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Page for anyone researching the Baker surname: Queries, "Baker Hoax" (Pa.) Information, Research Tips, Bulletin Board, Surname Searches. Our online data is found in the Resource Links area, including files from the famous Baker Hoax, and over 8,000 Baker Queries.

Resources for ALL Surnames are on many of our links & search pages, the All Surname Search Page

Due to poor health I can not keep these pages updated. As many of you know, I have a heart condition that has progressed. I'm doing good to walk to the kitchen, so further research is impossible.

Thanks to all of you for the moral support and kind words, they have helped me alot!

I would appreciate it if someone would cut/paste queries/info posted on my websites, and set up another website to be used FREE OF CHARGE. Please share information with others, so it is preserved. CJ

Crystal Jensen, May 28, 2007
CrystalJ (at)

30 pages of queries">

These pages will be added to from the newsletter files as time permits. The main goal is for those without webpages to have a way to post their queries and for all of us to have a central depository of Baker information.

Thanks to James Baker Evans & George B. Baker making donations I have purchased more website room. I can't thank them enough for helping this website get off to a good start!

I also want to thank 3 people that have helped many of you. Both have sent many listings I use to help link researchers. Without them, many of you would still have "lost" ancestors! I do the research but both of these people worked hard to supply me with various Baker data:

Gayle Schultz Sieg, Mequon, Wi. & Ima Jean Baker Young, Kennewick, Wa. They deserve your thanks. Geneva Mitchell sent me the info. for the transcript listings, which I combined into the master Baker list. Thanks to these people I was able to help link many of your Baker groups. So, don't just thank me! It takes all of us to make a difference in Baker research.

In Memory of: Ralph D. Shipp, Dr. Carroll Goss, Lorene Baker Jensen, you will be remembered.

This page last updated May 28, 2007. Links have been checked & new info added. Baker Resources on bottom of this page.



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Thanks To All Of You!

Thanks for everything you've done to help me! If not for all of you so much Baker information would have been lost. There is a complete set of the newsletter at the Allen County Public Library, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. They had to bind our 1500+ pages of newsletters & have them in a 2 volume set.

The newsletter has over 200 subscribers that have helped make the newsletter one of the top research journals for a one-name study group in the USA. Each volume takes me 1,000+ hours to compile, edit, re-edit, research, and update. I've spent 20 years specializing in Baker research, my Moms' maiden name, & have tried to take the mystery out of research.

The newsletter has linked many of you to others working on your family group. I hope the website will do half as well.

You have been great about giving me moral support in the past and helping me build the newsletter into one of the top in the USA. I need your help to get this webpage up and running. We have been known for helping all Bakers and taking time to check our files etc. for them. It's time to enter the computer age with our family name.

Please take time to help others, just like we all did in the newsletter.

I wish all of you success with your Baker research. CJ

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Baker Resources

"Baker Hoax"
Baker Hoax Page Re: Million $ Estate W.H. Baker, Heirs Chart
One Section of the Infamous Hoax Chart
Baker Trial
Convictions and Trial Info
Baker Hoax Transcripts
Online Trial Transcripts
Baker Hoax Letters
Family Data or Letters Sent
Baker Updates
by Ralph D. Shipp
Bakers In Canada
Vaughan Twp, York, ONT
Baker Hoax Canada
Letter from Canadian Association
US Gen Web By State
Our State Link Page
Baker Wills In PA
Abstracts of Wills
Genealogy Links/Info
Online Information
Baker Transcripts ~ PAGE 1
Baker Transcripts
Baker Transcripts ~ PAGE 2
2nd Page of Baker Transcripts
Oakwood Cemetery, Alton IL
Bakers at Upper Alton, Il Cemetery/Oakwood Cemetery
Baker News ~ VOLUME #2-5
Contents for Volumes # 2-5
Baker News ~ VOLUME # 6-10
Contents for Vol. # 6-10
Illinois Trails Website
Info For Many Illinois Counties...
2nd Links Page
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Gen Forum
Queries For All Surnames
Baker ~ Bolin Family Mailing List
George/Bolin/John "Renta" Baker
Elizabeth's Baker Page
Baker's From VA
Surname Search Page
Search Here For All Surnames
Online Census
Search By State For Census Online

Baker Query Archives

Page of ALL Query Archives
Baker Queries

Genealogical Tips

26 Tips To Get You Started In Genealogy
Robert Bickham's Tips

L.D.S. Branch Library Listing USA
Family History Centers (Branch Libraries)

Exceptional Web Sites...And I Am Hard To Impress!

Brenda's Pa. Page
Online Information
American West Development
Culture/Photos/Links/Am. Past
Created By Bengt Lindeblad (Bengt died in 1997)
This website is his legacy...
Baker ~ Bolin Family Mailing List
Excellent Source!
Truly Searchable Databases
Amanda Has Gathered Many Great Sites
Miami Valley Gen. Index
Ohio Index by Surname
Vital Records Index & Census
Baker College & Rice U. Search
Search Tips & Search Links To Get Results
Barrel of Gen. Links
Civil War Links & Other Link Pages
Alton, Illinois Confederate Prison Records Online
Searchable: Has Many Conferderates Listed That Were Captured

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Old Sturbridge Village
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