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This transcript listing is to be used as a guide only. You have to prove the data yourself... BEFORE charting! The #'s found are from The L.D.S. Micro-Film Collection.

You can borrow films for a small fee from your Local L.D.S. Branch Library. You can use the same materials the "Pros" do & save yourself money & time.

You DO NOT have to be a L.D.S. church member to use their branch libraries. They have micro-filmed almost all records you are looking for, both in the Usa & Europe.

I've used this listing to help many find answers when they hit a dead-end in their genealogy. They have been able to find leads & continue their research.

Just Don't Give Up. I've "matched" several 1,000 Bakers over the years & I'm not any smarter than you are! My "Off the Wall" genealogical techniques, are based on common sense & logic.

Thanks to Geneva D. Mitchell for sending these to me.

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Baker Transcripts
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Baker, Aaron Chr. 20 June 1773

Key Data - Union, now Providence, N.J. formerly Turkey Presbyterian Church, son of Daniel.

Baker Aaron

Key Data - Marr. Mary Hartley 29 June 1833, Hancock Co., Ohio.

Resource Source - Marriages, Hancock County, Ohio Marriages 1828- 1838, located in probate court of county.

Baker Abigail 1 Sept. 1776

Key Data - Westboro, Worcester, Mass.

Baker Alvena Age 1

Key Data - Census of Town of Jaffery, Cheshire, N.H.

Resource Source - Census - Census of: Town of Jaffery 1873. Chester, N.H.

Baker Anne

Key Data - m. John McCrea (McCray) mentioned in Will of Father Francis Baker dated 1789 Probated 1791, American Rev. Soldiers of Franklin Co., PA,, Film 2879.

Baker Archibald Age 20

Key Data - from Scotland. Baker, Alexander, ae. 28, with wife Elizabeth, ae. 23, daus. Elizabeth, ae. 3, and Christian, ae. 1, came in the Elizabeth and Ann in April, 1635. Propr. at Gloucester before 1642. Settled at Boston; collar maker. Adm, t9 chh. with wife Elizabeth 4 (S) 1645. Frm. May 6 1640. Ch. b. in B.: Alexander b. 15 (11) 1635, Samuel b. 16 (11) 1637, John b. 20 (4) 1640, Joshua b. 30 (2) 1642, Hannah b. 20 (7) 1644, — all bapt. 5 (8) 1645; William b. 15 (3) 1647, Joseph bapt. 8 (2) 1649, ae. 2 days, Sarah bapt. 25 (3) 1651, Benjamin b. 16 March, 1652, bapt. 27 (1) 1653, Josiah b. 26 Feb. 1654. The dau. Christian m. 18 (5) 1654, Simon Roberts. He d. 1685. Will dated 18 Feb. 1684, prob. 11 May 1685. In his 79th year; 12 ch. living, viz. John Joshua, William, Josiah, Elizabeth Watkins, Christian Roberts; gr. dau. Elizabeth Remington.

Resource Source - Oaths of Allegiance and War Records - Naturalization Registers, Index 1829. Early settlers - Newspaper clip!! (plus)/Founders of New England. Drake 974.0 D789/1 (Vol. in Rolls Office Chancery Lane, London, England.

Baker Archibald Age 30

Key Data - Shoemaker, b. Scotland. 1841 Census of Paisley, Renfrew taken in June.

Baker Aaron

Key Data — New Garden Monthly Meeting, PA.

Resource Data - Parish Registers and Church records. New Garden Monthly Meeting, PA. Births and Deaths. Index film 020465.

Baker Andrew

Key Data - m. Elizabeth McCully 23 May 1833,

Resource Source - Marriage - Marriage Records 1816-1850. Will Records 1818-1836 of Howard Co., Missouri. (Page 2)


Baker Abner

Key Data - Desc. and wife Elizabeth Buford (DAR) Tenn. film 858670.

Baker Adam

Key Data - Book 30, page 167, date of probate 12 June 1931 # 24165.

Baker Ainoda

Key Data - Book 36, page 582, date of probate 26 June 1920 #20745.

Baker Alexander

Key Data - b. 1607, London, England, d. 1685 Boston. Came in the “Elizabeth and Ann” 1635, with wife and daus. Elizabeth and Christiana; was a proprietor of Gloucester before 1642; removed to Boston, where he was a rope and collar maker; admitted to Boston church with wife 4 Oct. 1645 where his first seven children were baptized, freeman, 6 May 1646 m. abt 1632 Elizabeth Farrer (?) born about 1612.

Baker Alexander

Key Data - Married March 1808 Mary Webb, St. John’s Lutheran Hagerstown, Maryland.

Baker Andrew

Key Data - Film 102869 Bedford C. PA. Land Records, 40 acres in Woodbury twp., 21 Oct. 1859 #907.

Baker Andrew

Key Data - Marriage Records of Washington Co., PA. 1787-1840. married Nancy Briant 24 Dec 1815.

Baker Ann

Key Data - m. Oliver Still 17 Feb. 1828, Franklin Co. Ohio by Wm. Daizell.

Baker Anna

Key Data - m. Veloris Graves, Licking County Ohio 11 Nov 1819 by Samuel Bancroft.

Baker Anna

Key Data - m. Jacob Johnson, 13 Jan 1820, Washington County, Ohio by John D. Chambe.

Baker Anna

Key Data - Film 1475 Index to Wills Franklin Co. PA. Book G, page 509 Date of Probate 1871 Estate # 9500.

Baker Anna

Key Data - Book I, page 405, date of probate 8 Sept. 1882 #11880.

Baker Anne

Key Data - m. Frederick Dague, 22 Oct 1832, Washington Co., Ohio.

Resource Source - Marriage- Marriage Records of Jefferson Co. Ohio Film # 317411.

Baker Annie B.

Key Data - Book W, page 281, date of probate 3 Sept. 1917 #19903.

Baker        Annie J.

Key Data - Book 45, page 46, date of probate 12 July 1949 # 31146.

Baker Adam P.

Key Data - Book 45, page 100, date of probate 2 Aug. 1949 # 31168.

Baker Adam

Key Data - Book 1, page 2211, date of probate 9 Feb. 1898 #15557.

Baker Abraham

Key Data - Book M, page 537, date of probate 7 Oct. 1893 # 13831.

Baker Archibald

Key Data - Film 371411, Marr Rec of Jefferson Co., Ohio, marr. Lucinda Peterson, 25 Dec. 1833.

Research Source - Marriage- Marriage Records of Jefferson Co., Ohio, Film # 317411.

Baker Avis

Key Data - marr John Nixon, 4 September 1828.

Research Source - Marriage- Marriage Records of Jefferson Co., Ohio, Film #317411.

Baker Abraham

Key Data - Index to Irish Wills, Carrigraham in 1615.

Baker Abraham

Key Data - Index to Wills 1817-1854, Book A recorded 1819 page 1.

Baker Artemus

Key Data - brother of Moses. Obituaries rec in Erie Co., 29 Nov. 1859, age 57.

Research Source - Death and Cemeteries- Tombstone Inscriptions, East Pembroke, New York.

Baker Abigail

Key Data - Film 021721, Philadelphia, Pa. Will Index. #255, page 282, 1857.

Baker Alonzo Pulaski

Key Data - Pioneers of Williamson Co., Ill. 1849-1926.

Baker Amanda

Key Data - DAR records 21 June 1804. married Edward E. Huguenin.

Baker A.J.

Key Data - Attorney General in Missouri 1870-7.

Baker Ann

Key Data - Early VA. Immigrants 1653.

Research Source - Wills Probates, War records- Maryland Wills 1721—1722 — Index at end of film. Film #012847.

Baker Almira b. 21 Jan 1842, Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.




Baker        Amos                b. 20 Nov. 1798

Key Data - Concord, Middlesex, Mass.

Baker Anthony b. 16 Apr. 1801

Key Data - Concord, Middlesex, Mass.

Baker Amanda b. 1836

Key Data - Union Center Twp. PA. 1850 Census

Research Source - Wills, Probates and Deeds- Essex County Wills Virginia- Southfarnham Parish

Baker Alesandrew(?) b. 1832

Key Data - Union Center Twp. PA. 1850 Census

Baker Alonzo b. 30 July 1820

Key Data - Infant Deaths in West Bloomingfield, N.Y.

Baker Abraham

Key Data - Film 021721 Philadelphia, Pa. Will Index. #209 p. 192 1852

Research Source - Graveyards of Castlereagh and Dufferin, Ireland.

Baker Alfred

Key Data - m. Sarah Thompson 17 Nov. 1831, Fairfield Co., Ohio.

Baker Benjamin

Key Data - Married Sarah Newton, 1 Sept. 1791 by Benj. Tupper 107 Washington County, Ohio.

Baker Bayze

Key Data - Early church members West Bloomfield, NY. Wills 1810 and Ruhomel 1816, Grantees of Land in the Colony.

Research Source - Land Grants- Grantees of Land in the Colony of State of Virginia; copied from county records.

Baker Bayze

Key Data - and widow Lucy Steele, Jan. 11, 1821, Marriages.

Baker Bayze

Key Data - and Joanna 1808 Admit to Ch in W. Bloomfield, N.Y.

Baker Benjamin

Key Data - Film 21721, Philadelphia, Pa. Will Index. #33 p. 157 dated 1828.

Baker Benjamin

Key Data - Tombstone Inscription of Belmont C. Ohio. One mile from Belmont on the SR 147, War of 1812, 1838 121 Da.

Research Source -Death and Cemeteries- Tombstone Inscription and Family Records of Belmont Co., Ohio by Esther W. Powell. Ohio Records and Pioneer Families, Lloydsville Cemetery.

Baker Benjamin

Key Data - Flag, 1872, age 83.

Research Source - Death and Cemeteries- Tombstone Inscription and Family Records of Belmont Co., Ohio by Esther W. Powell. Ohio Records and Pioneer Families, Lloydsville Cemetery.



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