Some of the places the Doctor has visited

These are some of the places that Doctor Snuggles has visited on his incredible journeys.

Cave of the Old Man of the Mountians: The cave where the cranky Old Man of the Mountians lives.

Dream Bubble Land: The place where dream bubbles come from. It's ruled by the Dream Bubble Queen and everything in her land is made of soap, even the food.

Egg Planet, (it's name was never given, but they called it an egg-like planet so Egg Planet seemed a good name.): This is a planet where the birds act like people and the people act like birds.

Grannie Toot's Cat Hospital: The home of Grannie Toots and the Cosmic Cat. The Doctor often stopped by here to visit with Grannie or seek advice from the Cosmic Cat.

Huacopoca: The ancient land that Doctor Snuggles and Winnie had to travel back in time to in order to save Knobby and bring him back to the present.

Jungle: Where the Wolly Monkeys and their leader, Professor Grimshik, live.

Land of Lullabyes: Located in the first color of the rainbow, this is where Woogy the Freckled Camel lives and looks after the Lavender Sheep.

Mt. Fumacore: A volcanio were the little, flaming Firelits live.

Salt and Pepper Mountains: Home to the evil, though sometimes nice, Winnie Vinagerbottle.

Seaweed Castle: Where the evil Professor Emerald and his bushbaby live.

Sherbert Hills: Giant hills made of sherbert and chocolate. Professor Emerald tried to get Doctor Snuggles and his friends off his trail once here by using his magic to make them stuck in very sticky toffee.

Snugwood: Where Doctor Snuggles and most of his friends live.

Sun Mountian: The place where the Sun is born every morning, ever since time began. Doctor Snuggles had to get gold dust from here once for his Sunny Smile Machine.

Water Planet: Where the Sloppies live. Everything there, including the inhabitants, is made of water.

Whale Ferry Island: This is an island that had a whale for a ferry. I guess this is how the island got its name.