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These links have been selected from over 10,000. I have used those that contain actual online information, charge no fees for information, or contain the best information on each subject.

I was tired of finding sites that ran you all over cyberspace with tons of links to other link pages, with alot of time spent (wasted) and no results. The sites I use are linked to one page of a website.

Some sites have many pages, but I use the best all around info. for each site. Many are "hidden" sites, not promoted on search engines and hard to locate online. I will continue to check new sites and add to this list.

The second point that needs made. The companies & people that I've listed in the newsletter in "Beware Of" columns are alive and well on Internet! BE CAREFUL. The same rule holds as it did before: If it sounds to good to be true, it probably IS to good to be true! You do not need to pay for genealogical information. This also hasn't changed.

I've run across many webpages offering to locate certain records, check library holdings, or do research for a fee. This same info. is easy to locate, you do not need someone to find it for you. Just because someone is in the area your ancestor resided does not mean they are more qualified than you are to get results, or have better ways to get that information.

Many researchers may live in the area you want checked, and they use the Latter Day Saints Branch Libraries' micro-film for info. that you can get close to where you live. Check the L.D.S. Branch Library in your area.

I have a link below that lists these USA Branch Libraries, chances are one is close to your home. You do not have to be a member of the church to use these files. (You order films for cost of postage and when the films arrive you have a week to 10 days to view them and make copies.)

Summer is the time the plague of genealogists hit hard. The infamous post card in your mail selling YOUR family surname book. I'm often asked my opinion of these books. They are worthless, unless you have a need for a doorstop or run out of cat litter and shred THE BOOK to use instead.

There are some great family books published without funds to have an all out sales campaign. It is worth checking for a book on one family group rather than the ones that claim to be a cure-all for all persons of a family name.

If a post card claims to have limited copies,or you have to order by a certain date... do yourself a favor and forget them!! (The same holds true for ads found in magazines.)

The last thing you need to be careful of is undocumented information on Internet.

There are alot of fantastic sources on Internet but you have to use caution, there are just as many poorly researched info. pages as good ones. If you use the information you find as a starting point for offline research, the Internet can be a wonderful tool.

I wish all of you the best of luck researching your family history.

Updated: April 21, 2004


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