Baker Family Newsletter Int. ~ Contents by Volume

Baker Family Newsletter Int. ~ Contents by Volume Volumes #2-5:

I can not look up info. from the newsletters! Complete Set is on file at: Allen County Public Library, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. You can check your area L.D.S. Branch Library & order some of them on micro-film, for cost of postage.

Volume #2:

George Baker, Rev. War Soldier; Wilkes Co., N.C.; brother of Bolin Baker.

David Baker from Va. to Fayette Co., Kentucky; Jehu Baker born 4 Feb. 1790 in Fayette Co., Ky; Dr. John Grafton Baker born 11 Nov. 1818 at Lexington, Ky., Rebecca Virginia Baker married Charles Thomas Moffett & others of this lineage. From private manuscript, 1932.

John Baker born ca. 1792 & Elender Clark, resided: Schuyler Co., Ill. F.G.S.

Letter re: John Baker and Wm. Sackman of Browning, Illinois.

George Baker born 1786 in Pa. & Catherine McIver of Pa. & Ohio, lineage shown.

Dr. Andrew Jackson Baker born 1845 in Tn. & Rachel Davis Drake , resided in Polk County, Mo.F.G.S.

Andrew Baker born 1804 in Pa. & Barbara from Pa. & Knox Co., Ohio F.G.S.

Jacob Pence Baker born ca. 1796 in Pa. & Mary Kincaid from Pa. & 1796-1854, F.G.S.

Wm. H. Baker born ca. 1806 in Ky. or Mo. & Diannah Finch, resided: Franklin Co., Tn. mid- 1800's, F.G.S.

Wm. Baker Family of Knox Co., Tn bio.

Off the Wall Genealogical Tips, where to search for Baker info. by Crystal Jensen. Baker Woolpicking, John Dorsey Baker 1700's Baltimore, Md., Va., Ohio.

John Adam Baker lineage: 1770 Pa., married Maria Silvius, shows lineage.

Washington R. Baker postmaster for Glen Loch Post Office, Chester Co., Pa. bio.

Jesse Lafayette Baker born 1845 at Clark Co., In. & Emily Sturdevant F.G.S., resided: Clark Co., Indiana.

Clark County, In. Bakers: census, marriage, death, & misc.records.

John Baker born 1598 in Norfolk, England; resided Ipswich & Topsfield, Mass., shows lineage.

Maurice Baker born ca. 1640, wife Elizabeth, resided Anne Arundel Co., Maryland: From combined study group working on this family.

Baker Transcript Listing: - A to D; has source info. on mainly USA Bakers: Census, War Records, Land Records, Probate & Deed Records, Vital Records, etc. (Full listing was used in Vol. #2 to Vol. #9, & is 50-60 pages in length.)

Thomas Baker born 1800 Chesterfield Co., Va. m. Elizabeth Robinson, resided Cumberland Co., Ky; & Illinois, F.G.S.

John Baker, Tn. married Elender Clark, bio.

Jacobus Baker born 1638 Holland married Margaret Stuyvesant, shows lineage.

Wm. Baker born in Pa. 1806, married Rachel Smith: resided, Douglas Co., Mo.; Lebanon, Illinois, several page bio & shows lineage.

Balthasaar Baker 1632 Holland. Lineage: Ludwig, George Peter Becker II, Peter, Daniel, Bedford Co., Pa. Baker Info. in Pa.: Bedford Co b., m., d. John Baker born 1781 Lancaster, Pa. Bakers of Pa. from late 1800's, taken from transcript by Mrs. Clair Holsinger.

Thomas Baker married 1712 to __ White, Mass. Descendent Chart.

Evaluating Your F.G.S.

Villisca, Iowa near forgotten cemetery. (Baker Cemetery)

Bakers of Moorefield, West Virginia starting with Anthony Baker Sr. born 1735. John Baker Sr. born 1780 in Franklin Co., Pa. married Susannah Wertz Franklin Co., Pa. By Wanda Baker Smith.

Joshua Baker born 1678 married Margery Knight in Ireland, children resided: New Castle, Delaware, & Chester Co., Pa.

Bakers making military Equipment in the USA.

James Russell Baker born 1860, Sterling, Illinois married Lorena Katell, resided Denver, Co.

Bakers of Leicestershire, UK letters & lineage.

Int. Genealogy Consumer Report for Dec.

Thomas Baker married Alice Dayton, settled in East Hampton, Long Island; shows lineage;private material printed for Moffetts.

Also in Volume #2: Queries, Baker Receipts, "Off the Wall" Tips, misc. listings for various Bakers, & new research sources.

End of Volume #2

Volume #3:
This volume contains the "Baker Hoax" information, some not on our website. It has families involved in the hoax, F.G.S. & lineage of many Pa. and Ohio Bakers. Also, Pa. listings for Baker.

Henry Baker & Hannah Hardiman, Bucks County, Pa. lineage.

Baker Transcripts -E-.

Abraham Baker & Elizabeth Fife, Ohio and Indiana, F.G.S.

Adam J. Baker & Mary (Maria) Baldwin, N.C., Va. F.G.S.

Allen B. Baker & Isabella Sturdivant F.G.S.

Alpheus Baker & Elizabeth Daniel, Ms. & Tx. F.G.S.

Ambrose Baker & Sarah Barnes, Venango Co., Pa. & Mass., F.G.S.

Cornelius Baker & Hannah Woodbury, Salem, Mass. F.G.S.

Daniel Baker & Elizabeth Schnell, Bedford Co., Pa. F.G.S.

Daniel Baker born 1817, Dauphin Co., Pa. & Mary Ann Neff F.G.S.

David Baker & Katherine Capler, Ky., Washington Co., Mo. F.G.S.

David Baker Jr. & Sarah Cobb, Pa., Or., In., Iowa, F.G.S.

Edwin Isaac Baker & Mary Honisette, Great Britan & Jackson Co., Mo. F.G.S.

E.J. Baker born 1814 Georgia & Sarah Baker, F.G.S.

Eli Baker & Mary Ellen Wood, Adair Co., Mo. F.G.S.

Elijah Baker born ca. 1775, Halifax Co., Va. & Elizabeth Barksdale, F.G.S.

Elijah Baker ca. 1798 N.C. & Jane Saxton, resided Alabama, F.G.S.

Enoch Baker born 1812 Wayne Co., Ohio & Hannah Baker F.G.S.

Francis Baker born 1611 & Isabel Twining (Twinning), Mass. F.G.S.

Francis Asbury Baker born 1817 & Mary Ann Doney, resided Pa. & Iowa Co., Wi. F.G.S.

Henry Baker born 1807, York Co., Pa. & Mary Klinefelter, resided Christian Co., Illinois. Jacob Baker born 1806 Hampshire Co., Va. & Sarah Reinhart, resided Adams Co., Ill.; Licking, Ohio, F.G.S.

Jacob Llewellyn Baker born Meigs Co., Ohio & Hannah Virginia Moore, resided Shelbyville, Illinois, F.G.S.

James M. Baker born 1825 Broome Co., N.Y., & Frances C. Beckwith F.G.S.

James Wesley Baker born 1843 Rush Co., Indiana & Olive Blevins F.G.S.

John Baker born 1748 in Richmond Co., Va. & Sarah Ann Alderson F.G.S.

John T. Baker born 1805 & Nancy Ann Clark Devore, resided Callaway Co., Mo.; DeKalb Co., Mo. F.G.S.

John Uglow Baker born 1815 & Elizabeth Dale, resided Iowa County, Wisconsin, F.G.S.

John W. Baker born 1804 in N.C. & Mary "Polly" Rogers, resided Trigg Co., Ky.; Linn Creek, Mo. F.G.S.

Nathan Baker born 1754 in North Carolina & Nancy ____, resided Fayette, Ky., Jessamine, Ky., Randolph, Mo. F.G.S.

Nathan Baker born 1754 in N.C., & Nancy ____, resided: Fayette, Ky., Jessamine, Ky., Randolph Co., Mo. F.G.S.

Phineas Baker born 1797; resided Mass. Family Data.

William Baker born 11 Feb. 1829 in Sangamon Co., Illinois & Margaret Morris; resided Daviess Co., Mo., near Bancroft. F.G.S.

William Barton Baker born 18 Aug. 1844 in Hamilton Co., Tn. & Sarepta Rotilla Gray; resided Logan Co., Arkansas & Collins Co., Texas. F.G.S.

William Harrison Baker born 17 Sept. 1840 in Fayette Co., Ohio & Harriet Francis Lindsey. Resided: Howard, In., Holt Co., Mo., Douglas Co., Oregon. F.G.S.

William Palmer Baker born 1820-24 in Jefferson Co., N.Y. & Charlotte ___. Resided: Fond du Lac Co., Wisconsin. F.G.S.

Worth Allman Baker born 3 Nov. 1869 at Murphy, N.C. & Emma Adaline Parks. Resided: LaVeta & Cortez, Colorado. F.G.S.

Zachariah Baker born 1771 in Breck Co., Va. & Susannah _____. Resided: Harrison, Ohio; Carroll Co., Ohio. F.G.S.

Off the Wall Gen. Research by Crystal Jensen. Where to look when you hit a "dead-end".

Baker & Becker, Item For Historical Libraries Surname Files.

Introduction, Baker Family, USA & Canada. (Re: Jacob Baker of Pa.) Private Manuscript.

Outline, Col. John J. Baker Biographical Article In: Portrait & Bio. Record of Levenworth, Douglas, & Franklin Counties, Kansas. Corrected Info. from book.

Baker Heirs ~ Millionaires?? by Crystal Jensen. (Tells about widespread fraud & results of the Hoax.)

Article From Ontario, Canada regading the "Baker Fraud". 1937 article. Baker Family News. Int. Vertical File.

News Articles Re: Baker Hoax. From our vertical file..

George Baker I born 1732 in Strassburg, Germany & Elizabeth Nicholson; resided: Baker Station, outside of Wheeling, West Virginia. Private Bio.

Baker Info. from: Baker Genealogy by W.H. Baker, probably 1930's. Jacob Baker & Mary Magdalene (2nd Wife: Mary Brick). John Baker born 5 Jan. 1862 & Mary Reed or Reid. Manuscript shows lineage. Update To This Manuscript: Shows lineage.

George Peter Baker of Dayton & Montgomery Co., Ohio. Bio.

Jacob Baker & Mary Breck Baker left Somerset Co., Pa. & migrated to Canada, 1800. Photo of Conestoga Wagon belonging to Jacob Baker & Family & background info. Private Records.

Balthassar Becker; George Peter Becker II; Peter (Baker) Becker & Leah Fererr; Daniel Baker & wife, Elizabeth. Daniel Baker & Elizabeth Schneltine. Private Info. shows lineage.

Pa. Baker Info. from Court Records.

George Baker I & Elizabeth Nicholson F.G.S.

Peter Baker & ___ Kober/Cover Baker; daughter was Elizabeth who married Jacob Shoenfelt. Maryland & Bedford Co., Pa. F.G.S.

Philip Baker born 1763 in Bedford Co., Pa. & Catherine Brallier. F.G.S.

Michael Baker born 1770-7 in Pa. or Germany & ____. Son: George born 1805-15 Virginia. F.G.S.

George Baker born 1808 Pa., & Susannah ____. Resided: Logan Co., Illinois; Ohio; F.G.S.

Baker Emigrants: Pa. & Delaware.

Pa. Marriages Prior To 1790. Baker Pa. Records.

Letter Re: Clair T. Jensen, who served in WWII, 1944, resided: Amarillo, Texas during service - 1945. Wife was Bernadine or Bernadette. (Friends trying to locate them: "Jonsey" & Rebecca)

Federation of Family History Socities in England: Names/Addresses

Article from 1900 Newspaper Re: Baker Re-Union in Ohio.

Michel Baker of Somerset Co., Pa. later: Montgomery Co., Ohio. Manuscript/Bio. Michel married Catherine Smucker.

Baker Hoax Letter: Lawrence, Kansas.

Martha Jane Baker born 1869 in Monroe, La. & Robert George Lightfoot. Resided: La., & Fayette Co., Texas. Private Info.

George Baker born 1780 at Maidstone, England & Susannah Cutbush. Manuscript, shows lineage.

Bakers From England by Jane Baker, Bristol, England.

Alexander Lawrence Baker born 5 April 1792 in Williamson Co., Tn. & Sarah Wilson. Resided: San Augustine Co., Texas. Private Records.

Generations of Beckers 1450-1808. Starts with: Jacob Becker from Germany. Private Recorhds.

William Baker born 24 Jan. 1804 at Wilkerson Co., Georgia & Vashti White, both buried Highsmith, Texas. Pedigree Chart.

Baker Research containing: Michael Baker & Catherine Smucker, Somerset Co., Pa. Private Record, shows lineage.

Elizabeth Fager Replogle Baker born 11 Dec. 1804 in Ohio. Parents: Michael Baker & Catherine Smucker. F.G.S.

International Genealogy Consumer Report.

James H. Baker, Bastrop Co., Texas; later moved to Travis Co., Texas. One of Sam Houston's men. Private Bio./manuscript.

1st Taxes of Kentucky - 1790

Richard Baker born April 1729 in Concord, Mass. & Mary Sawyer. (Westminster, Mass.) F.G.S.

Baxter Porter Baker born 2 Sept. 1845 in Gentry, Missouri & Isabell Brock. Resided: Mo., & Woodson, Kansas. F.G.S.

Off the Wall by Crystal Jensen: Only 10% of all genealogists work survives! How to make sure your work will be around for future genealogists.

Also: Queries; Updates; & Misc. Baker Info.

End of Volume #3

Volume #4:

Dr. Carrol W. Goss bio on "Pepper" Martin, the ball player in the 1930's.

Soldiers of the American Revolution buried in Illinois.

Hiram Baker & Clarissy Jane, from Marion Co., Tn. and Camden, Missouri in 1840's.

Kentucky Marriages 1780-1900, Caldwell Co., Ky.

Bakers of Bristol, England Article of Interest: Looking for Music Hall actor named Chris Baker; he played during 1912 in the USA; was in "All Aboard".

Bakers' Dozens - Bakers Identified by Subscribers

Barnabas Baker born 1813 in Ohio & Elizabeth Ann Snyder, resided: Shelby Co., Ohio & Harrison Co., Mo. F.G.S.

James Isaac Baker born 1861 in Bartow, Georgia & Mary Martin F.G.S.

Claiborne Parish Louisiana Marriage Records, 1849-1910

Baker Genealogy - Thomas Baker born 1762 in Pa. & Sarah Woodward Baker; Joshua & Margery Knight Baker from Ireland; shows lineage. (My Moms' Bakers. CJ)

International Genealogy Report for 1990

Virginia Bakers - Misc. Baker Data, includes Marriage Records.

Baker & Becker, Leading Item For Historical Libraries Surname File.

Baker Family of USA & Canada - Jacob Baker, Pa. 1731-1794.

Baker Family of S.E. Pa. - Chester Co., Pa. Bakers.

Baker Family Tree from 1598-1800's; Joseph Baker & Mary Yarnell (1745); Nathan Baker born 1786 & Martha Smith; resided: Pa. Joseph Baker Jr. born 1673 & Martha Woodward, of Pa. F.G.S.

International Genealogy Consumer Report

Jesse Baker from Hancock Co., Tn. married Lucy A. Neil in 1860; he was a Preacher from Tn.

Soldiers in the American Revolution from Ohio.

Baker's Itching Foote: Bio re: Edmund Baker & Ebenezer Foote Family, Tn. & Ct. Robert "Boston" Baker born 1800, resided Ky. Short extraction from When They Hanged The Fiddler by Jess Wilson.

Kentucky Marriages Madison County, Ky. 1780-1900.

"Off the Wall" Genealogical Research - Where to Look; by Crystal Jensen.

BEWARE-OF: Let The Buyer Beware! (Unreliable Genealogists, Businesses, & Companies Selling Gen. Products/Services)

Peter Becker (Baker) of Earl Twp.; John Peter Baker Sr., Lancastrer Co., Pa.; 1735-1785.

Philip Baker of Pass Run & the Kueblinger Connection. Page Co., Virginia & Pa.

Kentucky Marriages 1780-1900 Clay County, Kentucky & Lincoln Co., Ky.

Henry Baker & Some of his Descendants by Miles White Jr.

Henry Baker & Margaret Hardman from Pa.

Bakers of Bristol, England.

Tyler Curtis Baker born 1833 & Betsy Ann Russell, resided: Franklin Co., Ma. & Wisconsin & Iowa & Ne. F.G.S.

Benjamin Baker born 1676-1679 at Kingston, Rhode Island & Macy/Mercy ___, F.G.S.

Douglas Baker born ca. 1726, possibly Lancaster Co., Pa. & Jane Thompson, resided: Prince Edward Co., Virginia, F.G.S.

Caleb Baker II born 1734 at Lancaster Co., Pa. & Catherine Hodnett, resided Prince Edward Co., Va., F.G.S.

County Wills of South Carolina: Index ,not transcripts.

Also included are the usual Query Section & various updates.

End of Volume #4 ______________________________________________________

Volume #5:

Miles Baker born 1786 in North Carolina & Francis _____, Hopkins County, Kentucky; shows lineage.

Hiram Francis Baker born 1868 & Mary Catherine Sulfridge, resided: Union Co., Tn. & Kansas, Family Bio/Info.

Rev. Thomas Baker born Grotton, Mass. 1771; resided: West Bloomfield, N.Y. & Michigan; bio.

John Baker born 1735 in Virginia & Susannah Perkins; resided: Va., Tyron, N.C.,& Kentucky, F.G.S. Ties in with Lincoln Co., Ky Bakers: Robert "Julius Bob" Baker.

John Baker born 1735 in Virginia & Miss Ferrill - ties in with Boling Baker lineage from Madison, Ky.

Kentucky Marriages - Hopkins County, Jessamine Co., Mason, Mercer Co. 1780-1900

William Edgar Baker born 1896 Canadian County, Oklahoma & Sarah Griffith Nevill, F.G.S. & bio.

International Genealogy Consumer Report for 1992.

Baker Transcripts E-H

George Baker born ca. 1784 possibly Tn., & ____ Miller, resided Jefferson County, Tn., F.G.S.

Map Showing Scotland & England Bakers

From England Alexandar Baker born ca. 1607 in London & Elizabeth Farrar, resided: Boston, Mass. F.G.S.

Bakers From Ct. & Ohio & N. Y.: Windham, Ct. & Elijah Baker from Lake Co., Ohio; Ashtabula Co., Ohio Bakers; Auburn, New York - Bio/Lineage.

James Baker born 1759 at Hardy County, Va. & Mary Hill; resided: Sevier Co., Tn. F.G.S.

Bakers' Dozens - USA Marriages

Alexander Baker born ca. 1611 & Elizabeth from Boston, Mass. Joshua Baker & Hannah Minter of New London, Ct. Lineage shown.

Captain Remember Baker of Woodbury, Ct. - Manuscript.

Map - The Missouri Ozarks

Henry Padgett Alias Henry Fry... Washington County, Missouri & St. Genevieve, County & Rebecca Elizabeth Baker biography.

Ray's "Off the Wall" Article re: Me & My Favorite Pastime, Genealogy. (A gift to me from Ray, Feb.14, 1992.CJ) For Non-Genealogists, their side of the story...

Abenego Baker born Germany & resided in Maryland 1796, bio shows lineage.

Francis Baker & Isabel Twining (Twinning); Remember Baker, Vermont; Alexander Baker Manuscript.

Abstracts of Franklin County, Tn. Wills 1808-1875

The Baker - Fry Families 1604-1992, Missouri; manuscript.

Bakers' Dozens - USA Marriages

Christmas Gift Idea List (On Our Website)

Also included are Queries, Updates, & Address Changes Etc.

End of Volume #5

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