Ontario Canada, Baker Heirs Association

The image will take awhile to load. It is a letter from Mt. Dennis, Ontario, Canada, dated August 15, 1921.

Here are the names I read while the image was enlarged:

President: Wm. Baker, Edgely ___
Vice-Pres: E. Quantz, 19 Beaconsfield Ave.
Tres: S. Size, 457 Delaware Ave

Exectutive Committee:
S.D. Abell, 123 Ellsworth Ave.
E.J. Willers, 81 Cas____ Ave.
G.N. Ruttle, 8 Craydon Ave, Mt Dennis, Ont
R. Stephany, 45 Ballard Street

Board of Directors:
J. Johnson, Orangeville, Ont.
H.C. Black, 131 Alcorn ? Ave.
C.F. Turney, ___
H.F. Jenkins, Alton RR, No.2
J.B. Bush, E____, Ont.
J.A. Billerman, Thorson
Mrs. O.C. Teale, Bridgebanks?
Mrs. A. White, 6 ____ Ave.

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