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Welcome to my fanfic for The Sentinel! The Sentinel was a TV show about a police detective named James Ellison who had all five of his senses enhanced. He could see, hear, taste, smell, and feel way better than the average person. In order to learn control over his Sentinel abilities, Ellison reluctantly teamed up with a young anthropology grad student named Blair Sandburg who was studying Sentinels. The two of them had a difficult time learning about Jim’s abilities and coping with the extreme differences in their personalities and lifestyles. I loved that show when it was on UPN in the 90’s and was devastated when it ended. As time went by, I almost forgot the show and why I’d liked it so much. And then, while surfing the Internet, I stumbled across the Cascade Library—a huge archive of quality Sentinel fanfic. I was hooked all over again.

Don’t forget to check out my three other websites:
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SENTINEL WARRIORS—an involved fanfic site based on the Japanese anime show, Ronin Warriors, about armored teens fighting evil forces that threaten the Earth (THIS SITE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SENTINEL, the similarity in the names is coincidental).
GAMBLER'S EMPORIUM--a fanfic site based on the Magnificent Seven TV series (which was based on/inspired by the movie) with a heavy focus on the character of Ezra Standish, gambler and conman.

The fanfiction on all three of my sites I would consider PG. There are a few pages on the Unpopular Science site that some may view as low humor, but the content is not dirty or obscene. The Sentinel Warrior site contains stories depicting fight scenes with edged weapons. There are several violent death scenes. Some people may find them a tad graphic, but I believe they are true to the spirit of the story without being too bloody or gratuitous. You will not find swear words or sex scenes on any of my sites (although hugging, kissing, and romance are present).

I do not own any part of The Sentinel. I believe that would be Pet Fly Productions,UPN, and Paramount. So please don't sue me, wonderful people who do own the show. You wouldn't get much anyway.

I haven't written any Sentinel fic for a while because I had to do some updates for my Warriors site. I wrote two medium-sized stories for that site and am now working on another one. I may do a snippet before I come back to the Sentinel. I've got a lot of ideas roaming around in my brain so watch out! I'll probably start writing Sentinel fics again next month or after (May/April). See you soon!


Sentinel of Bajor

Once I started reading other people’s work, I was inspired to write my own The Sentinel stories. I was intrigued by the idea of Alternate Universes and Crossovers. This one is both. Surprisingly, the Deep Space 9 setting worked better than I thought with the story of Jim and Blair. This fic takes place while Lita and Rom still worked for Quark (before their romantic relationship took off), before Bashir was revealed to be an illegally enhanced human, and before Worf transferred to DS9. I tried to follow DS9 canon as much as possible, but I had to tweak circumstance and the timeline a little bit (for instance, I made Sisko a captain instead of commander in my story--he didn't get promoted to that rank until later in the series).

With his strange abilities slowly destroying his Starfleet career and his confidence in himself, Lieutenant James Ellison transfers to Deep Space 9--his last chance. Little does he know that a young Xenopologist studying Sentinel myths is also headed for the station. Can Dr. Blair Sandburg teach Jim how to control his abilities in time to save a Bajoran Vedic from assassination?
*No owies. Some Jim angst.

Sandburg’s Shadow

This takes place in the early days of Jim and Blair’s partnership not long after the episode, "The Debt"

A rash of local art thefts have the police stymied until Interpol sheds some light on the cases. Blair knows more than he should about the thefts, prompting Jim to wonder how much he can really trust the young observer.
*No owies. Moderate Blair angst.


This story takes place about two years after "The Sentinel, Too".

Alex Barnes is awake and on the loose in Cascade. This time, she has a Guide of her own. Will Jim and Blair be able to catch her while also trying to stop the serial killer terrorizing the city?
*No owies. Moderate Jim and Blair angst.

A Capra Cascade Christmas

This takes place less than a year after "TSBBS". Blair is a consultant with the police department.

After Blair is seriously injured while helping him on a case, Jim regrets constantly dragging his friend into his dangerous world. When Jim wishes Blair had never met him, a spirit appears to show the Sentinel how different things might have been.
*Blair owies. Moderate Jim and Blair angst.

A Perfect Host

This takes place a few years after "TSBBS". Blair is on the force and is Jim's partner in Major Crimes.

Jim is kidnapped by a cult that worships an insane Goa'uld who believes he's an Egyptian god. Blair must save his partner before Jim becomes the new host for the alien madman. But Blair is way out of his depth and must ask for help from the last people in the world he and Jim wanted involved in their lives—the military.
*Jim owies. Blair and Jim angst.

A Perfect Host: Alternate Version ("Blair-Is-Not-A-Cop")

I was disappointed when a few people e-mailed me to say that although they liked the story idea for "A Perfect Host", they weren't even going to read it because it was a "Blair-is-a-cop" fanfic. I really wanted people to read this one because it took so much of my time and energy to create. So just for the heck of it, I made an alternate version in which Blair is not a cop. In a weird way, this actually helped me find little parts of the original version I wanted to adjust. So now you have no excuse to read it (unless you don't like "The Sentinel", in which case you're on the wrong site). Because it was so time-consuming, I put the alt version up in its entirety rather than split into its 13 parts. Hope you like it! (-:

Where There's Smoke...

This takes place early in the Songlines/Second Generations series started by Marianne Edison. Blair is seriously dating a woman named Aislyn while Jim and Megan are married with a baby boy named Simon.

How did Blair and Jim learn that Jim's son, Simon, was a full Sentinel? Blair enlists Simon Banks's help for a little experiment.
*No owies. A teeny, tiny bit of angst (mostly for Simon)

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