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Several conversations with Moira Timms awakened me to the fact that the causal galactic, universal and omni-universal forces of the Time Spiral began more than 4,000 years ago. In the section in Beyond Prophecies and Predictions containing dates from the Great Pyramid calendar, I noticed that 2141 B.C. was very close to the Time Spiral date 2165 B.C. (about a .5% variance). We might think of this date as carrying a fractal of the whole story of the Time Spiral and the dimensional shift. An epic story about Orion, the Pleiades, Sirius and other celestial influences, moving in rhythmic cycles entrained to the Earth’s subtle anatomy, catalyzing the planetary evolution and the dimensional shift, is contained within this one date in the Great Pyramid. The Time Spiral may well have begun in 2141 B.C., with the synchronization of the Great Pyramid with the omni-universal energies focused through Orion and the Pleiades. Moira Timms explains:

Two vertically scored lines, just inside the Pyramid’s entrance, proved to be the key to establishing the time scale. Only once during each equinoctial cycle (25,826 years), Alcyone of the Pleiades is in the mid-heaven, directly above the apex of the Great Pyramid and aligned with the two scored lines. (The Pleiades were known as the Khema in ancient Egypt, and Egypt itself was called the land of Khem.) At the same time, Kesil, the Semitic name of Orion, was aligned with the air vent in the south wall of the King’s Chamber, and the pole star of that era, Alpha Draconis, locks into alignment with the Pyramid by beaming down the Descending Passage to the Pit entrance, deep into the Earth beneath the Pyramid. Thus the Great Pyramid fulfilled the function of the bond between heaven and Earth, locking Pyramid and cosmos into a synchronous relationship. The last time this configuration occurred was noon on the vernal equinox , March 21, 2141 B.C.

The entire timing scale of the Great Pyramid is defined by the two vertical lines, which align with the pyramid apex, indicating a starting date of 2141 B.C. At this date, during the Age of Taurus, the pyramid was aligned with three astronomical configurations: the Pleiades, Orion, and Alpha Draconis. These constellations play a primary role in determining the pyramid calendar cycle, and in the pyramid’s function, phase-locking the Earth and the universe into synergistic, co-evolutionary processes.

To more fully understand the importance of this date and the astrological configuration involved, it may help to better understand the function of the Great Pyramid and the Orion/Pleiades connection in planetary evolution. The Earth, as a sentient being, processes all consciousness functions—mental, emotional, etheric, and spiritual —through the planetary grid, a multidimensional energy latticework surrounding and interpenetrating the planet.

The Great Pyramid in Giza serves as a key focal point in the Earth grid. It is located in the middle of all the world’s land masses, on a key nodal point on the planetary grid. It functions as the central processing unit for terrestrial processes, and as the key interface with cyclical energies from beyond Earth. The Great Pyramid was precisely placed and designed to be attuned to the precessional cycle, including the 2,152 year cycle of astrological ages, the 12,913 year cycle of precessional equinoxes and the 25,826-year-long Great Year.

During the Great Year, the planet’s axis (shushumna) and North Pole (crown chakra) rotate through an entire 360-degree cycle against the backdrop of the surrounding galaxy and universe. The number of years in the precessional cycle (25,826) equals the sum of the Great Pyramid’s two base diagonals. This number also equals the width of the Grand Gallery times Pi, as well as the altitude of the pyramid above the floor of the King’s Chamber times Pi (one inch equaling one year).

The pyramid was designed and oriented to directly connect with Orion, the Pleiades, and Sirius. The arrangement of the three pyramids on the Giza plateau, in which the Great Pyramid is central, exactly replicates the spatial orientation of the three stars in Orion’s belt. There is some evidence that other pyramids in Egypt, when coupled with the three major pyramids at Giza, articulate a terrestrial template identical to the star pattern of Orion. The configuration of pyramids functions as an antenna to receive Orion’s energies, and to attune us to the doorway to the Father Universes—higher-dimensional, non-physical realms directly linked with Source-level intelligence. This doorway is in the belt of Orion, with which Giza is directly aligned.

At the initiation point of the current mega-evolutionary cycle that began in 2141 B.C., the south shaft of the Great Pyramid aligned with Orion, channeling its light programming into the King’s Chamber and activating the start of the planetary dimensional shift process, which will take approximately 4,141 years to complete. As this occurred, the planetary grid received enormous quantities of higher-dimensional light, which streams through the inter-dimensional opening in Orion. The Keys of Enoch, received by Dr. J. J. Hurtak in communications with Ascended Master Enoch and Metatron, elaborates upon the higher nature of Orion:

And I beheld within Trapezium Orion, Light layers of great intensity which revealed a series of "inner heavens" collectively forming the foundation for birth and regeneration. And I was shown how Trapezium Orion—the threshold gate of "star creation"—is in conjunction with Omega Orion, the region of "star death." Both are aligned with the Father’s throne governing through the star region of Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka.

Within the belt of Orion, in the star region of Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka, is an inner heaven, a locus of death and rebirth of stars and species, and the doorway to the Father’s throne. It is the source of emanation of the Father aspect of the Trinity, of Father, Son/(Daughter) and Holy Ghost (Mother), in Christianity, and Brahma (Mother), Vishnu (Son/Daughter), and Shiva (Father) in Hinduism. This powerful source of evolutionary emanations is resonantly connected with the landscape constellation template of Orion. Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka comprise Orion’s belt, where the Great Pyramid lies in the terrestrial arrangement. Thus, the Great Pyramid is directly connected to the inner heavens of star death and rebirth.

The powerful celestial emanations from Orion are beautifully described in a publication by the World Bible Society discussing the Rapture. The author quotes the St. Petersburg Times as follows:

One of the most inspiring recent discoveries of astronomers indicates that there is a great empty space in the north in the nebula of Orion—a heavenly cavern so gigantic that the mind of man cannot comprehend it, and so brilliantly beautiful that words cannot describe it. Prof. Larkin of Mount Lowe Observatory describes these magnificent photographs revealing beauty that cannot be described, and luminous colors that are unlike anything on Earth. The appearance is like that of light shining and glowing behind clear, clean walls of ivory and pearl, and studded with millions of diamonds like shining stars. The colors have a hue peculiar to Orion and are studded around the opening so that they appear as a pavement of starry sand.

The inner heavens of Orion, doorway to the splendor of the Father Universes, are described here in terms which begin to convey the rapturous beauty of what lies beyond.

The Keys of Enoch confirm and further articulate the nature of the Orion/Pleiades/Great Pyramid connection:

And once man understands how the Great Pyramid is a geophysical model for these magnetic changes in the Earth, he will recognize that the Pyramid is the actual foundation stone placed directly in the center of the Earth. 6 And if we consider the star fields as giving some mapping of where the Earth’s biosphere as a watery prism stands in relationship to given star fields, we will understand why the ancient Egyptian texts refer to Ihm-‘sk and why the Great Pyramid was aligned with Mintaka (delta), Alnilam (epsilon), and Alnitak (zeta) in Tak-Orion (Orionis). These are the central threshold controls for the region of "positive programming" used by the Elohim Lords of Light to connect the many galaxies to our Father Universe. Within our galactic quadrant, these threshold controls are necessary in coordinating celestial navigation between universes. Through the energies of Orion, the Central Threshold Control, the higher beings of Light moved across the waters of the deep. 7 We must also understand the Pleiades cluster as one of the key centers for the propagation of Light ... the Pleiades is a measurement for all key time clocks, all astrophysical temples of measurement. These time clocks on the Earth are located on magnetic grids and focused into the Great Pyramid.

The belt of Orion (Mintaka, Alnilam, and Alnitak) acts as the central control for higher evolutionary programming used by those residing at an omni-universal level to orchestrate planetary evolution. The Pleiades is the synchronization point for all cosmic timing cycles, the place from which the rhythms of this part of the galaxy (at least) are orchestrated.

From the Pleiades, we receive the omni-universal Divine Mother energies. This constellation has been called the "Cradle" or "Seed Bed" of life and is central to the cosmologies of many ancient cultures, including the Egyptians, Polynesians and Hindus. Together, the Pleiades and Orion, as the Father and Mother centers for this sector of our local universe, function as key centers for the "propagation of light." Energies from these two centers catalyze spiritual evolution, the ever-increasing experience of union with God/One/Source, among those of the Earth.

Nearly 20 years after J. J. Hurtak received the above-quoted information, a relationship was indeed discovered between the 4 star shafts (2 north and 2 south) in the Great Pyramid and the star systems that are key to planetary evolution. Previously thought to be for ventilation, these shafts extend inward from the faces. The upper south shaft ends in the King’s Chamber, site of the final initiatory step, in which the initiate entered the sarcophagus and was raised vibrationally into the higher dimensions where s/he met light beings. The lower south shaft descends into the Queen’s Chamber, another important point in the initiatory journey through the pyramid. The upper north shaft connects to the room leading into the King’s Chamber, while the lower south shaft also connects with the Queen’s Chamber.

In 2141 B.C., as the Time Spiral began, the Pleiades, mother of all timing cycles, was directly over the most powerful point on the Great Pyramid, its apex. At the same time, Orion was beaming down the upper south shaft into the chamber of initiation. This alignment pulsed the positive programming for the next cycle of planetary unfoldment from the Elohim Lords of Light into the initiatory focus of the pyramid. Alpha Draconis and Ursa Major were aligned with the upper north shaft, and Ursa Minor with the lower north shaft. Alpha Draconis, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are all focuses of the dark, or fallen, angelic hierarchies which have been so influential in Earth’s evolution. The higher frequencies of Orion and the Pleiades synchronized with the negative, entropic energies of fallen consciousness—signaling the final cycle of redemption, which would lead to a planetary dimensional shift.