LOCATION:              Fort Lauderdale, Florida

DETAILS:                 I teach beginning and intermediate harmonica, mostly Chicago and                                    Delta style blues on diatonic.

NAME:                        Randy Singer

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  randy@randysinger.com

PHONE  NUMBER:   +01(954)-929-7733

LOCATION:               Fort Lauderdale

DETAILS:                  All styles, blues to bebop. Chromatic and diatonic, harmonicas overblowing instruction.


NAME:                      Richard Machiz

E-MAIL ADDRESS: RichMachiz@aol.com

PHONE NUMBER:   404-373-5579.

LOCATION:              1201 Clifton Rd., Atlanta, GA , 30307 

DETAILS:                  teaches a Blues Harp course at Emory University in Atlanta.


NAME:                      Howard Levy

E-MAIL ADDRESS: howard@eclectus.net

WEB SITE:                http://www.eclectus.net/howard

LOCATION:               Chicago area

DETAILS:                  Howard is a well-known musician with many credentials. People                                     interested in taking lessons should contact him on the web.


NAME:                        George Compton

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  oldies@blueriver.net

PHONE NUMBER:    (812) 883-1579

STREET ADDRESS: 904 Hayes Ave.,Salem, Indiana   47167-1973

DETAILS:                  I teach harmonica on intermediate level, both by note reading and ear,
also cover diatonic, chromatic, chord & bass. Started with first
harmonica in 1934, yes I'm an oldie.
I encourage students to perform in public, and with groups on  every
opportunity. Rates around ten dollars per half hour.


NAME:                        Tulsa Read   


WEB SITE:                  www.harmonicaonline.com  

PHONE NUMBER:    913-268-3927 

LOCATION:                Shawnee, KS

DETAILS:                  Full-time professional  harmonica instructor for: Blues; Country;
Bluegrass; Jazz; Gospel & International styles for the diatonic harmonica;
Basics instructions for the chromatic harmonica. Instructing for 30 years:
private; classes & nationwide harmonica seminars.  Studied chromatic
harmonica from Cham-Ber Huang. Attended: Berklee College of Music; New
England Conservatory of Music; Turtle Bay Music School & The Recording
Engineer's Institute. Presently: The Director of the Kansas City Metro
Harmonica Society; National Blues Harmonica Champion; National Country
Harmonica Champion & Kansas State Bluegrass Harmonica Champion.


NAME:                      Peter Elder

PHONE NUMBER:  1(318) 697-5026

E-MAIL ADDRESS: Elderelav@aol.com

LOCATION:              Shreveport, Louisiana    

RATES:                      60$ for four 30 minute sessions a month.
DETAILS:                  11 years experience. I teach any level/style. One-on-one lessons.
Specializing in Blues, Country, Jazz and Rock styles on the diatonicharmonica.


Name: Chris Stovall Brown
Teach location: Boston, MA
Contact number: 617-524-6193
E-mail: boogie@gis.net
Primary style of music taught: Blues influenced music
Other styles taught: Country & Rock
Bio: Has been playing harp for 35 years and teaching
for almost 20 years.


Name: Rob Fletcher
Teaching location: Medford, Massachusetts
Contact number: 781-391-3828
E-mail: Fletchharp@AOL.com
Primary style of music taught: Jazz
Other styles taught: Blues, Rock, Country, Folk,
Bio: Rob Fletcher is the author of Blues Harmonica for
Beginners, available through Alfred Publications.  He
has performed with Trey
Anastasio of Phish, and Ronnie Earl, among others, and
is a teacher at the National Guitar Workshop, as well
as teaching
privately.  He holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz.
Performance degree from the State University of New
York at New Paltz.


Name: Jerry Portnoy
Teaching location: Waltham, MA
Contact number: (781) 894-2480
E-mail: jerpor@mediaone.net
Web-site: www.harpmaster.com
Primary style: blues
Other styles: folk, country, and Irish
Bio: Grammy nominee - member of: Muddy Waters Blues
Band, Eric Clapton Band. performed: White House,
Carnegie Hall, Royal
Albert Hall, major jazz festivals. T.V.: Saturday
Night Live, MTV, VHI, Sesame Street. See website for

Name: Annie Raines
Teach location: Cambridge, MA
Contact number: 617-547-3761
E-mail: 2blue@compuserve.com
Web-site: http://www.hohnerusa.com/artists/a_raines/annie_raines.html
Primary style of music taught: Blues
Bio: W.C. Handy Award winner.  Tours and performs with Country Blues master
Paul Rishell.  Has played professionally for 13 years, taught for 12 years.
In addition to giving private lessons, Annie has taught harmonica classes
at the National Guitar Workshop (for 4 years), Port Townsend Country Blues
Workshop, Dave Barrett's Harmonica Masterclass, and the Augusta Heritage
Bluesweek, and conducted numerous seminars in the U.S. and Europe.
Recording credits include albums with Paul Rishell, Susan Tedeschi, Pinetop
Perkins and Hubert Sumlin, John Sebastian and the J-Band, and Rory Block.

More info at http://www.hohnerusa.com/artists/a_raines/annie_raines.html


NAME:  Rob Stone

E-MAIL ADDRESS: thecnotes@aol.com


WEB SITE:  http://www.robstone.com/

DETAILS: "...Stone's Chicago experiences have been an apprenticeship in every facet of blues music, style, attitude, and showmanship. He is quickly gaining a national reputation as a new generation harp player, and one of Chicago Blues’ top live acts. Rob Stone’s playing, vocals, and stage presence has earned him a place among the best of the blues players on stage today."



 NAME:                     Alec Drachman

E-MAIL ADDRESS: alec@bluecats.org

WEB SITE:                 http://www.bluecats.org

PHONE NUMBER:  ( 517) 699 - 5030

LOCATION:              Holt, Michigan

DETAILS:                  I live in Holt, Michigan, which is about 1 hour from Grand Rapids. My band plays in Grand Rapids and on Lake Michigan frequently. I have played harmonica for 18 years and have had many students over the years. I am a math teacher by day, so I know a
little extra about the philosophy of teaching.


NAME:                        Chris Michalek

E-MAIL ADDRESS:   Chris.Michalek@eclectus.net

PHONE NUMBER:     612-721-5903

LOCATION:                Minneapolis, MN

RATES:                         $55/hr.

DETAILS:                   Chris is on the forefront of the overblow wave created by Howard                                       Levy with such players as Carlos del Junco, Sandy Weltman and                                       Larry Eisenberg.

New Jersey

NAME:                      Bob Meehan

E-MAIL ADDRESS: yeehaw@crusoe.net

PHONE NUMBER:  973-471-0198

LOCATION:              Clifton, New Jersey

DETAILS:                  I  play and teach diatonic harmonica.

I play all styles of music including music that you don't usually associate with the harmonica. I learned allot from Howard Levy and I incorporate many of the things that I learned from him into my playing and teaching. I have 25 years of professional experience playing harmonica in clubs, dives, rock concerts, bluegrass festivals, recording sessions,etc,etc,etc.

You can read about me on Steve Harvell's Bluz Harp web site in the June 1999 CD reviews on pages 5 and 6. You can find it by doing a search on BluzHarp, I also have numerous reviews in print,etc.,etc.

RATES:         subject to negotiation but reasonable.

 New York

NAME:                       Bill Goelz

E-MAIL ADDRESS: blgoelz@fnol.net

PHONE NUMBER:   515-289-8052

LOCATION:               Suffolk County, Long Island, New York

RATES:                      $20.00 per hour - or depending on ability to pay and age level

DETAILS:                  Chromatic: pops, folk, classical, country; music notation and theory
                                  Diatonic: basic; harmonica tab or music notation

NAME:                       Bill Lifford

E-MAIL ADDRESS: harmonicaman@earthlink.net

PHONE NUMBER:   (516) 331-2131 after 8 PM EST

LOCATION:               Long Island, NYC

DETAILS:                  Blues diatonic and chromatic, complete beginner through advanced
rates are determined by student and location (i.e. a kid doesn't pay as much as
an adult, someone who lives farther away pays more than someone right around
the corner

NAME: Shelly Lulov

E-MAIL ADDRESS: thesocietyboys@aol.com

PHONE: (516) 829-5808

LOCATION: Great Neck, Long Island, NY

WEB SITE: http://www.societyboys.com

DETAILS: CHUG LIKE A PRO. Hohner-48 Chord Harmonica lessons available. Levels from basic through advanced to include: rhythms, split chords, chord solos, music reading, maintenance and repair. Experienced professional chord player looking to share knowledge and expertise with you. Currently playing chord with my trio, THE SOCIETY BOYS, Phil Caltabellotta on lead, Tom Scerbo on bass. Please visit our web site.

RATES: Affordable. E-mail me for details.

NAME:                     Michael Rubin

PHONE NUMBER: 718-278-8596

LOCATION:            New York City

DETAILS:                ...is fluent in blues and jazz, and reads most everything.

NAME:                       Glenn Weiser

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  glennw@albany.net

WEB SITE:                 http://www.celticguitarmusic.com/

PHONE NUMBER:   (518) 478-0513

LOCATION:               Albany, New York

DETAILS:                   Private lessons on the diatonic harmonca are available
in upstate New York, USA, in the following locations:
Clifton Park
Saratoga Springs (starting Sept 1999)
Lessons are available for all levels in blues, Celtic, country, rock,
and folk styles.
Glenn is the author of Blues and Rock Harmonica, Irish and American
Fiddle Tunes For Harmonica, and the forthcoming Masters of Blues Harp.
He is also the harmonica columnist for Sing Out! magazine.

North Carolina

NAME:                         Nel Nichols

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  lannel@earthlink.net

PHONE NUMBER:    (910) 452-7752

LOCATION:               Wilmington, NC

DETAILS:                  As a student of the harmonica, Nel Nichols studied extensively in New York City under classical virtuoso Robert Bonfiglio and began a professional career that has stretched for 20+ years. She is a 15-year veteran recording studio manager and holds a BA in business from the University of North Carolina, where she studied fine arts as well. Nel is an educated session player of the Manhattan/NYC recording industry, a former faculty member of the Turtle Bay School of Music and has directed and arranged for the NYC Harmonica Ensemble. She now resides in her hometown of Wilmington, NC where she has worked as a harmonica instructor with the Wilmington Academy of Music, performs regularly with a variety of artists in regional venues and teaches privately from her residential music studio. Student levels include beginner/novice, intermediate and advanced instruction on either diatonic or chromatic harmonica. Styles include blues, classical, jazz, Broadway, country, celtic, rock and variations thereof with lessons scaled to individual ability and proficiency. For further information and availability, contact Nel by phone or email.

NAME:                         Rupert Oysler

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  orupert@earthlink.net

PHONE NUMBER:    (910) 458-7366

LOCATION:               Carolina Beach, NC 28428 (near Wilmington, NC)

DETAILS:                  All styles diatonic and beginning chromatic.Award winning diatonic harmonica world championship; studio sessions;harmonica repairs.

NAME:                       Jeffery Weiss

E-MAIL ADDRESS: jahfree1@yahoo.com

PHONE NUMBER:   919-968-0133

LOCATION:              Chapel Hill, North Carolina

DETAILS:                  rock, blues, r & b, folk, pop, traditional, reggae, alternative ...


NAME:                      Jack Ely

E-MAIL ADDRESS: jnely@netwalk.com

PHONE NUMBER:   (614) 488-4629

LOCATION:              Columbus, Ohio - Mid-west USA

DETAILS:                  pop (oldies, folk, country).   BCH - Basic Chromatic Harmonica - Eight weeks, 2 hours per week. Fee includes lesson materials. Students must be willing to learn to read music.
I prefer to teach in a group environment - prefer 10 to 12 students. I
teach by reading music and relating it to the chromatic harmonica.
Student need not read music, play harmonica or have experience on any
musical instrument. Must speak, read and understand English.
Must have chromatic harmonica, key of C, solo tuned, 10, 12, 14, or 16
hole. Note: The Koch model 980/40, ten hole harmonica is ~not~
acceptable for this course due to it's Richter tuning.
Under consideration:
BDH - Basic Diatonic Harmonica (no blues or jazz in this "Getting
Started" course).
ICH - Intermediate Chromatic Harmonica (focusing on tone, technique,
Prospecti to follow upon completion of outlines.

RATES:............................$50 (or less, depending on number of students).


NAME:                      David Lipkind

E-MAIL ADDRESS: ddlip@northwest.com

PHONE NUMBER:   (503) 235  3252

LOCATION:               Portland, Oregon

RATES:                      $20 an hour for private, 45 minute lessons(group discounts)
                                   $20-25 for 2 hour workshops at Artichoke music and Portland                                      Community College

                  Studied with Sandy Weltman, Norton Buffalo, Mark Graham, Tulsa Reed, and music at the University of Kansas.  Played in Lawrence, Kansas/Kansas City
MO from 1992-1997 with Montery Jack.  Overseas gigs 1994-1996.  Extensive
traveling/gigs throughout Midwest.
Full time harp player in Portland Oregon since 1998-present.  Play with the
Jonah Howard Band(roots rock/country), and Mad Hattie(Appalachian country, Jimi Bott on drums).
Instructor at Portland Community College and Artichoke music.  Hohner harmonica endorsee.
Writer for the Harmonica Educator.  Workshops at music stores in Oregon and


NAME:                       Bill Joor

E-MAIL ADDRESS: BillAnitaJoor@webtv.net

WEB SITE:                 http://community.webtv.net/BillAnitaJoor/BILLJOORHarmonica

PHONE NUMBER:   615-297-4175

LOCATION:               Nashville, TN

RATES:                      $35.00 per one hour lesson

DETAILS:                 All musical levels accepted
                                   Harmonica player for twenty-five years
                                   professional in jazz, blues, and country musician Austin, Seattle, and                                      Nashville. Played in Las Vegas, New York,Seattle, Chicago as a                                      trumpet player twenty years before harmonica.
                                   Concentrating on blues and jazz now.


NAME:                         Ronald Butcher

E-MAIL ADDRESS:    HarmonicaMan84107@yahoo.com

PHONE NUMBER:(801)688-3070

LOCATION:                  Salt Lake City

DETAILS:                     Harmonica Instructor, Community Education Teacher, 13 years experience in 5 School Districts including, Salt Lake and Davis County, University of Utah, Kearns High School, Butler Middle School, Midvale Middle School, Skyline High, Woods Cross High, Ever Green Jr High, Hyland High, North Summit Middle School, West High, East High, Horace Man Community School, and a class at the Board of Education.
Salt Lake City School Districts, University of Utah, Granite, Salt Lake, Davis, Jordan, and North Summit.

RATES: $35.00 Per Class, Per Person, Class 8 weeks.


NAME:                         Mark LaVoie

E-MAIL ADDRESS:    lavoie@middlebury.net

WEB SITE:                    http://www.middlebury.net/lavoi     

LOCATION:                  Burlington, Vermont

DETAILS:                     My name is Mark LaVoie. I live 25 five miles south of Burlington, Vermont. I have been playing for 28 years, and have a single harmonica show, that is
in the style of Sonny Terry. I also play in a duo format, and sit in with
area bands from tme to time.
I invented the LaVoie Titanium harmonica comb, and have just introduced the
Smoked Vermont maple wood comb. Both of these combs fit the Hohner MS:
series. I have been teaching, for ten years.
Check out my web site for more information.


NAME:                         Thomas Cromwell

E-MAIL ADDRESS:     cromw2287@aol.com

PHONE NUMBER: (434)239-2211

LOCATION:                  100 Dreaming Creek Crive, Lynchburg, VA 24502

DETAILS:                     I have taught harmonica and played professionally for many years. I teach all forms of harmonica, diatonic, chromatic and bass. I'm accepting students ages 11 and up. I played with the Harmonica Rascals and appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. We played for years at the StarDust in Las Vegas.




PHONE NUMBER: 3409-1015

LOCATION: T150 Tokyo, shibuya-ku higashi, 1-2-5 meidico bldg. 3, 4F

DETAILS: Teaches harp workshops in Shibuya



E-MAIL ADDRESS: yushing@inv.co.

WEB SITE: www.inv.co.jp/~yushing

PHONE NUMBER: +81-42-577-4766

LOCATION: 3-15-18, Higashi, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo, Japan 186-0002




NAME:     Ian Collard

E-MAIL ADDRESS : gravy@alphalink.com.au

PHONE NUMBER: 61 (0)3 9419 9106

LOCATION: 141a Powlett Street, EAST MELBOURNE VIC 3002

RATES: $25 per half hour

DETAILS: Ian Collard first came to light on the Melbourne music scene in the band Checkerboard Lounge . Since then Ian has enjoyed a musical career that has included many highlights , beginning In 1994 when he became the inaugural winner of the Melbourne Blues Performer Of The Year Award , first prize being a trip to Memphis to compete in the Memphis Blues Foundation National Talent Contest . In 1996 he trekked to the Tamworth Country Music Festival to participate in the National Harmonica Championships where he left with a further enhancement to his reputation,first place.
Other highlights since then have included an endorsement from the worlds' leading harmonica manufacturer, Hohner , which among other things led to his harmonica playing being featured on Baz Luhrmann's international hit ,"Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen). In 1999 Ian was voted Male Performer Of The Year at the Victorian/Tasmanian Blues Awards. For six years now, he has fronted the band Collard Greens and Gravy.

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