Why the Ronin Warriors?

If you don't know who the Ronin Warriors are, where have you been? It's an incredible anime program that's appeared on the Cartoon Network and the SciFi Channel off and on. If you don't know the story, let me give you the brief facts.

An evil creature named Talpa is extending his foul grip towards the Earth once more. Long ago he tried to come into our world, but was stopped by the power of the Ancient One. He's already conquered the Dynasty Realm and now he wants Earth. Five teenage boys come forward in answer to prophecy. They are the Ronin Warriors. Wearing mystical armor, they battle Talpa's soldiers and his armored Dark Warlords. The battle begins on Earth, but the war against Talpa will take them into the heart of the Dynasty itself.

Why the Ronin Warriors? Because they hold a special place in my heart. It was the first anime series I'd seen as an adult when I could appreciate such things (the first anime I ever saw was Battle of the Planets when I was a kid--check out my links). From the moment they armored up, I was hooked. There was something more real and compelling about Ronin Warriors than any American cartoon I'd ever seen. Generally speaking, American cartoons have clear cut good guys and bad guys who rarely if ever cross the line to the other side. They hardly ever change or grow or repent or die. Don't get me wrong--I love American cartoons. I just think anime is better in terms of characterization and style. But I've noticed how much better American cartoons have gotten these past few years (competition? good influence?). All I know is that these anime characters were refreshingly complex and emotionally interesting. Thanks to Cartoon Network, I've been exposed to other wonderful imports such as Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop, to name a few. I have not been disapointed and eagerly await more.

There are a few things I need to explain before you go on.

1) The RW appear in my stories, but they are not the main characters--that would be the Sentinel Warriors, a team I created.

2) I'm critical of my stuff and I never think there are enough fight scenes. There are two reasons for this. I always write stories that are more character-driven than anything else. And I have a hard time writing fight scenes (I'm working on it).

3) Please don't send me your own fics to put up. They're probably fan-tastic (sorry), but I have a hard enough time getting my own stuff up and running.

4) Don't read the stories too fast or you won't have anything to read for awhile. I always finish a whole story before I put it on the site. I just can't bring myself to do it episode by episode because I'm always rewriting the story in its entirety. I also hate it when someone puts up the beginning of a really good story and then never finishes it.

5) I do not own any part of Ronin Warriors. This is a non-profit site I've created to show my great regard and appreciation for the show and its creators. Please do not sue me, wonderful people who created and/or own this program. I have nothing of value you want (unless you like cheesy romance novels and scifi paperbacks).

6) So far I have three different types of stories: epics, one-shots, and interludes. Epics are the really long stories that have many separate, linked chapters. These are all called SW# (Ghosts to rest is technically a series of one-shots, but I consider it an epic because it's so long and the stories are so interconnected). One-shots are shorter stories with no chapters at all. This is because they focus primarily on only one character. Interludes are even shorter. They have internal, non-linking chapters and are meant to bridge the gap between epics. I may in the future add some snippets--quick little stories about the daily activities of the characters (some examples would be Kale getting his driver's license or Zane and Skadi's first date).

Whew! Now that all that's been said, have fun! I STRONGLY recommend you read these fics in order. They make more sense that way because the Sentinel Warrior characters are introduced in the first stories and things progress from there (all stories are listed chronologically as they occur in the Sentinel universe).

The Fanfiction

SW1: The Sentinel Warriors

Three ancient goddesses plan to take over the world by spreading darkness and chaos with their magic. The Ronins need the help of a new group of armored warriors. But are these Sentinels potential allies or deadly enemies?

SW2: Children of Nyx

The Shadowy Children of Nyx seek to destroy all of humanity. Fighting amongst themselves, the Sentinels are easy prey for the Nemesis, the chosen warrior of the Nyx Children. But who is this mysterious woman? And what is her connection to Anubis?

SW3: Lord of Storms

A troubled young man needs help from the evil forces that hound his every step. The Ronins and Sentinels come to his aid. But the enemy they face is more than he seems with old ties to Talpa's dynasty. Can they stop this super-charged villain and save their new friend?

Kingdom of the Blind (A Dais/Kayura Two-in-One-Shot

Dais and Kayura are forced to work together while the other Warlords are away on another mission. They're mutual contempt becomes something else when the two of them have to help each other cope with their fears.

SW4: Wrath of the Aesir

The death of their uncle triggers uneasy dreams and memories for Zane and Zoe. They go back to Norway, the country of their birth, to settle his estate. But what dark forces from the past await them there?

SW5: Land of H'ris

A series of brutal attacks on remote villages infuriates Sekhmet. He sets off alone to confront this new evil. Along the way he meets up with a woman who wants to join him on his quest--a woman with a surprising connection to him. Can they stop a horde of ruthless creatures bent on destroying mankind?

SW6: Ghosts to Rest

This is a group of shorter stories about how the Warlords ended up serving Talpa in the first place. Since Kayura's history was pretty much told in the TV program, I don't think I'll cover her--just Dais, Kale, Sekhmet, and Anubis (his story is also Oshay's).

--Illusions of Power: The Story of Dais

--Into the Darkness: The Story of Kale

--Poisoned Dreams: The Story of Sekhmet

--Cruel Fate: The Story of Anubis

--To Rest: Epilogue

Cabbage and Silk (A Kale One-Shot)

A troubled Kale leaves the Dynasty in search of something to give his life meaning. Will he finds what he seeks on Earth?

Wedding Bells (Interlude)

The Ronins and Sentinels face their toughest crisis yet--a double wedding! A little angst, a little craziness, as Mia tries to put together a large wedding on really short notice. (there are two links within this story to pictures of characters in wedding dresses)

If a Tree Falls in the Forest (A Trace One-Shot)

A melancholy Trace visits his hometown for the first time in three years, ready to face his family and the things that made him run away from home. But most everyone thinks he's guilty of murder--even his own father! What really happened the day he left town?

SW 7: Darkchild

A dark and sinister entity walks the Earth, causing death and despair. But when this creature's evil plans strike at the very heart of the Setinels and Ronins, will the armored warriors be able to find the strength to destroy its evil--even if it means destroying a piece of themselves?

Babysitting (A Uli-Ryo-Yuriko Snippet)

Things have changed at the Koji house since Darkchild--and not necessarily for the better. But Uli has a plan...

Sentinel Warrior Character Profiles

Some of My Favorite Links

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*One is a humorous sort-of lampoon site about kooky made up inventions and their uses. It's called UNPOPULAR SCIENCE.

*The second one is called THE SENTINEL-AT-LARGE. This site is a fanfic site for the 90s UPN show about a cop with ultra-heightened senses. The show was called The Sentinel (no relation to this site) and also appeared on the SciFi Channel several years ago.

*My third website is a fanfic site for the Magnificent Seven TV show (inspired by the movie) from the 90s. It's called THE GAMBLER'S EMPORIUM because most of my stories focus on the character, Ezra Standish, conman and gambler.

1) Not a lot to say for updates. I've been away from all my fanfic sites for a loooong time. I have no idea why. I just couldn't get motivated. I still have ideas for more stories for this site. Since I'm usually more creative in the summer, maybe I'll do some writing soon.
2) What next when I do start writing again? I still have my big (and dark) epic Tempus on the backburner. That's the one I already did some teaser pics for with characters like Azadeh and Dalin. It will dramatically change things in the lives of the Ronins and Sentinels. I'm hoping--cross your fingers--to start work on Tempus someday this year. Thanks for being so patient!
A very special thanks to RoninParadice for being the first person to ever e-mail me with comments! I really appreciate it! Thanks to everyone who's writen to me so far. I'm getting some great feedback now, so please keep it coming! See you later!
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